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Post by Guest on Mon Aug 24, 2015 4:36 am

Things that turn this toy on to no end:
Turning you on

Being bound and helpless

You may not do "x"

When you say "never" instead of "not yet". I like feeling like you never plan on letting me cum. So if it happens you are being extra nice.

When you tell me about other girls... How they get to cum, how they get to touch. How I'm built to be denied my own pleasure.

When you tease me for having ruined orgasms. Saying i'll never have a real orgasm or that i could've if i'd just begged a little harder (even if thats not the case). It gets me back to that horny as fuck place much faster ;3 much less relief.

Being told "No" even for small things... But don't overuse this! Unless i'm begging to cum ;3

Taking away almost everything i get to do, unless I ask permission.

Making me beg for your cum.

The way you desribe orgasms.

Being forced to calm down with my legs open...

Only being able to hump pillows.

When you laugh at me as i struggle not to cum, maybe throwing in a cute remark.

Making me thank you for everything. Maybe even for punishments... How hot would that be. "I'm adding another two days to your denial because i feel like it, slut." "Thank you Daddy" "Now beg me to make it three, then maybe you can thank me with a blow job~" or "Go ahead and press that ice to your clit for 30 seconds then pish it inside you... You need to cool down after that ruined orgasm." "Yes Daddy. Thank you." I know you like it ;3 force your slut to be less sassy.

Will be added to later ;3


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