Ramblings of a Workless Woman {12/19/14}

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Ramblings of a Workless Woman {12/19/14} Empty Ramblings of a Workless Woman {12/19/14}

Post by Guest on Fri Dec 19, 2014 8:33 pm

I’m bored and I have no work to do at work OTL I finished it all, and the story that I am supposed to be working on I can’t because the students I contacted aren’t getting back to me T.T I might have to throw something sparse together and get it fleshed out when I can. Another mildly annoying fact about today is that for some reason my phone is already dying but I know I plugged it in last night.

Pff I’m just going to write you this journal entry and hope that it doesn’t die before my weekend starts. I have to say I’m not that excited for the hustle and bustle of the holidays XD I’m thinking about having these days off and I don’t know how many of them I’ll be able to spend relaxing you know? XD It’ll all be cooking and cleaning and socializing! You know me well enough to know that sounds nothing but exhausting.

I will be happy to see everybody though. Getting the family together, while exhausting, is usually entertaining. At least on mom’s side >.< On dad’s its just a giant pod of really old, condescending people. I love them, but god is there some “grin and bear it” moments.

I hope you’re getting all prettied up today darling, you really deserve it. This morning was annoying and very emotional but I want you to be enjoying your alone time and knowing that to me, no matter if you want to feel beautiful or handsome or something in between… You are the most attractive man under the sun to me.

The other night I spent an hour or so looking at men’s lingerie for you~ Just because I like doing those kinds of things. I found a couple cute things… And I’ve decided that a must have is thigh high stockings, and a pair of those cut out tights~ Only if you liked them of course but just thinking about you in them had me blushing -fans self-

I love you darling, I hope you know that. No matter how many speed bumps we hit I really enjoy the ride <3 And I don’t even like driving! Maybe you’re driving~ Because I do enjoy car rides! Pff /rambles. Goodness, it is way easier to write for you than it is to write for work. It takes me so long to put together one page stories >.< But of course there are interviews and fact checking and proofreading. You help me remember why I even like writing.

You help me remember why I’m passionate.

I like to ramble on and on to you on paper because I can tell you things that aren’t top priority~ When we’re texting it’s like I have 160 characters to tell you what's pertinent or meaningful (though usually I far exceed the 160 limit XD) and beyond that there's no time to tell you random shit. This makes me feel like I can include you. Last night for dinner we had dragon breath soup, and this yummy bread <3 and Brandon brought home Almond Roca factory rejects <3 The kind you can buy for way cheaper just because the machine failed to wrap them properly~

Uhhm lets see, what other random information can I give you… Hopefully I’ll be painting my room after Christmas! And getting new shoes and putting money back into my savings account~ (the books took a toll -_-)... I want to find the right mixture of oils to make my lipstick~ I have some fun colors I want to try >.< Oh! I think I’ll make your peanut butter blossoms tonight or tomorrow. We’ll see~ I have to finish getting my room unpacked OTL I’m so lazy. I also have to wash my sheets!

Mmn this morning when I was documenting my hair doing process I was imaging you walking around getting ready for work and kissing you goodbye while I looked like a lion XD As I always do after blow drying my hair! Mnn I also shaved smooth~ So in a way we’re both pampering ourselves, though I had to skip the tea and the christmas movie T.T

The lady at the post office was really kind though, and parking wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. You know how anxious driving new places makes me… But this wasn’t so bad since I know Tacoma pretty well now. I’m gonna ask mom if she want to drive tomorrow XD or maybe take the train since we both hate driving in Seattle and parking is usually wretched (as in expensive as hell!)

Mnn I should be at home cleaning and cooking right now… Do you ever get the overwhelming urge to do house chores? Like when people want to do spring cleaning… Maybe it’s because its so warm out lately my brain is just assuming we skipped winter XD Mnn oh! I’m excited for next quarter’s classes (and to bring my GPA back up)! Do you wanna know my schedule? Mwahaha rhetorical question! You cannot control what I write as you have no idea what I’m writing yet!

I am getting too powerful~

So I’m taking American History I, Intro to Creative Writing, and Ethical Issues in Mass Communication >.< A fun sounding line up right? So heres my actual schedule:

Intro to Creative Writing 4:15-6:20
Ethical Issues in Mass Communication 12:50-2:55
American History I 5:20-7:25

We’ll see how work lines up with that XD I want to see If I can con John into a weird schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays Like maybe 2.5 hours before class and then 2 hours in between classes >.<! Then 3.5 hours before class on MW and the same on F. My ideal schedule would be 12:30-4:00 MWF and then 10:00-5:00 with a 2hr gap for class on TTh XD We’ll see if he goes for that!

But you know what that means? Yoga before work sometimes! And then on weekends too :3 I’m excited~ I haven’t been able to afford a membership this month, but once I get settled into classes in January and my Financial Aid comes in I’ll be able to start paying for a membership!

Okay, this is really long so I’m thinking I should cut it off here… I should start writing these more often now :3 Just in case we don’t get much time to talk~ These help me a lot. And I’ll start making you write them too ;p I don’t see your writing enough anymore! I miss it.

Alright my love, my rambling rant is over! But expect another one tomorrow!! Or at least soon!

I love you boo.

Forever your songbird,


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