The Sunday I Was Bored Out of My Mind {4/13/14}

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The Sunday I Was Bored Out of My Mind {4/13/14}

Post by Guest on Sun Apr 13, 2014 6:23 pm

One beautiful Sunday morning your girlfriend woke up, groggy and seriously craving a shower and some ice cream, so she got in the bath an shaved herself as smooth as she cared to be, and then showered off and got clean. She felt human again!! Soon after she got out of her shower she realized that no one was home, off doing whatever people did on Sundays. So she did some stretching and went out on the trampoline to enjoy the sun. As she lay there, looking up at the cloudless sky she realized something a tad unsettling. She was bored. She was loving the sun and she wanted to stay out in it, but she was the kind of bored that made her roll about and feel the need to do something. Read, write, cook... Anything that would keep her lonely mind preoccupied.

So she came inside and had a banana, hanging upside-down on her couch and thinking of what she should do. She could make pancakes! But the kitchen was a bit of a mess and she'd have to make the batter from scratch... She could watch TV! But then she'd feel guilty for spending such a beautiful day on her couch, staring at a screen. Hmm. In her mind it was quite the dilemma. So she texted her best friend in hopes that she was enjoying the sunny day. Hannah had been pretty pissy at your girlfriend as of late, but, in Hannah's defense, she hadn't been a very great friend as of late. So your bored little songbird thought it would be nice to send a happy text Hannah's way. After that she called her mother, she'd had weird dreams about her the night before and wanted to make sure all was well. Luckily everything was fine. The girls were even doing better and it seamed that the stomach flu had left the family alone in time for the beautiful spring weekend.

When she and her mother got off the phone she was bored once again, and then it struck her! She should make a journal entry for her lovely boyfriend. He was absolutely going to need a pick-me-up if he was waking up so late. She knew how frustrated he got. She felt a little guilty, wondering if it was he fault that he'd stayed up too late. Well, ultimately yes. But she just accepted the blame and let it go. Her being upset wasn't going to help him when he woke up upset. And right on cue, as she sat down to write this out her lover texted her, upset to the point of tears. And as always she had no Idea what to do or say to make it better so she just held him, knowing that she needed to try harder for him. That even if she wasn't tired she needed to just say goodnight. For his sanity and for hers. She thought that maybe a walk in the sun would burn off a bit of the gross feeling she had in her chest. Then once her and her love had calmed down they would settle into their daily routine. At least she wasn't bored at all any more.


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