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Post by Guest on Tue Aug 05, 2014 11:11 pm

10 Things I'm Proud For:

1) Deciding to double major.
2) Living in the now and making short(er)-term goals for myself.
3) Having the bravery to speak to you about our visit.
4) Deciding to work while I go to school so I can move out.
5) Saving my money.
6) Cutting some of the toxic people around me out of my life.
7) I've been keeping myself fed and hydrated for the past month.
8) This is fucking hard.

10 Things I Want To Be Proud For:

1) Finishing the list above.
2) Getting a 3.5 or above fall quarter.
3) Starting my workout regimen.
4) Getting something small but needed for me (clothes, cologne, ect.)
5) Finding my first "real" job.
6) Journaling near daily.
7) Continuing my goal to be well read.
8) Not being so scared to communicate.
9) Joining some kind of activity outside of school.
10) Grow a little herb garden and make more of my own household products.


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