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Sigh {10/17/14} Empty Sigh {10/17/14}

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 17, 2014 6:36 pm

Hey babe,

We're not having the best day today. I got upset this morning because I was worried about you and I didn't handle it in the right way... Do I ever handle anything in the right way? It seems like I don't XD This morning was a little depressing. Sleeping through my alarm always irritates me, but that isn't an excuse. I feel like a total cunt.

Last night I even made myself all pretty, I waxed my lip and cleared my pores, I shaved everything and plucked my eyebrows. I exfoliated my skin and made sure I was all soft before I snuggled into bed with you. I took some pictures and made myself feel pretty >.< Then I proceeded to make a huge mess of everything.

I know I should have just been supportive, I should have taken a deep breath and snuggled you... Told you everything is going to be okay and that I'm proud of you. Because it will and I am. I know how beautifully you're going to do in this class and you're making me so proud. And now that I've cooled my hot head I hope you know that. I'm hoping that you don't think I'm belittling your stressors. You mean everything to me. And I know your stress is valid. I know that being behind stresses me out.

Ultimately darling your health is what's most important to me, and it freaks me out when you get stressed... You dun take good care of my baby sometimes. I love you. I want to be there taking care of you and making you take some breaths during your breaks and bringing you food. I don't know why I go so upset this morning.

I'm sorry and I really do hope you can forgive me hun. If you were home I would buy you flowers. I'd bring you home silk roses, a whole dozen. And a cup of your lawnmower bag tea from Mad Hat Tea. And if you didn't want to come away from your studies, I'd order take out and snuggle up next to you with a book and tea. Or maybe I'd run out grab some curry. Idk, whatever you'd like best.

Bottom line is I'm sorry, and I'm sure I only served to stress you out more. I should have handled everything better. Because I'm already missing the hell out of you and it's like two thirty T.T I wont make it to five. I'll die from Salem withdrawl.

I love you hun T.T I'm sorry,
Your (silly) girlfriend


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