Journal Entry: I've Screwed Myself {4/7/14}

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Journal Entry: I've Screwed Myself {4/7/14}

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 08, 2014 1:34 am

Don't be alarmed by the title XD I just realized that I'll have to come up with an original title every single day >.< Maybe even two! We'll put my creative writing skills to the test~

Today was just... long >.< But it was so sunny and warm and beautiful! Almost like a summer day. Even this evening has been warm. It was a little cold when I woke up. But lets start out with my night since we didn't get to how we slept or anything today. I slept really well <3 I woke up at 3:30 AM and really, really debated texting you… I was a little upset for some reason! But whilst I was debating I fell back to sleep~ So I must have not been so so upset~ I woke up again at 7:45 like I do every morning >.< Which is annoying because I don’t /have/ to be up until 8:20! Then when I finally dragged myself out of bed I threw on my yoga clothes (because I don’t have time to change between classes and then book it across campus) I was pretty early. I chatted with my step mom for a bit before I met Bailee for our half hour of study, we’re starting on our dialogue for Spanish. We have to do it in front of the instructor once in two weeks (as practice) and again in three! But that’s the real thing! No script and we’ll be judge on pronunciation. Yikes.

After that I went to class and Spanish was as it always is. FUCKING HARD. Same with yoga! We did all balances today and it was… so… My muscles were burning. I had a really hard time with the stairs afterward >.< And of course there is a huge flight leading up to my creative writing class… Which I had to walk back down due to the fact that class was outside OTL but it was really nice and I even got a bit of a tan from it! It was absolutely wonderful~

Mnn, the drive home was windows down and music up <3 I know you know how good that feels. I’d trade an orgasm for that feeling~ Of course I was missing you when I got home, but Trevor came over and we made some food and talked about our classes and how beautiful the day was >.< Stuff like that. Then we jumped on the trampoline and laughed like idiots. He’s awesome but damn he burns me out really fast no matter what mood he’s in! I don’t even know why. It’s not like I have to be fake with him or anything :/ Who knows what it is >.< But when he left I was really happy to get a hold of you. We had dinner not too long ago, I have no idea… What it was called! XD But it was good! It was noodles… Rotini I think, and white sauce with beef mixed in all in one big pot… goulash? I don’t know. Did I ever tell you we have salad and veggies with every dinner? It’s probably really healthy, but man it can get tedious when you’re starving and you just want to get to the main course!

I’ve been feeling really good today, a little crampy and a bit tired but I stayed up a little late so I can’t really complain >.<! I’ve been wanting you… I’m horny as hell. It’s the yoga… I think yoga is so sexy. Seeing all the wonderful things my body can do. I'm not the best or the most flexible but I’m definitely not the worst ;3 Even at the balances~ I think you’d be proud of me baby. I can’t wait to be back to where I want to be… Even further than that if I work myself to my peak every day… But damn it leaves me wanting to touch until I cum over and over! So on that note I’m going to go see where you’ve disappeared to and see if you want to play as much as I do~

I love you darling,



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