Journal Entry: The Tedious Financial Aid Day {4/8/14}

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Journal Entry: The Tedious Financial Aid Day {4/8/14}

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 09, 2014 1:11 am

Today was rather long and exhausting XD I just wanted to be home working on my homework >.< But that’s what I get for slacking off! Mn… I slept like a rock last night thanks to you (and yoga, but mostly you) and I don’t remember having any dreams… I woke up a little late but I got to my study session with Bailee on time and our dialogue is really coming along. We’re almost a minute in! It needs to be two or three minutes long~ Not bad for two days! I’d love to have it done by early next week so we can begin memorizing it over the phone. We also have to make an appointment with the instructor… But that can wait a little longer :3

Spanish was good, I freaked out the guy that sits next to me by cracking my back and it’s really nice to have some people around me that know a little less than I do… It makes me feel a little less hopeless OTL I had my hour break today, though I keep forgetting to bring food XD So it just consisted of staring at the sky, which was grey again today :/ And texting you! Which was not as grey~ Not grey at all in fact. I love texting you :3 And then creative writing! I read my poetry to the class again today. It was really nerve wracking but I’m getting better at adding the tone I want to the proper lines. I don’t even stutter over my edits and I got an audible response from the class today! Iwasreallyproud.

That cleanly moves me into something I wanted to tell you >.< I’m going to add a space to our forum for my poetry so you can read it and watch me improve and see what I do for different assignments <3 Is that something you would enjoy? I don’t know, I just thought you might be interested ^.^

Anywho, after school I had to put gas in my car and so I got home just a bit later than usual and right as I got home my step mom reminded me of a paper I had to do and promptly dragged me out of the house to the appointment I had totally forgotten about XD Luckily I had time to eat! We talked to the financial aid adviser and she was really sweet. She let us know what the grant would cover and gave us (mostly me) the talk about student loans and what kinds there were and what I could be loaned without my parents cosigning. THEN we talked about me moving out and what that would mean for my financial aid. The answer was it goes up to 17,000 dollars annually. And after tuition is taken out of that there is about 5,300 dollars left over for books and transportation and whatever else I need it for. That means that with a part time job and that grant my yearly income would be around 11,000 dollars (subtracting about .25% of my income for taxes, time off, gaps in employment etc.) Which is actually enough to live on!! That is great news because it means that I will hopefully not need to take out much, if anything at all in student loans! And if I do take anything out it will be subsidized so it won’t accrue interest while I’m in school! Wonderful~

While we were on campus we also paid my enrollment confirmation fee and took care of my vaccination paperwork :3 And of course said hi to the million people my parents know >.< Oh man they know so so so many people. But soon the baby’s nap time rolled around and I was starving all over again so we came home. I got right to work on my Spanish homework and got 23 assignments done XD Nearly half of what I have to have done by Saturday OTL good lord Salem… your girlfriend puts things off so horribly. On top of that I have a paper due Friday and another due Monday! AND! I need to begin applying for jobs again and get my food handler’s permit~ Which means making a resume and studying up on my food knowledge XD

Then, after all that homework we had dinner, chicken puff things >.< It’s this yummy chicken filling wrapped in croissant dough and baked~ They’re lovely. And that brings me to now! Typing this up for you and listening to piano solos, which really makes me miss your Tamaki terribly Q.Q But hey~ I’m excited to see him soon :3 I love you so much darling and I’m sure you’ll read this once you’re done with your homework! But I’m excited to get into bed with you, my brain and body are both… Very ready to be in bed. And I just want to spend some damn time with you today! It’s been far too busy a week >.<

Much love my darling,



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