How Many Bored Sundays Can I Pack Into This Journal? {5/4/14}

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How Many Bored Sundays Can I Pack Into This Journal? {5/4/14} Empty How Many Bored Sundays Can I Pack Into This Journal? {5/4/14}

Post by Guest on Sun May 04, 2014 9:15 pm

My sweet love! I guess we have some stuff to catch up on~ Mostly our yesterdays. Mn I’m so sorry I was so tired last night, trust me, I can’t tell you how much I wanted to stay. But yesterday was a long day~

I woke up around seven thirty, and gathered everything together. A change of clothes, my galoshes, three jackets and a lunch ^.^ Once I was all ready I headed out to the farm. The drive there was straight forward (thank god), I only took one wrong turn! I usually have the hardest time getting to new places! This is the girl who wants to take long road trips some day XD Ohh goodness…

But when I got to the farm no one was there but this family. They seemed nice enough, so I asked them if they knew where I could park and if they knew what we were supposed to do. It turns out they were first time volunteers as well, so we all just waited on the sides of this little gravel road for someone to show up. Soon someone did. It was this cute farmer girl (and I only say cute because she was like, straight out of the movies. Brunette with blue eyes, long braid over her shoulder, freckles and flannel… The whole deal. Ridiculous.) Anywho she introduced herself and got all our names and we started right away!  

We planted little lettuce sproutlets, a whole big row of them, and then we planted two rows of walla walla onions! That by itself took two hours so that put us at 11. Then we weeded around the raspberry bushes~ Do you guys have horsetail weed down there? Because thats all there was in these raspberry patches. Horsetail weed and sizable spiders OTL Anywho, we weeded for another hour before we took lunch around 12 the weather had held up and it had only sprinkled a few times. It wasn’t too hot and there were even sun breaks~ It was wonderful. Washington is never that good!

After lunch it was back to weeding. there was so much to do! But it looked tons better once we were done! A girl even found a little gardeners snake I had to “save” her from XD I love snakes and I had gloves on anyways, so I just picked up the little things and carried it out of the patch to set it free in the neighboring field ^.^ We weeded until 1:30, and then moved into the greenhouse as the weather started to take a turn for the worse. In there we filled up seeding trays with potting soil and then planted these teeny tiny fucking lettuce seeds >.< there were five of us and we seeded four trays each. That took about an hour and that was it ^.^ It was pouring, so we called it a day. That was at about 2:30, so I got a paper signed and I headed home!

As soon as I got home I said hi to my momma and got my dirt caked self in the shower XD It was so nice to stand under the hot water for a bit. I was sore and dirty and a shower just sounded glorious. It was in fact glorious~  I climbed out and got straight into PJs, I knew it was pointless cause I had to go soon but I was gonna spend some time in jammies damn it! Soon after though I did my hair and got all dressed up… Then mom and I left :3

We were both starving, so we headed to the restaurant first. It was that wonderful indian place me and my dad went to. If it’s still open when you visit I will totally take you there, their curry is something else and their naan comes with this delicious chutney. I don’t even know what it is but it’s amazing. Its not pricy either~ Another place we’ll have to try is Indochine, they have amazing asian cuisine of various types (or so I’ve heard). Anywho we both got different types of curry, and the naan basket, I had mango lassi and the meal was beautiful~

After that we chased down the Captain America movie. Seriously we had to go to FOUR different theaters XD It was ridiculous! One was full and one had it listed on their website but wasn’t actually showing it, and one was showing it but not at 7:15, at 9:40! And finally we came across one that had a showing starting at 8:20! So we decided to go out for desert and mom had a glass of wine and then we finally went and saw the movie! It was a wonderful movie, there was a time I almost cried and there were plenty of funny moments. I quietly whispered commentary at my mom and she was cracking up (silently).

After the movie we discovered that it was POURING outside and of course we parked far away XD So off we went! Sprinting to the car >.< It was fairly pointless XD Because we still arrived soaking wet and panting, laughing our butts off OTL The drive home was quiet, we were for sure both exhausted after a long day of work and play! And from there you know what happened~

Dang I was feeling needy last night though. I could hardly keep my eyes open but I wanted to stay with you so much.

I think I’m gonna end this here boo~

I love you so so much,


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