Excited For October! {8/7/14}

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Excited For October! {8/7/14} Empty Excited For October! {8/7/14}

Post by Guest on Fri Aug 08, 2014 1:09 am

I love how you get me excited for the holidays~ I'm very much enjoying the sun and the warmth of summer, though I'm not soaking up as much of it as I should be. This weekend I'm going to try to find some time to play in the sun this weekend for sure :3 Good lord though! How could I not be excited for this??

Excited For October! {8/7/14} Tumblr_n46q9t0hTv1sih1r9o1_500

Everything is so beautiful here in the fall, I wish I could bring you up to see the fall leaves and the first frost~ I guess in time we'll share all of the joys of our homes with one another XD As well as all the sorrows. Mnn I'm in day dreaming mode again.. Thinking about our Halloween parties and decorating the Christmas tree with you... Making twine balls to use as a center piece... Everything T.T

If you want to fanboy over all the beautiful things that come with fall, I've been secretly enjoying this blog for a couple days XD http://crisp-air-fallen-leaves.tumblr.com/

Now I'm thinking of all the recipes and all the get togethers -bounces excitedly- and you MUST post your pumpkin pie recipe this year! If I dun have it I will die.

Another thing that could very well kill me is if I don't have your shirt to snuggle with when the weather gets cold. I'll freeze. PLEASE can I have it now? OTL I've been a good girl all year XD I'm still so excited for that damn shirt.

Anywho. I'm trying to post something close to every day now and our holiday excitement made me feel all warm and fuzzy~ So I thought I'd write about that ^.^

Yours for a million Christmases to come,


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