The Computer Has Been Rebuilt! {4/18/14}

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The Computer Has Been Rebuilt! {4/18/14} Empty The Computer Has Been Rebuilt! {4/18/14}

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 18, 2014 9:31 pm

I'm not gonna fall behind! Not today >.< I changed my avatar so you could enjoy my new desktop back ground with me :3 Goodness I'm happy about it. Probably because Kyoya's been so active today! I changed my chrome theme and everything today. It's like a whole new computer (which I am going to monopolize to the best of my abilities ;).

Okay! So today~ Well, last night I fell asleep the moment we said goodnight XD I was very very sleepy. And then I had a dreamless (thankgod) sleep~ I did wake up with a very very very angry tummy at about 7:30... But eventually the pain subsided and I passed right back out, and then when my alarm went off at 8:30 I was just fine >.< I don't know what was going on or why my tummy was so upset. I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning, I really REALLY just wanted to roll over and go back to sleep. Damn Fridays >.> So enticing.

But! I woke up and went to school like a good girl. I answered a lot of questions correctly in Spanish which was really nice :3 Bailee and I practiced our dialogue in front of the instructor today and we didn't have to make a million corrections. We just have to add a bit of length to it :D I'm just happy everything is going so well. Though we do have to memorize it so that's a bit scary! By next Friday :O But, we're working hard and I'm not freaked out by it. I really do have to get on the online assignments this weekend though. I might do some tonight if I have the energy~

Creative Writing actually wasn't that eventful, I was late because of my dialogue. And it was really kind of an annoying assignment. But I do have to work on the homework she assigned. There were a lot of things I meant to do this week that just didn't get done! I don't even know why. It was just an annoying week XD And I'm stressing because I have to get my tabs done soon and I hate doing that. Things are just getting busy now and I'm glad I took it easy on myself with the classes this quarter.

See! The external stuff is what's freaking me out now. Volunteer work, tabs and registration, changing my oil, homework, gas, getting a job, writing up my resume, switching rooms, busy fucking weekends all the way to the end of may, student led conferences, emailing UW, filling out the general scholarship application, graduation. Stuff like that. Really not that much individually, but damn it, it makes me cranky and stressed. I just want it to be done with. I want this year to be OVER. I want to graduate and do well in these damn classes. I want my family to STOP FUCKING NAGGING ABOUT A JOB HOLYFUCKINGHELL. It'll happen when it fucking happens and if that's not until fall quarter... Well then fuck off. I'll take care of it. It'll all be okay. -takes deep breath- Sorry baby XD This has all been on my chest today. Slowly suffocating me >.<

Anywho my love. When I got home I started on the dishes, which took me a million years to get done. And then I ate and now I'm here. I have to check my oil (fuck changing it, I'll do it next Friday) and then in about an hour from now I'll head to mom's. I think Brandon is making spaghetti :3 I just saw a commercial for that show called Salem XD Mnn. I'm excited to see mom. I hope she doesn't ask a thousand questions about us or Trevor XD I just want to drop it and not say another word. Not that it particularly matters, but it would make things less awkward O.o

I'm just happy that you and I have moved past all that now >.< Good lord it was about time. Mn and you've already made my day better my sweet love. I just want to snuggle with you. I know this weekend will be busy with Easter and everything but I will be right here. You're so so perfect Salem Parris.

Yours and Only Yours,


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