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Post by Salem Parris on Tue Sep 13, 2016 5:43 pm

    Tamaki watched intently as he looked on into the music room.  His leather briefcase that he held fell to the ground by his feet with a muffled thump.  His mouth ran dry and his breath caught in his throat.  He wasn’t expecting to run into Kyoya so early in the day.  He figured the guy would still be in bed, sleeping.  Though Kyoya was always on time for classes, he still took as much sleep as he could get before leaving.  

    Tamaki didn’t even know what to say.  Kyoya hadn’t seen him yet, the boy was busy scratching god knows what into that black note book of his.  The blond had hoped to get some peace and quiet in the music room just before classes started.  Kyoya and Tamaki shared everything together, just as all good friends do, and so they made sure they were both in the same classes together, apart from two periods.  Their study hall.  Tamaki was looking forward to that hour of not having to face Kyoya just yet.  Albeit, he was disappointed to admit it to himself, he always enjoyed Kyoya’s company.  He didn’t think he was emotionally ready for this but he knew he’d have the face the boy eventually and the here and now was the best.

    “Ahem.” Tamaki’s soft voice broke in as he took a few steps into the Music room.  The place smelled heavily of roses and warm baked sugar from their treats.  Teas and cakes weren’t out yet, not until this afternoon when the club started.  This afternoon; Tamaki wasn’t sure he’d be able to handle that either.

    “I’m sorry--I didn’t think anyone would be in here.” He said softly as he continued to walk in, grabbing at his tie to adjust it; really only to keep his nervous hands busy.  Tamaki suddenly felt a wave of awkwardness wash over him and it scared him.  He never felt this way with Kyoya but he wasn’t sure how to act around the boy anymore.  He wasn’t sure if Kyoya was angry with him or not.  His big indigo eyes seemed to widen with sadness and before he knew it he was darting behind the pink couch, hands grasping at the back as he poked his head over to look at Kyoya.

    “Kyoyaaah, are you angry with me?” Tamaki whined in his usual way, feigning tears though his heart was breaking on the inside.  He really hoped Kyoya wasn’t angry with him.  He was so scared by the thought of him not ever speaking to him again; it made him feel desperate and alone.  Tamaki glanced at the coffee table sitting before Kyoya and the pair of glasses left behind with a crack right through one of the lenses.  Deciding to drop his usual antics to try and get Kyoya to like him again, Tamaki stood up to his full height and clenched his hands into fists at his sides.

    “Kyoya.  I’m.  I’m sorry.” He huffed out.  He felt awful for spurring Kyoya on last night, turning their visit into an emotional roller coaster.  “I didn’t intend to hurt you and you haven’t called and I just thought—” Tamaki’s hand shot up and covered his mouth.

    Kyoya froze as he heard the door open and the bag plop down, although he didn’t look. He couldn’t. He already knew who it was, just by the feel of the room. He didn’t expect to see Tamaki this early in the day. Although he felt ready to talk to him, it was high time his be the best friend Tamaki needed. It then occurred to Kyoya that even if he looked back he wouldn’t be able to tell who it was due to the fact that he wasn’t wearing his glasses. To erase any hope of doubt he had, Tamaki began to speak. The awkward air to his voice cut into Kyoya, hurting worse than any blade. His friend had never been like that towards him. And now he’d cause tension, something he hoped to resolve quickly.

    Suddenly the blonde was by his side, his usual whiny voice returning… And for a short time Kyoya could breathe. Tough his question was still unsettling. Then another switch flipped in his friend and he was standing above him, “Kyoya. I’m. I’m sorry.” He listened to Tamaki speak, his words fading out and finally he was covering his mouth. Kyoya could make out his facial expression fully, but he could hear the emotion in his voice. Kyoya took a deep breath and then quickly hoisted himself over the couch landing on his feet in front of the boy. Luckily he had judged the distance right and done so with his usual grace. He then pulled Tamaki into what could only be described as an awkward hug.

    Kyoya wasn’t used to initiating hugs. “You’re a moron. I did call you, you shouldn’t have to apologize for walking into your club room and I’m not mad at you.” Kyoya said all in one rushed sentence. “I should be the one apologizing Tamaki, my behavior was nothing short of inexcusable.” Kyoya took a deep shaky breath, “I would understand if you are upset with me. Although… I do hope you can forgive me Tamaki. You didn’t hurt me, I was being irrational and if anything I hurt myself… By hurting you.” He held the blonde tight, not really wanting to let go.

    He finally let go and held the boy at an arms distance, keeping his hands on his shoulders. “I’ve really had a less than satisfactory morning… And night. If I believed in karma I would blame it on that. But obviously I feel horrible. I’ve been nothing but a bundle of nightmares and clumsiness all morning.” He sighed, his chest starting to feel a bit lighter. He brought Tamaki back into a hug, feeling tired and mildly needy. Not in any other way than needing forgiveness from his best friend, at this point he had no right to expect even that. Looking at his face was frustrating due to the fact that even this close the lines were fuzzy.

    He’d never realized how much he relied on facial expressions… He pulled back once more dropping his arms to his sides and looking down. “Well I’ve made enough of a fool out of myself for twenty four hours.” He said slightly sarcastically, trying to regain some sort of his comfort zone. He’d been practically living outside his realm of comfort for the past day. Had it only been a day? It felt like a forever.

    He leaned against the back of the couch, grasping it. He still felt sick, his stomach churning. He had no doubt he looked as bad as he felt in the blondes eyes. He felt himself shaking slightly, deciding that skipping breakfast was a bad choice. As was walking to school, he felt more weak than he usually did. And the pounding of his anxious heart wasn’t helping in any way.

    “Kyoya, what are yo—.” Tamaki began when he saw Kyoya hoist himself over the couch, Tamaki’s eyes widening at the sight of it.  His arm dropped to his side when he felt Kyoya pull him into a tight hug.  His body went stiff for a few moments, his heart all of a sudden growing warm when he realized his friend wasn’t yelling at him, he wasn’t ignoring him and he didn’t hate him.  Those indigo eyes shut comfortably as he pressed his forehead against Kyoya’s shoulder, burying his face into the fabric of his shirt.  His own arms instinctively wrapped their way around Kyoya, his fingers holding tight to the fabric of the periwinkle blazer.

    “You’re a moron.”

    Tamaki couldn’t help but cough out a loud chuckle; he didn’t realize how much he missed being called a moron and the thought of Kyoya never calling him a moron again….

    “I did call you, you shouldn’t have to apologize for walking into your club room and I’m not mad at you.”

    Kyoya’s warm voice vibrated against Tamaki’s shoulder as Kyoya hugged him tightly, his body feel warm from the contact that he never thought he’d be able to feel again.  Maybe the situation wasn’t so complicated, but if it was going to chase his best friend away, he felt silly for starting it.

    Tamaki listened to Kyoya’s apology but still felt as if something was unsettled.  He wasn’t angry with Kyoya and just having his best friend back in his life.  “It’s not your fault Kyoya.”  Tamaki said in a soft voice, seeing how tired his friend looked as he pulled away.

    Tamaki brought his hand up and brushed a few dark strands of hair away from Kyoya’s face as he looked the boy over.  “We both were a bit,”  Tamaki paused as he tried to find the right words for it all.  “We both weren’t thinking.  I didn’t mean to hurt you; I just didn’t want a misunderstanding be the reason for our….our.” Even now, Tamaki was having a hard time saying it. The very thought of sex with Kyoya made Tamaki blush, even talking about it like this made him blush and his mouth run dry.

    A small smile crawled across Tamaki’s lips as he watched his friend closely.  Dropping his hand from Kyoya’s face, he pulled his blazer a bit and reached his hand in to fish around for the spare breast pocket on the inside.

    Tamaki pulled out a small pair of glasses.  Softly breathing on the lenses, Tamaki took the corner of his blazer and cleaned the glasses to make sure there wasn’t anything on them.  He had them in there for so long, he wasn’t sure if they were scratched or even Kyoya’s right prescription.  As they got to know each other, Tamaki began to wonder if Kyoya ever had an extra pair of glasses just in case something happened to the other pair.  If not, Tamaki made a resolution two years ago to have a pair on hand, just in case.

    Slowly, he brought the glasses up and slowly slipped them onto Kyoya’s face, making sure they didn’t snag against his ears or scratch the side of his nose.  Once they were settled, Tamaki gently pushed them up the bridge of his friend’s nose with this index finger.  Tamaki couldn’t help but squint when that familiar light gleamed off the glass and into his own eyes.

    “There, much better.”  Tamaki said finally as he dropped his hands to his sides, shaking his head.  “I won’t say last night was a mistake, but I know I could have handled it better,” Tamaki said in a softer voice as he walked around the couch, plopping himself down onto the plush cushions.  Bringing his hands up to thread his fingers through his blond bangs, Tamaki propped his elbows on his knees and fixed his gaze on the marble floor of the Music Room.

    “I was afraid.” Tamaki admitted finally.

    Kyoya was relieved to feel Tamaki hug him back, even though the blonde said he wasn’t at fault Kyoya still felt slightly bad. He pressed his face into Tamaki’s hand slightly, enjoying the warmth against his cool skin. He looked up and listened, giving Tamaki an occasional nod. He “Our… Our.” He looked at the boy’s blush, feeling a small one spread across his own face despite the smirk that crossed his face. Even half blind he could see Tamaki’s red face.

    He felt the hand drop and watched as Tamaki moved about, pulling… Something out of his pocket. He moved around a bit more and suddenly Kyoya felt something on his face, he fought the urge to jerk back at the sudden touch. He felt glasses sliding up his nose, and suddenly everything was clear again. He looked at Tamaki, his eyes open wide in surprise. He had even pushed his glasses up for him, they rested comfortably on his face. He reached up and touched the frames as the blonde continued to talk.

    “I was afraid.” Kyoya heard those words and walked around to sit next to his best friend. “I… I was too. Afraid that is.” Kyoya looked down and felt the unfamiliar glasses slide down a bit. As he went to push them up, he put pressure on his cut finger. He pulled it back quickly, using the other hand to adjust his glasses. He looked at Tamaki, sighing a bit. “So you don’t… You don’t regret what happened then? Or that it happened with me?”

    That was Kyoya’s main fear, that Tamaki would regret everything. But he said it wasn’t a mistake… Did that mean he was okay with it? Or possibly that Kyoya had a chance?… He didn’t want to let himself think that, but he couldn’t help hoping. For now he was just glad to have his best friend back. “Tamaki?”

    He wasn’t sure how to word this… But he had to get it out one way or another. “Would… Would you do me the honor of coming to visit one of my more minor estates for dinner tonight? I feel like I should do at least that for you, considering everything.” Kyoya’s confidence had taken hold somewhere in there and he was able to smile warmly at his friend, although if Tamaki rejected the invite he didn’t know what he would do with himself.

    As he waited for the answer he picked up his old glasses, part of the broken lens popping out. He gently palmed it, slipping the frames into his breast pocket. He toyed with the piece of glass and realized it’s likeness to the piece of floral china in his pocket.

    “My father is back at the main estate you see, or I would invite you there…” Kyoya didn’t particularly care to have friends over in his fathers presence. It was just an awkward situation, never pleasant for anyone.

    “Kyoya.” Tamaki berated Kyoya softly as a smile pricked at the corner of his lips.  Tamaki quickly gathered his thoughts as he turned his amethyst gaze on his best friend. “I don’t regret what we did …or what we were going to do.” Tamaki said with a soft blush toward the end.  “I…” He paused for a moment to let the smile on his face widen.  As if reality hit him again.  

    “Love you, Kyoya. I was only nervous.  I don’t know much about any of the things we did last night.  But I don’t regret it.”

    Shock flickered in those indigo eyes when Kyoya invited him to one of his family’s vacation homes; and for dinner, no less.  They have had dinner before but this time, Tamaki felt, it would be different.  It would be just the two of them; no studying, no sister, in another home by themselves.  

    “I’d, really like that Kyoya.” Tamaki said, unable to stop himself.  Warmth settled in the center of his heart and began to spread throughout his body.  “Will we meet after school? Or will you pick me up?” Tamaki ask.   He didn’t want to disappoint Kyoya this evening.  He would have to try his best, maybe even bring out a bit of his charm this evening during dinner.

    But something else caught Tamaki’s attention, Kyoya’s mention of his father. “Your father’s back?” Tamaki asked, his voice holding a note of curiosity.  Tamaki didn’t dislike Kyoya’s father but he didn’t like him either.   And Tamaki usually knew when his father was around, Kyoya became more withdrawn.  Sometimes it was harder for Tamaki to get anything out of the Ootori boy.

    But before another word could be said, the loud clock tower outside chimed loudly.  The hour had gone by faster than Tamaki had anticipated.  Tamaki’s expression fell as he thought about having to leave for the hour but he knew the day would go by quickly.

    Slowly getting to his feet, Tamaki smiled down at Kyoya, placing his hand upon the boy’s shoulder. “We should talk some more about this tonight.” Tamaki said softly, a blush already coloring his cheeks.  Walking forward, the blond let his hand slide off Kyoya’s shoulder on his way to retrieve his fallen leather briefcase.  The hum of students could be heard as far as the abandoned hall where the music room sat.  Tamaki turned to look over his shoulder at Kyoya and have him a big smile as the idea of the evening soon bubbled up inside him into excitement before turning on his heels and leaving.

    Kyoya’s heart warmed when he heard Tamaki say he loved him, a small smile forming on his face. Tamaki’s confessions seemed to come so flawlessly to him, like he could lay his whole heart out to Kyoya and not even flinch. In a way Kyoya was jealous of that, his coldness had presented so many problems. ~Well at least he doesn’t regret it… Wait what we’re going to do?~ His mind took a moment to process those words as he blushed lightly once more.

    He watched the shock flash across Tamaki’s eyes and for just a split second thought he was going to say no. “I’ll pick you up.” He said quickly, he needed time to get everything prepared. He watched the blond, something warm growing in his body. He couldn’t explain how glad he was that Tamaki wasn’t mad at him, but then again he couldn’t explain much in this situation.
It was odd, Kyoya was a mildly negative person. He assumed the worse and it just made it easier for him not to get hurt. but he didn’t want to see things like that with his best friend. He didn’t want to think bad things because of every little pause, or while he was thinking. He didn’t want his mind to tell him that in those pauses Tamaki was trying to hide his disgust. Or that as soon as Tamaki left he would think about how much of a selfish uncontrolled pig Kyoya had been.

    Kyoya didn’t want to think those things. Not anymore.

    “Your father’s back?” The question caught Kyoya off guard as his mind fluttered to the dull pain on his back. The vague memory of the night before floated into his mind. He had been so tired he hadn’t cared, his father had come home. At the most inconvenient of times just an hour before Kyoya himself. He sat through a lecture about coming home so late, but felt as if he was about to collapse by the end. He had just wanted to die.

    He said a quick apology and goodnight to his already temperamental father, who misunderstood his fatigue for boredom and disrespect. Apparently his father was tired as well, as instead of spending an hour lecturing his youngest son on respect he simply roughly shoved past him. Kyoya was shoved directly into the corner of the door frame. He was so tried he didn’t think much of it, but that morning when he showered… His entire shoulder blade was a blackish purple, he had been shoved harder than he thought.

    The clock tower shook Kyoya from his thoughts and the pain in his left shoulder was pushed to the back of his mind. It quickly became present again when Tamaki’s hand touched it, and he wasn’t sure if Tamaki wanted to talk about dinner, the previous night or his father. He didn’t have time to ask, so he just nodded, smiling through the sore dull pain. He had to make himself keep a smile as the boys hand slid off the bruise and he retrieved his bag.
The silent lull that had been present just moment previous had ended, and the bright smile from Tamaki erased ever negative thought the Ootori might have had. The unsettled feeling in his stomach showed he was nervous, but very excited, for the night to come.

    Just as Kyoya got to the smaller estate he started getting ready, he made sure the chefs were prepared for everything. He’d had his maids transfer some of his belongings to the estate and he quickly went upstairs to change. He changed into a black button up with a slight swirled pattern, only visible when he shifted. He then put on dark slacks, and sprayed on his cologne. His formal/casual look looked alright and he made his hair a bit messier than he war it to school.

    He decided that he’d take the time to set the table himself, and it was beautifully laid out. Dark violet rose petals were peppered across the ivory table cloth, heavily contrasted by crimson candles of every shape and size laid out randomly on black swirled holders. Fine china was laid out, the intricate white and blue pattern flowing with the color scheme.

    Kyoya smiled gently at his work, sending the driver to go and pick up his friend. It was time to put this right. He then picked up a bouquet of roses, all red but one. One was the dark violet as the petals across the table. Unlike the tight red buds it was in full bloom, highlighting the center of the arrangement. Now it was time to wait.

    Light streamed through the dark tinted windows of the limo as Tamaki fixated his gaze just beyond the other side of the car window.  His mind was in a haze but his stomach was flipping and flopping as he made his way out to the Ootori’s second estate.

    The moment Tamaki arrived home from school he was a bundle of nerves, more so than usual.  He didn’t even have enough attentiveness to work on any of his homework assignments because of impending evening.   He even skipped a snack when he got home from school to make sure he was good and hungry for whatever Kyoya had for dinner.

    Tamaki showered but it took him, what seemed like ages to pick out something good enough to wear.  He figured an evening like this deserved something special but he didn’t want to over-dress, after everything was said and done, Kyoya was still his best friend and he was comfortable enough to show up in something as simple as a shirt and blue jeans; although he wouldn’t do that.  

    When he finally made up his mind, Tamaki picked out a black blazer with a deep red waist coat and a white shirt to go underneath, black pants and a red bow tie to match.   Even after fixing himself up, he still felt like it was a little too much.  He sprayed on his most expensive cologne imported from France and he was sure to run a quick comb with a bit of gel through his usual few stray blond strands.

    The wait wasn’t long either; by the time he stepped outside of his home, the limo driver pulled up; ready to take him to Kyoya.  Kyoya. Tamaki took in a deep breath and smiled when he noticed the limo smelled like him and it put Tamaki’s mind at ease.  There was no reason for him to be nervous but even as he told himself this he could feel his stomach flutter like a net full of butterflies.

    When they finally pulled up to the rather secluded second Ootori family estate, Tamaki made sure to put on his best and most charming smile and to keep as much of his nerves only on the inside if possible.  He didn’t want Kyoya getting the wrong idea and Tamaki wanted to keep calming through this evening.  Though that was becoming harder and harder to do!
Tamaki bid the driver a farewell for now and a thank you just before he ascended the stone stair case up to the front door.  The second estate was so unlike the first, it wasn’t as modern and held a cute and charming traditional Japanese appeal.  

    Taking note of that, Tamaki remembered all of those times Kyoya reminded him to be culturally aware and swiftly, Tamaki slipped his shoes off and placed them off to the side.  “Kyoya?” Tamaki called out before lightly knocking on the door, hoping Kyoya was actually here.

    Kyoya had been pacing nervously before he walked into the kitchen., he double checked that everything was going smoothly. Kyoya had puta lot of thought into this meal. It was a Japanese/French dish, and as it turned out, making a dish like this was nearly impossible. The French used creamy elements and meat while the Japanese used very little dairy product and mainly seafood. Not to mention the differences in grain. It took the two chefs a while to stop making underhanded comments about the one another’s cooking style.

    Thankfully they came up with an acceptable product. It ended up being a creamy lobster dish, soup-like and served with rice. The soup the soup tasted of sweat cream and butter, with a mix of savory spices. Though it had an interesting twist of wasabi, adding the bit of spice Kyoya loved. Kyoya was pleased with the end result, the creamy soup was complemented nicely by the rice and the chunks of sweet lobster. Traditionally a dish like this would be served with wine, but that presented a couple of problems. So instead Kyoya chose a bitter tea that would compliment the meal in a way much like a glass of wine would, just without the intoxicating effect.

    Even the way the dish would be in the china was a contradiction, the soft flavors of the soup contrasted with the sharp angles of the square china. He was thinking through everything when the voice he’d been anxious to here all night faintly rang through the house. The knock was more clear as Kyoya took a deep breath and grabbed his flowers, heading to open the door. His stomach refused to stop fluttering, but he smiled none the less. He opened the door, his smile broadening as he saw his best friend standing there. He extended the bouquet, placing it gently in Tamaki’s hand. Even though he’d had the roses de-thorned he didn’t want to take any chances. “Come in?” He asked taking Tamaki’s free hand and pulling him gently through the doorway.

    Kyoya smiled a bit at Tamaki’s socked feet, he’d remembered. Even though Kyoya wasn’t good at romance, something about it being with Tamaki… It didn’t feel fake or forced. He was able to smile and move as he usually would. Although his nervousness hadn’t died down, his best friend looked wonderful. He had seen Tamaki in formal wear many a time but knowing he had dressed up just to be here with Kyoya, it made it special. “I hope you have an apatite.” Kyoya said chuckling, knowing that even despite his nervousness he was rather hungry.

    He lead Tamaki into the dining room, and pulled out his chair for him, getting him seated. Kyoya then took the flowers from Tamaki, putting them in a simple vase and setting them off to the side. Kyoya then seated himself, just then the food was served. Kyoya sighed in relief, it seemed as if everything had gone smoothly. The food was on time and so was Tamaki, Kyoya had been as gentlemanly as he could possibly manage.

    Not to mention the man he loved was sitting across from him at a candle lit dinner. Kyoya really wasn’t much for romance but he was beginning to see the appeal. Kyoya looked at Tamaki’s amethyst eyes, finally being calmed by the way the soft candle light was reflected in them. It was like the blonde was made for romance, he glowed in the candle light. “You look wonderful tonight Tamaki.” Kyoya said, and he honestly meant it. The dinner rush stopped now, it was time to enjoy his best friends company.

    A stream of light split through the evening’s light and cast itself upon Tamaki’s face when Kyoya opened up the door.  Tamaki squinted at first but soon his eyes adjusted and the blond couldn’t help it when he felt his face heat up with a small blush coloring his cheeks.

    Tamaki had never seen Kyoya look so nice before, even during some of their hosting events.  The suit he wore was one Tamaki hadn’t seen before during his stays at Kyoya’s mansion or during those dinner parties the Ootori group gave; Kyoya had invited him to a few.  

    Just as Tamaki was taking in the sight before him and forest of roses appeared in his line of vision.  Tamaki took a step back out of shock but a giant smile crossed his lips when he held his hands out to grab the thornless stems.  “Kyoya!” Tamaki cried out excitedly as he took hold of the roses and nuzzled his chin against the soft petals, taking in the scent of the flowers.

    “How did you—?“  Tamaki’s sentence was cut off when he felt his friend’s strong but familiar grasp around his hand, pulling him into the smaller estate.  He felt his socked feet thump against the wooden floor below him as he shuffled into the foyer.  Tamaki held on to the flowers tightly so as not to lose a single one as he let Kyoya lead him in through the hall.  

    Tamaki could smell the familiar cologne his friend wore and it only caused Tamaki’s head to fall into a haze, the scent mixing with the smell of the roses.  What was Tamaki going to do? He thought as he slumped along just behind Kyoya, smoke twirling from his ears as he tried to keep his thinking straight.

    Kyoya was being so different, his charisma was there but there was something else about him that Tamaki couldn’t quite point out.  

    “I hope you have an appetite.”

    Tamaki heard Kyoya say as he lead him into the dining room.  Tamaki saw the table, completely decorated and arranged and he had a no doubt that it was all Kyoya’s doing.  His taste in décor was evident in even the simplest arrangement.  Tamaki happily placed his hand on Kyoya’s shoulder, leaning over to get a better look at the table.  “Did you do all of this?” Tamaki asked, completely ecstatic.  The blond could feel his nerves begin to relax when he remembered he was here with his best friend.  They would always be best friends no matter what.

    Tamaki watched as Kyoya took his flowers and slid his chair out for him, just like a proper gentleman.  Kyoya had never done that before and it took Tamaki by surprise to say the least.  Taking his seat, Tamaki watched as Kyoya placed his flowers in a vase and arranged them just so before he also took his seat at the other end of the table.

    And he was just in time too because shortly then after their food arrived.  The smell was intoxicating and for the first time all day, Tamaki felt his stomach growl in anticipation.  Tamaki began to fiddle around with the utensils and was just about to plunge into his meal when he heard Kyoya compliment him.  

    “You look wonderful tonight, Tamaki.”

    Tamaki’s face flushed as he looked across the table at Kyoya, dropping his utensil.  The light from the candles flickered and reflected off of Kyoya’s glasses, something Tamaki had grown so accustomed to seeing.   He thought his best friend looked good without glasses but he couldn’t imagine Kyoya wearing contacts; Tamaki would miss the look of the light when it bounces off the lenses.  There was something so different about him…what was it?

    “You really think so?” Tamaki tried to play off his blush by running his fingers through his lightly moussed hair, ruffling his bangs.  Tamaki propped his elbow on the edge of the table, leaning his chin on the top of his hand as half lidded amethyst eyes gazed back at the Shadow King.  Inwardly, Tamaki was cursing himself, this wasn’t working at all.  He couldn’t help but feel the butterflies rise back up again while trying to charm his way through it.

    “Only the best for my prince.” Tamaki said in a smooth voice.  He looked Kyoya over, as the shadows in the room played across his dark features.  It just wasn’t fair.  “Kyoya…” Tamaki began but his mind slipped into its theatre but before he could go too far into his fantasies, Tamaki shook his head and pulled himself back out.

    Tamaki then lifted his gaze to look around the dining room.  Come to think of it, he’d never been to this place before.  “Kyoya, I never knew your family owned another estate.”  Tamaki thought about it for a moment and shook his head, remembering the Tropical Park they went too and the Beach house they stayed at that belonged to Kyoya.  Maybe it wasn’t so surprising that he had it, it was only surprising that Kyoya never told him about it.  Or maybe he had.

    Kyoya couldn’t help but smile when he saw how happy Tamaki looked. The light blush that lingered on the blondes face made the Ootori’s heart warm. When Tamaki asked about the arrangement, Kyoya simply nodded. Tamaki’s ever calming voice served to settle Kyoya’s nerves a bit. This night was all about catering to his friends comfort, it was Kyoya’s turn to explore new waters. Everything had gone smoothly up to this point and for that he was thankful. He couldn’t have asked anymore from himself, this was as romantic as he knew how to be. The unexpected clang of silver his compliment had caused almost made Kyoya jump. Instead he just smiled at his friend. His compliment had been sincere. Tamaki looked like the king he claimed to be.

    Amethyst eyes slipped over the raven haired boy, but as soon as Tamaki leaned into his wrist Kyoya started to understand what was happening. The charm poured effortlessly from the blonde as his silken voice spoke in the true form of a host. Kyoya was mildly shocked. ~Am I being hosted?~ He asked himself silently, his eyes a bit wide. This sort of attention had never been directed at him, although he was beginning to understand why the girls swooned. It was only after his confused thoughts cleared that he noticed Tamaki’s blush.

    Why was Tamaki theone blushing? Kyoya’s own face was just as flushed but shouldn’t Tamaki be used to this by now? He looked down, unable to hold eye contact any longer. However as if on cue, Tamaki said his name. Kyoya glanced up but as far as he could tell Tamaki had slipped into his own mind. He just chuckled and stirred a bit of wasabi paste into his soup, watching it melt away and waiting for Tamaki to com back to earth.

    He looked up once more when Tamaki asked about the estate, shaking himself out of his temporary coma. Kyoya closed his eyes for a moment, trying to recall a few details. From what he could remember this was Tamaki’s third visit to one of the Ootori’s secondary estates.

    “I never spoke about this estate?” He asked, ignoring the fact that Tamaki obviously knew Kyoya’s family owned a number of secondary estates. “It was built about a year ago for one of my aunts. Although she only visits this part of Japan once a year. My father was livid when she requested her own estate be built at his expence… However she has included him and all of his children in her will. So he built this place for her to secure those funds. She is a wealthy woman.” Kyoya shrugged slightly, he probably hadn’t told Tamaki because the subject didn’t particularly interest him.

    He sipped his soup, spooning out some rice and lobster. The dull burn on his tongue left by the wasabi was very much welcome. It calmed him, although it also added a faint blush to his cheeks. He felt the warmth crawl over the bridge of his nose and over his cheek bones.

    Kyoya gestured to the meal in front of them, “I hope you find my choice to your liking.” He said gently. “I had it created specially for tonight. It proved to be quite challenging.” Kyoya chuckled remembering the arguments between chefs earlier that day. He let a comfortable lull in in conversation fall over them as he continued to eat, his blush darkening slightly as the heat on his tongue and in his throat intensified.

    The candles gave off a warm glow, reminding Kyoya of what this night served to do. He wanted it to erase the bad things that had happened the night before…. But at the same time he wanted it to highlight the good. He knew there was something he had to say. “Tamaki… He took a deep breath, trying to continue smoothly. "This night is all for you, it is my formal apology for my over reaction last night.”

    The Shadow King let a serious yet warm look show on his face. While I don’t regret last night, I am sorry I reacted so badly.“ He reached across the table, grasping Tamaki’s hand, "You deserve better.” He kissed his hand gently, “I promise I can be better.” Kyoya smiled, placing the king’s hand back on the table.

    He knew the apology would mean something profound to Tamaki, because it meant something to him. Kyoya wasn’t used to apologizing, let alone being so sincere and showing a visible improvement. It was his way of letting Tamaki know he really did feel bad. Kyoya took a deep breath trying to calm himself from saying the words he had arranged the night around, but all he could smell was Tamaki’s cologne and the sweet smell of roses. As Kyoya continue to eat those smells made his mind blur. Erogenous thoughts clouded his head, he quickly stifled them. ~Thats what got me into this mess in the first place~ He thought quickly, returning to his meal.

    He had resolved earlier that day that if a move was to be made, Tamaki would make it. This way Kyoya wouldn’t force Tamaki into anything, so as to avoid the confusion that ensued the night before. He knew Tamaki was shy about these types of things…. But Kyoya trusted his best friend. If Tamaki was comfortable with something, so was Kyoya. And if nothing happened so be it. Kyoya tried to refocus his thoughts but found it surprisingly difficult.

    When he finally did tear his mind away from the topic he realized that both Tamaki and he had finished with their meal. As if on cue desert was served, Kyoyamade a mental note to thank the chefs and staff. “The desert is simple, but the flavors compliment each other nicely.” Kyoya said. “And the ice cream cuts the heat from the wasabi.” He added with a smile, his attention brought back to the burning in his throat and mouth.

    The desert consisted only of green tea ice cream and a side of orange wedges. Kyoya spooned a bit of the ice cream into his mouth, never failing to be amazed at how quickly the cream cooled the burn from the wasabi. The subtle tea flavor showed through as well, going well with the sweet cream. The oranges did go well with the ice cream but they were mostly for Tamaki. Kyoya had noted that the blonde had grown quite fond of the fruit. He smiled as he popped an orange slice into his mouth.

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Just For the Day Empty Re: Just For the Day

Post by Salem Parris on Tue Sep 13, 2016 5:42 pm

    Tamaki’s breath caught in his throat when he felt the soft lips press against his own once again, that familiar taste, the familiar scent and the familiar touch.  Tamaki’s mind was a whirlwind of thoughts but only one for the moment made sense; he was here now, with his best friend.

    Tamaki felt Kyoya’s arms snake their way around his waist, the feeling of his cool skin against Kyoya’s warm arms made Tamaki move closer toward the Ootori boy, his silk shirt slipping off his other shoulder as both sleeves begged to slip off his wrist.

    “Kyo-mmn.” Tamaki tried to take a breath but he got caught back up in the kiss that grew stronger as the moments went by.  Tamaki brought his hands up to the sides of Kyoya’s face and he touched the cold metal of the boy’s glasses.  Carefully, he lifted them from Kyoya’s face, gripping the ear-piece between his fingers and allowing the glasses to dangle loosely in his grasp as his concentration flooded with nothing but Kyoya.

    Tamaki felt Kyoya’s arms tighten around him as they kissed, and Tamaki’s brows furrowed as the surge that went from the pit of his stomach to his loins only made him feel like he was on fire, and out of breath.  Cupping Kyoya’s chin with one hand, Tamaki felt their pace against Kyoya’s jawline as they kissed.

    “We need to get glasses that actually fit you.” Tamaki whispered under his breath against Kyoya’s lips as he pulled away only to lean back against the couch, dropping the glasses from his hand onto the plush carpet.  Tamaki’s face felt hot as it flushed when he peered up at his friend’s silhouette, and with both arms he held them out to the Ootori boy, wanting him to follow and resume what they started earlier that afternoon.

    “When do you have to leave..?” Tamaki asked as he turned to look at the digital clock on the DvD player, but the green digits only read “STOP” on the system.

    As he pulled Tamaki closer he noticed the boy shiver a bit, the feel of the kings hand on his jaw made more of his nerves tingle with the excitement of being graced by his gentle touch. Kyoya’s skin was on fire against Tamaki’s exposed chest, he felt the boy’s cool skin through his shirt. He started to imagine how lovely that coolness would feel on his bare chest.

    Kyoya felt his glasses slip off his face but couldn’t care less, they were in the dark anyways. He kissed the boy in front of him, and then heard his whisper against his lips. He chuckled a bit once Tamaki laid back, “What? You don’t like my glasses?” H asked jokingly as he heard them softly drop to the floor. He leaned down spreading himself gently across the blonde, bracing himself with his arms on the couch. “I don’t have much to do tonight, anything I do have can wait till tomorrow.” He thought a moment, “I can inform the driver that I’ll be staying the night… If you’d like?”

    Kyoya leaned down to kiss Tamaki’s neck gently, waiting for his friends response. He breathed deeply taking in the sent of the Suou, he couldn’t get enough. He nibbled his shoulder gently, barely containing his anxiety. He just wanted to resume  where they had left things earlier, his whole body aching for it. “However if you don’t want me to stay…” Kyoya said in a teasing voice, whispering it into Tamaki’s ear. “Well then I’d have to leave rather soon.” He brushed his lips over the blonde’s ear “Too soon for my liking.”

    The dark haired boy felt himself slipping back into a more playful, lust filled mood. He couldn’t help but smirk against Tamaki’s neck, where he’d decided to rest his lips. He couldn’t imagine this impulsive boy under him sending him home, especially not after all that had happened. He moved his hands to pull Tamaki’s shirt over his wrists as he tugged it out from under the boy carefully. He then let it fall to the floor beside them.

    He ran his hands up and down Tamaki’s stomach and chest, letting his warm hands roam over the boys sooth, cool skin. He felt every muscle and every ripple in his best friends abdomen and chest, and he loved what he felt. He felt himself becoming more aroused by the feel of Tamaki’s body, his whole body seeming to get warmer. He put a bit more pressure and urgency into his rubbing, almost massaging the other boy.

    Tamaki felt his body heat up as his friend’s hand began to explore and roam over his exposed skin.  The weight of his friend’s body on his own was a comfort, Kyoya wasn’t entirely heavy but it was enough weight for Tamaki to have trouble breathing; though he didn’t mind at all.  Those lips, Kyoya’s soft lips found their mark upon his skin and they left teasing kisses that Tamaki couldn’t seem to resist.  A soft moan escaped Tamaki as he arched his back, feeling himself being freed from the shackling restraints of his shirt.

    “I should do the same.”  He thought as he tried to focus, his hands clutching at Kyoya’s shoulders as the boy teased him.  Tamaki nearly yelped when he felt Kyoya’s excitement against his own; even if it was for the second time tonight, it still startled Tamaki.  A heated flush crossed Tamaki’s cheeks when his friend offered to spend the night.

    And as the raven-haired boy waited for Tamaki’s answer, Tamaki could feel those soft lips pause and rest against his now warm skin, causing his pulse to quicken.  His blond hair lay in disarray, his bangs ruffled against his forehead while dark indigo eyes, heavily lidded turned to Kyoya’s shoulder.  

    The Eurasian pressed his lips to his friend’s skin, tugging at the boy’s shirt to expose his shoulder from the collar of the shirt.  His fingers bit gently into Kyoya’s body as he clung tightly but as he drew in a steady breath, what was left of Tamaki’s senses returned.  He knew what this was all leading to.  Tamaki blushed deeply as he felt the palms of his hands slide forward to press against Kyoya’s chest, unfortunately to stop the Ootori boy once more.

    “Kyoya,”  Tamaki didn’t even know how to word what he was feeling, but he knew he didn’t want his inexperience to get in the way and he didn’t want to screw something up; he was well aware of how rampant his emotions ran sometimes.

    “Kyoya, not yet.” His voice came out at barely a whisper as he tried to catch his breath, his chest heaving as he sat up a bit, looking at his glasses-less, raven-haired Queen.  “The maids.  We can’t have them find out and if one of them sees..you know they’ll talk.” Tamaki said.  Maids were notorious for spreading rumors and gossip among the houses of prominent families.  Tamaki couldn’t risk him slipping up and one of the maids finding out, saying something to one of Kyoya’s staff and soon, Kyoya’s father would find out.

    Tamaki turned his face to the side, causing his bangs to fold over and cover the side of his face as he ashamedly looked at the figures of the food and drinks on the coffee table.  He felt like a virgin nervous about her fist time.  Well, he was a virgin and this would be his first time.  And it would be his first time with Kyoya, his best friend.  Everyone always pointed out how he was a hopeless romantic and Tamaki couldn’t help but scoff at the notion as he finally saw a glimmer of his romantic side.

    This was silly but he couldn’t help but feel as if it should be a bit more special and not something they decided to do in the heat of the moment, after the threat of their friendship almost tearing apart.  Tamaki shut his eyes as he felt his heart rate continuing to race as the weight of Kyoya’s body on his own just kept begging Tamaki to reconsider.  “Go home tonight.”  Tamaki whispered again against Kyoya’s cheek, planting a soft kiss.  

    “Go home tonight…”

    Kyoya took a deep breath, nodding. He wasn’t sure how to feel, he remembered seeing a lamp to the right of him. He felt for the switch, turning it on easily. He pulled the blonde’s shirt off his glasses, sliding them on. He didn’t look at Tamaki as he gathered the movies they had pulled out, he then shot a look at the DvD player. It was still blinking “STOP”, he walked over to it pulling the disk out. He looked at it for a moment and in one swift move snapped it and threw it into his bag. He straightened out his clothing and fixed his hair, he looked presentable… For the most part. He looked down, almost annoyed, yet still not sure how to feel.

    All the teasing, ~Why did he let it get that far again if he just intended to stop me?~ And that was the moment Kyoya decided he was thoroughly pissed off at the blonde. He took deep breaths trying to get rid of his little problem, and the anger helped. So that’s what he focused on, when he opened his eyes he was back to his cold self. Although he usually wasn’t like this toward Tamaki. He understood. He could get that Tamaki wasn’t ready, it was his first time. He was just so… Frustrated. Sexually and otherwise.

    He then made another decision, he had shown the blonde enough irrational emotion for the night. He took one last deep breath before looking to the blonde and speaking, he had a small smile but it didn’t reach his eyes. “Thank you for having me over.” His tone was cool and dead, he knew Tamaki would catch it and found a small amount of satisfaction in that.

    “I’ll be leaving now.” He said looking away, he then realized he never called a driver. ~Shit…~ He closed his eyes once more ~I’d rather walk then stay here for another twenty minutes.~ He walked towards the door hefting his bag onto his shoulder, but as he grasped the nob he paused. It wasn’t right to walk out on his best friend like this, he had to let him at least have a chance to retaliate to his mood.

    He already figured he would be calling tomorrow or later that night to apologize for this, he just couldn’t bring himself to not be frustrated. He’d gotten his hopes up twice that night and forgotten how special this needed to be for Tamaki. He was being selfish, his shoulder slumped down a bit as he gave a heavy sigh, turning around to face the Suou. His expression was still cold and his words felt forced, but they had to be said. “I’m sorry I rushed you Tamaki, it was rude and selfish of me. I’ll call you in the morning.” The last words were a bit softer and with that he turned and opened the doors, walking out. All the staff was asleep, so Kyoya walked back the way he came ready to let himself out.

    He found the doors easily and quietly slipped out of the house, he stood on the porch for a long while. He just breathed in the night air, letting it out with a heavy sigh. “The maids will talk…” He mumbled to himself, “He could of just said no… I respect him enough, I would have stopped.” He sighed once more, and decided it would probably be best to get off the porch before security came to get him.

    He stepped away from the house walking slowly to the front gate, he looked at the gate keeper. Then realized the gate keeper wasn’t there and shrugged, he didn’t think anything of it. It was late. The Ootori just hoisted himself up and over the gate, burning off some of his anger. He walked along the side walk, hands shoved in his pockets. He felt slightly bad for reacting the way that he did but he’d remedy it in the morning. For now a long walk might clear his head.

    He got over half way to his house before he decided to call his driver to pick him up. He was tired and he just wanted to go to sleep. When the car arrived, he climbed inside still mulling things over in his head. Tamaki would forgive him, his frustration was understandable. He pulled up at his house and climbed into his bed, he didn’t feel like changing into pajamas so he just pulled his clothes off and drifted to sleep.

    He had nightmares, about everything. Tamaki was angry at him in each one, needless to say he woke up in a worse mood than usual. He got up and picked his clothes up off the floor, they smelled of Tamaki. Every time he closed his eyes he saw the blonde hair, felt the urgent kisses. He scoffed at himself, throwing his clothes down.

    Then he heard a strange noise, he looked down and saw something glinting in the light. He hadn’t put his glasses on yet but it appeared to be something small and white, sticking out of his pocket. He picked it up and felt a sharp pain on his finger, he just ignored it and brought it closer to his face squinting slightly. He recognized it as the piece of broken china Tamaki had given him last night, however it was now tinted red. He slipped his glasses on and then promptly realized he had cut himself with it.

    “Damn.” He muttered sleepily, going to his bathroom, shard still in hand. He set it on the counter, rinsing off his finger. He opened his medicine cabinet, putting a small bandage on it. He sighed, ~I don’t like how this day is starting.~

    "Thank you for having me over.”

    Tamaki watched as the raven-haired boy moved as if he could glide.  The sound of Kyoya’s voice haunted Tamaki and the blond couldn’t help but feel a knot in his throat form as he choked back a breath caught in his lungs.

    “I’ll be leaving now.”  Tamaki’s heart seized up when he heard Kyoya say those words.  ‘I’ll be leaving.’  ‘I’ll be leaving.’  ‘I’ll be leaving.’  It was almost too painful to hear.  What had he done?  Was this more important to Kyoya than Tamaki realized?  Was he being selfish again? So many accused Tamaki of being too selfish and so unaware of things.
Could his selfishness be so bad that a friendship would end so easily?

    ‘I’ll be leaving.’

         ‘I’ll be leaving.’

    Tamaki sprang from the white couch that soon disappeared, his surroundings turned black and he felt as if he were floating.  Trying desperately to run after Kyoya, the Eurasian kept his hand out toward his best friend, trying to grab for the boy’s ruffled shirt collar.
Kyoya stood motionless in one place and no matter how fast Tamaki tried to run, he just never seemed to gain any ground at all.

    “K-“  Tamaki wanted to shout the boy’s name.  But it stuck in his throat and wouldn’t come out.

    “Ky-“  Collapsing onto the ground, knees burying into the dark abyss as he brought one hand up, trying to reach out desperately to his friend.  It was only then did Kyoya begin to move.

    “KYOYA!”  Tamaki finally spat out, his voice hoarse as he did so.  Kyoya didn’t look back once.  Instead he pushed forward and walked beyond the black door, disappearing.


    “KYOYA!!” Tamaki suddenly sat up in bed, clutching at his chest.  His heart raced just under his hand as he tried to catch the breath he so desperately tried to gain in his dream.  A dream.  It was only a dream.


    It was a nightmare.  What had he done?  Tamaki shut his indigo eyes but it was no use.  Those grey, stormy eyes looked back at him in his mind’s eye.  They were accusing.  Hurt.  Tamaki couldn’t stand it anymore and he opened his eyes up wide as he dropped his hand from his bare chest.  His hand lay open in his lap as his shoulders slumped over.

    “Kyoya.”  Tamaki curtly said to himself in a softer but demanding voice, almost asking himself why he was being so selfish.  Why had he gone and chased his friend away like that.  Even if Kyoya said it was okay….Tamaki knew it wasn’t.  He had never heard Kyoya talk that way to him before, and the sound of Kyoya’s voice kept repeating itself in his mind.  Taunting him.  Asking him why.

    Tamaki lifted his amethyst eyes toward the window just diagonal from his bed.  The curtains were drawn but he could see the soft glow of sunlight painting the sky in a dark blue.  Glancing at his nightstand, Tamaki saw the alarm clock.

    It was only 6:00 am.  

    So early to be awake, school wasn’t supposed to start for another few hours.  But Tamaki already felt it would be a fruitless task to try and get back to sleep.  Even if he managed to, that dream was sure to come back and Tamaki didn’t think he could handle it a third time.
As quickly as he could, Tamaki got out of bed and undressed what was left of his clothing from last night.  

    Tamaki didn’t even bother changing into his pajamas last night.  He could hardly remember last night after Kyoya left.  It was all a blur and Tamaki felt a soft pang in his chest as he tried to remember just an ounce of what he did after the Ootori boy had gone home.

    Tamaki thought he was doing the right thing by sending Kyoya away.  He feared his inexperience would have ruined something and he thought they were being too hasty.  Tamaki scoffed slight at the irony when he realized, his inexperience really did cause something that he feared would happen.

    Even if it was the opposite of what Tamaki thought.  An hour went by and Tamaki was showered and washed up.  His teeth brushed and his haired combed.

    “A little after seven.” Tamaki thought to himself as he slowly buttoned up his white under shirt, tucking it in soon after as he eyed the clock with heavy eyes.  Tamaki debated whether or not to glance at his phone.  His heart pounded as he debated the 50-50 chance of there being a voicemail, or a text, from Kyoya opposed to none at all.

   Tamaki took a step toward his night stand and saw the little red light on his phone flash.  “Huh?” Tamaki perked up a bit as he felt the blood rush from his head as he tried to keep himself calm.  Tightening his tie, Tamaki never took his indigo eyes off the device.

    But it soon proved too much for the Suou boy to handle.  Like a snake, he shot his hand out and snatched his phone off the nightstand.  Quickly flipping the phone open, Tamaki felt the heavy weight of disappointment settle over him as he saw it was only a text from Hikaru.  Probably a joke of some sort that Tamaki wasn’t in the mood to deal with.

    Closing his phone, Tamaki huffed out a sigh as he begged his blood to stop rushing.  Grabbing his periwinkle blazer and black leather briefcase, Tamaki headed out of his room; pocketing his phone.

    “Mm, young master.”  Tamaki nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw the old woman whom Tamaki considered to be his Guardian.  She is the head of the staff at the Suou’s Second Estate.  “You are up early this morning.”  Tamaki nodded his head, mustering a charming smile.  “I am.  I had a rough time sleeping last night. I figured I’d get up and ready so I’m not late for school.


    He completely forgot.  Tamaki didn’t even give much thought if he was ready to face Kyoya or not.  He wanted to.  He wanted to see Kyoya again and talk to him but a part of him wanted to make him run and hide.

    “I’m sure.  You and the Ootori boy seemed to have enjoyed your visit with each other.” The old woman said and it stopped Tamaki cold in his tracks, fearing she might have seen him.  But as he looked over his shoulder at her, she held up broken pieces of cup he had broken.  

    “Oh, don’t worry about that. We have plenty more of those and I can buy some more.”  Tamaki said, trying to reassure the old woman.

    “I think I’m going to skip breakfast this morning and walk to school.”  Tamaki said with a pleasant smile to the woman and in a tone that meant he didn’t want to hear another word about it.  The old woman wanted to protest, to convince Tamaki to stay and have some breakfast but she sensed something was troubling the boy.

    “Very well.”  She said as if she gave him the orders.  Tamaki gave her a pleasant smile before heading off down through the house, making his way toward the front door.


    The morning air was damp against his soft skin.  Spring was upon them and the sweet scent of cherry blossoms filled Tamaki’s senses as he walked down the side walk.  He didn’t even bother to put on his blazer.  Stopping for a moment, Tamaki fished around in his pocket for his phone.  Flipping it open that same text message from Hikaru was the only one there.  Ignoring the message for not, Tamaki watched his phone intently.

    “Come on…call.” He said to himself.  “Just let me know what I should do.”  Tamaki didn’t know if it would be awkward for Kyoya to see him now.  Tamaki didn’t want to think it would be for Kyoya but he felt it could be.  Tamaki needed to start thinking of Kyoya’s feelings more when it came to this sort of thing, especially when Tamaki knew how hard it was for Kyoya.  With his phone not willing to give up the call he’d been hoping for, Tamaki stuffed the device back into his pocket and headed off to school.  

    Once Kyoya had himself and the piece on china cleaned up, he looked at it for a long while. He turned it over and over in his hand, examining it’s beauty in the dim, gray light let in by his drapes. He palmed the piece of porcelain, trying to figure out what to do with it.
    The dark haired boy walked out of his bathroom looking at the clock, 5:30 AM. He sighed heavily, he’d only gotten three hours of horrid sleep. ~Wonderful.~ He showered and slipped on his uniform anyways, doing everything as usual. If only he could pretend that everything was normal. He then looked at his phone, he was stuck there, staring, for what seemed like forever. He couldn’t bring himself to touch it, he had to do something. He couldn’t just let him think… Kyoya sighed, pocketing his phone. The blonde probably wasn’t awake yet, it would be useless.

    Kyoya walked down the stairs and then wandered to the kitchen, he wasn’t hungry. He wasn’t sure he could even stomach food, not the way he was feeling. He felt physically ill, although he was sure it was just in his head. He’d thought about staying in bed but he was too stubborn to let his grades suffer due to personal reasons. Although his sheets tempted him to stay, the smell of Tamaki lingered on them, as it lingered on his skin while he tried to sleep.

    Was he ready to face him? What would he do? Kyoya planned to do what he always did, put it away for a bit. He would act as if it never happened. That thought cut him deeper than he thought it would, making his already sensitive stomach lurch. ~What is wrong with me?~ How many times would he have to think that, because of his best friend… Because he’d fallen in love. He looked at the small piece of glass still in his hand,and decided to put it in his pocket once more.

    He shook his head, walking out the door. He decided to walk to school, his legs still a bit sore from walking for so long earlier that morning. He inhaled deeply, not knowing what to do. Surely Tamaki was up by now? Kyoya took out his phone, flipping it open. He called Tamaki, getting his voicemail.

    “Listen… I over reacted. I’m sorry. I truly am. I’ll see you at school?” He spoke into the machine, sighing, a bit frustrated. “I love you.” He then let the line go dead.

    So his friend was so mad he wouldn’t even answer his calls? Kyoya arrived to school early, even though he’d walked. He walked toward the music room, where he always went if he arrived early or stayed late. He opened the doors and found it, mercifully, empty. He looked at his phone once more, nothing. But he was an hour early and on top of that his first period was a study hall this quarter. He wanted to nod off but as soon as he leaned back and shut his eyes, nightmares over took his mind.

    His eyes snapped open once more. It seemed that no matter how hard he’d scrubbed his skin during his shower, the blonde’s sent still lingered there. Kyoya had been so selfish, so greedy. He’d made a mistake. ~This is why I don’t like being emotional. Too much room for error.~ It was Tamaki’s first time, of course he was nervous. Of course he didn’t want it to be so rushed or so hastily decided upon. Hell, maybe he didn’t want it to be with a man… Much less his best friend!

    And he had been cold in return. The blonde understood his love, accepted it. And Kyoya rejected his only wish, his only boundary, turning it on him. His logical brain tore him apart, pointing out every flaw he’d made in the heat of that moment. Showing him everything he could have done better. He laid himself down on the couch, thinking. How could he make up for it.

    The first constructive thought he’d had since he’d woken up, if Tamaki loved him… Then what would he want? If he put himself in Tamaki’s shoes, what would he want from a lover? Tamaki’s type… What was something he put above all else? Kyoya thought, he went over every fact and every experience. He was very different from Tamaki, there were things as a lover that he could overlook.


    Kyoya closed his eyes, was it that simple? Was it too simple? Over everything, Tamaki enjoyed romance. Even if it was just a romantic idea, the boy would go crazy over it. It was an area Tamaki felt much more comfortable in, and an area Kyoya lacked. It was outside his comfort zone, he felt more comfortable with lust. However, Tamaki went far outside his comfort zone with Kyoya… should he do the same?

    That in it’s self was a romantic idea. A two way road, sacrificing one’s comfort for their lover… Kyoya had an idea. Something that may or may not be good enough to make up for what he’d done to his best friend. Something that could possibly sooth the wound he’d opened when he walked out the door. He sighed thinking it through and finally came to a conclusion. Tonight he would clean up the mess he’d made.

    However before he got the chance to arrange that, he’d have to face Tamaki. For now all he wanted was to be left alone, however he felt like that wasn’t going to happen. It never did on mornings after restless nights. He suddenly felt cold to the bone as his tired body tried to keep up with his drowsy mind. He still felt sick, he probably would until he got a nap.

    The thought made him sigh, “Well if I could stop having nightmares for five minutes maybe I could get some sleep.” He muttered to himself. “Why can’t I just be like most people and have dreamless sleep? Just darkness? Then I could at least wake up feeling rested…” He continued to speak aloud considering there wasn’t anyone around. “No, even though I exhaust myself with two long walks and practically no sleep I still have wretched nightmares. All about him.” He said bitterly. He then noticed he was being uncharacteristically emotional. He wanted to blame it on lack of sleep and feeling so sick.

    He took a deep breath, “Stop it, this is ridiculous.” Just like that his emotions were hidden again, churning behind his stormy eyes. He opened his black notebook and started taking notes, working out some math problems for his second hour class. He took his glasses off, rubbing his eyes. He attempted to put them onto the coffee table next to him but misjudged the distance terribly. As he dropped the glasses onto the hard surface, he heard them clatter loudly. He sighed looking at the lenses, seeing a large crack in one of them.

    “Damn.” He muttered, thoroughly frustrated with this day. He now had tired eyes, broken glasses, and a cut finger. Not to mention his emotional turmoil.

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    Kyoya didn’t know where he got the sudden spur of bravery but he silently thanked wherever it came from. He felt better than he ever thought he could, he felt more safe here, with his best friend, than with any lover he had ever had. Wave after wave of emotion crashed over his body and he found himself opening up more than ever before. Pleasure was mixed in with the feeling of doing the right thing, for once in his life he felt good enough, for once he felt accepted.

    Kyoya continued down, skipping past the other boys hardness and instead running his hand up the blondes thigh. He let his hips grind against Tamaki’s softly moaning and closing his eyes at the friction it produced between the two boys. Kyoya felt his whole body react as he shivered. His body ached and his breathing was already hard, he unbuttoned Tamaki’s shirt, grinding on him once more.

    He’d waited for this long enough, and having the confused blonde below him was like a dream come true and the beginning of a nightmare all at once. Kyoya was aware, painfully aware of how wrong this could go. He just couldn’t bring himself to stop, he wanted this to much. He knew it was selfish, but he couldn’t help feeling this way towards Tamaki.
He ran his hands over the other boy’s chest, leaning down to kiss right over his heart. Kyoya no longer registered the film playing in the background, there was Tamaki. His smell, his taste, his perfection, barely visible in the pale glow of the television. It made everything seem even more surreal, even more abstract.

    “Tamaki…” He whispered, his voice deep and a bit rough. He kissed his collar bone up to his neck and across his jaw, stopping just before his lips and hovering over the kings mouth. Kyoya laid his body gently across Tamaki’s now rubbing his whole body against Tamaki, creating another level of closeness. Kyoya groaned a bit, taking a deep breath before kissing Tamaki on the mouth once more.

    The feel of his lips on the blondes took his breath away, even for a new kisser Tamaki was amazing. Kyoya gently brushed his tongue across the blondes lower lip, begging for entrance. He yearned to make this kiss last, to make this experience last.

    Tamaki’s body felt like it was on fire and he didn’t know what to do.  His eyes blurred when he felt those determined lips push against his own again in another heated kiss.

    A soft sound vibrated deep in his throat as he felt Kyoya’s tongue asking for entrance and Tamaki obliged willingly, nearly feeling as if he could swallow Kyoya’s tongue in the deep kiss.  This would have only been his second kiss and Tamaki struggled to keep a balance of breath in his lungs and stamina in his kiss, tasting the citrus in Kyoya’s mouth from the tea he drank a bit earlier.

    With itching hands, Tamaki grasped at Kyoya’s shirt, wrinkling the expensive fabric around his clutched fingers, his knuckles turning white.   What Kyoya was doing to him, the motion of their bodies was almost too much for Tamaki.  As if by instinct, Tamaki arched his back as he tried his best to feel more of what he couldn’t get enough of.  The sound of the video in the background continued to fade as Tamaki broke their deep kiss, panting for his life it seemed as he pressed his cheek to Kyoya’s.  His skin was warm to the touch but it could feel the cool temperatures of the room around them, his bare chest heaving against the raven-haired boy’s as he Eurasian shut his eyes, clenching his teeth as he let out a sudden moan.

    He had never felt anything like this before.  Tamaki was slightly embarrassed and it was clear Kyoya was the more experienced out of the two, but Tamaki continued to learn from Kyoya’s administrations.

    “Kyoya..Kyoya what are you-” Tamaki began, some part of his mind still trying to make sense out of all of this.  It was so sudden, and Tamaki was sure Kyoya was straight.  Maybe it was just the feelings the movie spurred in Kyoya and Kyoya needed, craved human touch to accompany the lust but somewhere in the back of Tamaki’s mind, he didn’t believe that was the case.

    Suddenly, music started playing from the video, signaling the changing of a scene.  The sound was so sudden it startled Tamaki’s already pounding heart.  The fear of getting caught gripped at his nerves and Tamaki stopped all together, pushing at Kyoya’s chest to get him to stop.

    Tamaki, hot, flushed and panting lay sprawled under the Ootori boy, his chest exposed and rock hard that was evident in the sweat pants he wore.  “Kyoya!”  Tamaki quickly scrambled out from under his best friend, nearly stumbling to gain some footing on the plush carpet as he fumbled for the remote control, in the process he knocked over his empty coffee cup, causing it to break on the table in his hurry.

    Frantically pressing the stop button, Tamaki turned the whole system off, sending the room into complete darkness and flung the remote onto the carpet beside the coffee table.  Even through the dark, outlines could be seen as his eyes became accustomed to the dark.  A choked sound escaped Tamaki as he tried to catch his breath still, running both his hands through his hair and gripping at the roots of the strands.

    “Kyoya…”  He said again, his voice shaky with uncertainty and not an ounce of his usual flamboyant tone.

    “What-what was that?”  He asked in all honesty, keeping his back toward Kyoya as he rested on his knees on the carpet in between the coffee table and couch.

    Everything was moving so fast, but Tamaki seemed to be enjoying it. He was reacting so well to everything the raven haired boy did. “Kyoya, what are you-” He didn’t want questions, he had made it so clear, so obvious. He had taken a chance, walked out on a limb, how could his best friend still not understand!? Most of all, how could the shadow king, the cool type himself, feel so vulnerable in this moment?

    Kyoya heard the music go off in the background and felt his friend jump. Suddenly hands were on his chest asking him to stop. “Kyoya!” He heard his name, yelled, spat in his face like he’d done something wrong. It was the way his father yelled at him… His best friend scrambled out from under him, stumbling to get away, like he was contagious. He felt his heart shatter, his chest tightening and his eyes start to water. As if on queue the sound of breaking glass filled the large room.

    The dark haired boy was frozen in place as the room went pitch black and silent, the silence was quickly filled by the mocking tones of Kyoya’s better judgement. He felt a hot, stinging tear escape from his eye, sliding down his face. “Kyoya…” He heard his name yet again, this time it sent a shock of pain through his entire body. He couldn’t fathom how badly this would hurt, years of hope… Shattered before his eyes, his best friend… His best friend pushing him away like he was some kind of freak. The only person he could bring himself to love, tearing him apart.

    “What-what was that?” The words rang in his ears, his whole body felt like it was on fire. Not the pleasant kind he had felt moments ago, but a new fire… He felt angry, hurt and abandoned. Yet another burning tear slid down his face as he resisted the urge to sob. He looked over at Tamaki, finally mustering the strength to move. He had his back turned to him, shutting him out. Kyoya couldn’t breathe for quite some time. His body shook, his heart tore again and again.

     “Tamaki… Look at me?” He begged, his voice coming out strangled and broken. The  Suou boy didn’t move, Kyoya felt his whole being break. “Look at me damn it!” He yelled, full of emotion as his voice projected through the room. He let silent sobs wrack his body for a moment, “I’m not a monster, you didn’t have to run from me…” Kyoya looked back down at the couch, trying and failing miserably to regain some form of composure.

    He looked at the blonde once more, he couldn’t take it. His friends silence and his seeming indifference to his words. How could he be so cold? How could this hurt so much? “Listen, Tamaki. Please just listen to me. You don’t have to speak or look at me… Just hear what I have to say?” The Ootori boy took a few deep breaths, ready to make a confession. A useless, painful confession, but it was something that had to be said aloud… Just once.

    “I-I love you Tamaki Suou, I always have.” Kyoya felt his face dampen as tear after tear dripped off his face. “You’re the only one… The only one that could ever see past my cold exterior. The only one that wanted to be my friend even though you saw the awful, manipulative person inside.” Kyoya swallowed hard, trying desperately to get his throat to open up… To get his voice to work, for just a bit longer.

    “You saw that person, and you changed him. I am not the same person I was before meeting you, I will never be that person again. I tried to suppress this… this love is so painful… So stupid!” he slammed his fist onto the couch, his voice more harsh and raw than he had intended. “I didn’t want to lose you… I never want to lose you. Even if I can only watch and admire you from afar…”

    Kyoya hung his head “We’re polar opposites Tamaki… and yet I find myself so unendingly attracted to you. I can’t figure it out, I can’t explain it. And I was so scared… I was scared of loving you. This is exactly why.” Every nightmare he ever had closed in on him in that moment. The silence hung so heavily over him, he was suffocating.

    It was a feeling like he had been buried under a thousand pound rock after every muscle in his body had been exhausted.

    Is this what life was going to feel like without his best friend? Without his only love? Without his only hope? He couldn’t help it as the thought crossed his mind ~If this is what it life will feel like… I don’t want to live it anymore.~ He shut his eyes tight, trying to escape the reality. Trying to escape his own heart, mind and soul.

    Tamaki’s body seemed frozen when Kyoya said his name.  The sound of the boy’s voice was different, broken.  It hurt to realize he caused that sound in the Shadow King’s voice.  Tamaki was confused and honestly a bit frightened about what happened between the two of them, what would have happened.

    “Tamaki… Look at me?”

    Tamaki’s shoulders flinched but he didn’t make an effort to turn around, he didn’t think he could.  His entire body felt like lead.  Tamaki reached over and picked up a piece of the broken cup on the table, thumbing the sharp edge of the fine porcelain shard.

    Kyoya continued.  He went on about how Tamaki thought he was a monster and Tamaki’s eyes shut when he heard the choke in the boy’s voice.  Kyoya told Tamaki about the difference he had made in Kyoya’s life and what it meant to him.  

    “I-I love you Tamaki Suou,”  Tamaki’s heart ceased up and his eyes opened wide, dewy with unshed tears.  Tamaki couldn’t make sense of it, any of it.  Kyoya was straight.  That’s what he told himself and he was straight.  That’s also what he told himself.  He was attracted to Haruhi and all of those girls that walked into their host club.

    But not one of them knew who he was.  They didn’t know the reasons he was in Japan, they didn’t know how he felt about his host family.  They only thought about him entertaining them.  Even Haruhi had her doubts about the Suou boy.

    But Kyoya was there.  He was always there, from that time they met in middle school.  The ever cynical Kyoya, with the emotionless wall that he hid behind, away from the rest of the world.

    “I’m such a moron.”

    Tamaki’s voice sounded weak and quiet like a lone leaf clutching a cold branch during a fall night.  Tamaki held tight to that shard, securing it in the palm of his hand by wrapping his fingers warmly around it.

    “But you know? You’re a moron too.”  Tamaki let out, the warm chuckle in his voice returning and in the darkness of the room, Tamaki turned to face his friend.  Getting to his feet, Tamaki and Kyoya were just at each other’s height, two sides of the same coin.

    “You know I don’t know much about any of this.  I’ve never had a girlfriend while I know you’ve been with a few more than I’d care to think of.”  Tamaki paused as he took in a slow breath, his heart still pounding from earlier and the onslaught of emotion he felt when he heard the sound of Kyoya’s broken voice.

    “You were always there.”  Tamaki added, trying to figure this entire situation out as he went along, maybe hearing it out loud would help both of them to understand.  “Even when you didn’t want to be.”

    “You were my first real friend when I came to Japan. You still are.  You were also my first kiss.” Tamaki admitted when he thought of just moments ago when Kyoya’s lips were on his own; Tamaki could still feel his own lips tingling with the memory.

    “How could,” Tamaki leaned in, hooking his head down as he tried to look up into his friend’s downcast face.  “How could I ever think you are a monster?” Tamaki asked with another small chuckle.  Trying his best to imitate his friend, Tamaki lifted his hand above Kyoya’s head, bonking him lightly.  “You moron.” He said playfully before his expression melted into seriousness and deep thought once again.

    “I was just afraid.” He tried to explain.  He wasn’t afraid of Kyoya, but the inexperience coupled with what might happen after had gripped Tamaki so tight that he didn’t know what to do.  He needed to figure it all out in his head first, his emotions always coming out a bit stronger than he intended.  

    Cautiously, Tamaki took a step toward his best friend, wrapping his arms around the Ootori boy’s neck, their chests meeting again for a second time that late afternoon. Tamaki held on tightly, trying his best to apologize for hurting his friend, being so stupid that he didn’t realize it sooner.  “I love you too, mon ami.”  Tamaki whispered against Kyoya’s shoulder, shutting his eyes as he turned his face into the crook of Kyoya’s neck.  “I know we’re straight but I can’t help but love you more than anything.”  Tamaki added, knowing he owed Kyoya so much more than just a simple I love you.

    Tamaki pulled himself away slowly, but kept his indigo eyes on the boy, only barely making out Kyoya’s form and the ever so light glare on Kyoya’s glasses from a soft light source from some part of the spacious, dark room.

    Raven hair mingled with blond as Tamaki pressed his forehead against his friends, cupping the boy’s cheek to swipe his thumb, chasing away a damp tear stream.  “Kyoya..” Tamaki said again, his voice filling with uncertainty again as his breath became shallow, the nearness and emotions of their confessional conversation brought back a familiar warmth in the pit of his stomach, making his heart stumble over a few beats.

    Kyoya waited a moment, the silence killing him slowly. He just stood there like an idiot. Looking like someone who had let his soul escape his body and wasn’t sure how to get it back. “I’m such a moron.” He barely heard it over the sound of his breathing, which had become labored somewhere along the way. His mind raced with his heart, he didn’t know if he wanted to let himself hope or devastate himself further. That one sentence could change everything.

    The boy felt a blush spread across his face as his best friend called him a moron, finally turning to face him. The warm chuckled filled the newly formed hole in his chest. He listened to Tamaki explain and looked down a bit when he mentioned Kyoya’s previous relationships. He was searching for so long, searching for what was standing in front of him.

    Kyoya sat in silence, listening to what Tamaki had to say. He raised his eyebrows a bit at the blondes words. The dark haired boy couldn’t think of a time when he hadn’t wanted to be right by Tamaki’s side. Although sometimes it was inconvenient to do so, in his dreams he still felt the sting of his own fathers words regarding the host club.

    He knew he was Tamaki’s first friend and first kiss, he was surprised to see his friends eyes looking into his. A soft light was pouring in from somewhere and glinted off Tamaki just enough to see the boy’s shining eyes looking to his own. “How could I ever think you are a monster?” Kyoya’s eyes widened as he felt Tamaki’s gentle fist on his head. He looked up, his face even with his friends.

    Tamaki was scared? Kyoya thought back, he himself had been terrified of what could happen. He watched as his best friend took a tentative step forward, Kyoya straightened up just a bit, not sure what to prepare for. He felt Tamaki’s arms wrap around neck and he swallowed hard, hugging back. He didn’t let himself pick up the pieces… Not just yet.
The dark haired boy felt the arms tighten around him and he allowed his face to fall to his best friends shoulder. He tried his best not to cry, but he felt himself sob once.

    He quickly choked the sob, listening for Tamaki’s next words. “I love you too, mon ami.” Those were the softly said words that Kyoya finally allowed himself to accept. He felt his whole body relax, as he hugged Tamaki a bit tighter. His loving words, spoken so softly. His breath tickling Kyoya’s neck slightly, the Shadow King smiled. He smiled with everything in him.

    He let Tamaki pull away and then felt him resting on his forehead. He felt the blondes thumb slide across his face, pushing away one of the tears. The Ootori boy didn’t shed many, this moment would be rare.

    For once he heard his name, not said with lust, or with anger… Not with disappointment or disgust, but with a bit of confusion and love. He felt warmth wash over his body once more, suddenly realizing how close they were to each other. “Tamaki…” He said with a bit of his confidence showing through again, but still softly. He wrapped his arms around Tamaki’s waist, pulling them a bit closer. He was moving slowly, tentative and gentle, being respectful of Tamaki’s nerves.

    He didn’t want to mess this up, he felt like this moment was fragile… Breakable like the china strewn across the table. He thought of how quickly the boy in his arms mended every break he ever made. Healed every wound he inflicted, he didn’t even have to try.

    Kyoya felt nervous, as if this was his first time. He felt cleansed of his past mistakes, as nerves bundled in his stomach and something else spread a bit lower. His breathing became uneven yet again as he felt his heart bumping against his chest. Tamaki was intoxicating.

    Tamaki felt his heart quiver when he felt his friend accepting his apology; his explanation for his behavior earlier.  Tamaki took in a quivering breath as he felt his friend’s arms tighten around him and the sound Kyoya choking back a sob only made Tamaki’s itch to wrap tighter around the Ootori boy again.

     Attentively though, Tamaki slide his hand gently across Kyoya’s cheek, cupping the boy’s jawline as he kept his eyes trained on his fingertips.  How quickly things had changed, moments ago he was ravenous with lust and it soon turned to panic which now was mellowing back into lust and something a bit more.

    With a shaky breath, Tamaki lifted his gaze back toward Kyoya; their faces so close together, he almost looked blurred in Tamaki’s vision.  Blond strands mingled with raven hair as Tamaki leaned forward.  He could smell the citrus on Kyoya’s breath as he got closer, hesitantly almost as he closed the gap between them, giving Kyoya a soft kiss.

    It meant to be soft, but soon those feelings of lust returned and served as a reminder from the evening’s earlier encounter.   Tamaki’s white, silk button down lay askew on his shoulders, one sleeve nearly around his wrist as he begged to come off.

    Even for an inexperienced kisser, Tamaki was learning fast and he mimicked Kyoya’s earlier steps, sliding his tongue gently across the boy’s lower lip, just asking for admittance.  Tamaki’s hands fell to Kyoya’s shirt, and again he gripped at the expensive fabric.

    Slowly, Tamaki pulled away from Kyoya for a second time, but not at all as forcefully as before.  Instead he plopped himself down on the couch again, covering his mouth with his hand.  Kyoya’s lips were so soft, and Tamaki couldn’t get enough of the tingling sensation they left behind each time they kissed.  “Kyoya, what does this mean?” He wondered in a soft voice, peering up at his friend and noticing the soft glare now filled Kyoya’s both lenses entirely, giving Kyoya an ominous look.

    Kyoya kissed back, allowing Tamaki’s tongue into his mouth. He felt his whole body light up with sensation, losing himself in that kiss. He felt Tamaki’s hands on his shirt, gripping him, pulling him even closer. He didn’t understand how the blonde got so much better even after just one kiss, he tasted of coffee. His lungs were just starting to burn as the other boy pulled away, gently this time, falling onto the couch.

    The raven haired boy shuddered at the sudden loss of heat in front on him. He looked down at his best friend, sprawled on the couch, shirt open and almost all the way off. He looked good, then again, he always looked good. He was covering his lips and Kyoya fought the urge to touch his own, still sensitive from the kiss.

    Kyoya heard Tamaki’s muffled words, thinking a moment, he tilted his head upward… His mind was trying to cope with having to think through the haze of his lust, though he finally came up with an answer. “This means I love you. And you love me.” He shrugged a bit, “What else does it have to mean?” He realized his answer was completely inadequate but didn’t really mind.

    He sat down next to his best friend, “I know this is all sudden, and I also know we may have to take a bit to figure out how to handle this… But for once, let me procrastinate on figuring that part out?” He grabbed Tamaki’s hand, running his thumb over it. “It can wait.” Honestly Kyoya wasn’t sure what all this would do just yet, and he didn’t want to think about it.
He looked at Tamaki smiling gently, his body was beyond confused.

    First worry, then lust, sadness, confusion and now lust again? Throwing in love… Kyoya was a mess. What had this boy done to him? He let his smile fade down as he looked into the other boys eyes, eyes he couldn’t quite read. He once again was left in silence not knowing what to expect. He realized he had never let go of Tamaki’s hand as his face grew warm and he loosened his grip, about to move his hand away from the blondes.

    Tamaki’s finger’s tightened around Kyoya’s retreating hand, doing his best to keep the warm hand in his own.  Tamaki blinked twice, looking down at their conjoined hands as Kyoya’s words kept replaying in the back of his mind.

     He loved Kyoya.  He supposed he always felt this way and just never had the chance to express it before now.  Tamaki knew what love was, he had heard about it, read about it and even preached about it in his host club but he never really thought about it.  What it felt like and how it just sneaks up on you when you aren’t looking.  Tamaki couldn’t help the small smile on his face as it curled across his lips.

    Lifting his head a bit, Tamaki leaned in again, placing his other hand over top Kyoya’s as he rubbed his thumbs gently against the shadow king’s soft skin.   Tamaki took in a deep breath of Kyoya’s scent, it was a warm smell, the cologne he wore and that oh so tempting citrus of Kyoya’s breath.

    Indigo eyes lifted in though in the dark, they couldn’t see much. But even if they couldn’t see he knew Kyoya was there, felt his presence beside him.  “And I love you.” Tamaki repeated Kyoya’s words softly to the both of them, again coming back to the realization.

    “Can you believe it?” Tamaki chuckled but kept his voice at a whisper.  “Mommy and Daddy.”  Tamaki finished as he opened his hand in Kyoya’s, revealing the warm porcelain shard from the coffee cup he broke earlier.  Tamaki dropped the piece in Kyoya’s hand as he moved closer again hesitantly.

    “Kiss me?” He asked in his usual tone of voice though it was much quieter, that tone that always begged Kyoya to get out of bed at ungodly hours and begged Kyoya to post a new event in the host club.  Even the same tone used when Tamaki begged Kyoya to take him around Japan that first year they met.    

    Kyoya’s eyes widened when Tamaki kept his hand, he didn’t know why it was so surprising that someone wanted to hold his hand. Someone he actually cared for. Kyoya felt the other boys calming presence next to him, and just relaxed. He felt Tamaki place his other hand over his own and he turned to look at the boys outline. He smiled at the feel of Tamaki’s hands running over his own, his chest filling with a happy warmth. Something he hadn’t felt in a long, long time.

    He hear Tamaki repeat his words, “And I love you.” The feeling only grew, he looked into the blondes eyes the best he could in the dark. ~He loves me.~ Kyoya thought to himself allowing his smile to grow. “Mommy and Daddy.” Kyoya repeated softly, the nicknames he always enjoyed. His heart had always skipped a beat when Tamaki called him Mommy, he’d just ignored it…

    Kyoya felt the warm shard in his hand he pictured it in his mind, running his fingers carefully over every edge. The smooth middle contradicting the sharp and ragged edges; the soft, glinting interior matched perfectly by its pointed, dangerous outline. He thought about it a moment, this glass-like sliver could represent them… Two opposites, contradictions if you will, fitting together seamlessly into one.

    “Kiss me?” He heard those words, spoken so softly, yet holding so much meaning. It brought him back to the time they first met. It pushed him through every memory one by one, starting the host club… Being awoken at insane hours… Dealing with every strain the king put on the hosts budget. Everything Tamaki had ever asked from the shadow king, every favor he had ever done… Everything came back in one wave. Kyoya leaned forward, hesitating slightly, although he’d never wanted anything so badly. And that’s just what scared him.

    He finally closed the gap between himself and his best friend. His only love. His lips met Tamaki’s, causing a small shock to go through his body. He wrapped his arms around his king, pulling him close. He still held the small shard of glass in his hand, careful not to grasp it to roughly. His hands had slid under Tamaki’s mostly removed shirt and as Kyoya realized he was hugging the boys bare waist a blush spread across his face.

    The raven haired boy slid his tongue across Tamaki’s bottom lip, slowly and lightly. He was asking politely, as gently as he could. He couldn’t help but hold the boy a little tighter to him, he just wanted to be close to Tamaki at that very moment. His emotions had been everywhere, but all he wanted at that moment was closeness. He couldn’t help it, Tamaki had that effect on him. He just wanted to be close enough to Tamaki to feel his presence and take comfort in his sent, and his happy energy.

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Just For the Day Empty Re: Just For the Day

Post by Salem Parris on Tue Sep 13, 2016 5:40 pm

    Tamaki peered over at his friend as he explained why he had an adult film in his pack. Tamaki could hardly comprehend it; he had heard of these types of films before but he never actually saw one.  It wasn’t really his thing and he never thought to actually go looking for them on his own, as he was sure most teenage boys his age must have done.  Tamaki couldn’t help but blush at the thought, the reasons why Kyoya would possibly want one of these.

No, he knew the reasons.  Kyoya might have been unlike anyone Tamaki had ever met but Kyoya was still a young man and one who needed an escape just like so many others, perhaps even more so.  Tamaki bit his bottom lip before raising his indigo eyes, his body cast into shadow and a bright blue from the tv screen in front of them.

    “BUT IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT?! WHY DO YOU HAVE IT?!” Tamaki cried, not so much as yelling but emphatically trying to work it out in his own jumbled mind why Kyoya would still have this even after he just admitted he didn’t enjoy it.  What was it that Kyoya found appealing to have bought it in the first place?

    Tamaki looked at the case in his hand as he studied the cover.  The three girls were smiling, flushed and nude.  Tamaki gulped softly as his mind carried him further than he intended.  A warm rush coursed through his body and he felt as if the temperature around him rose.  It wasn’t just the nude bodies of the girls but the very thought of the things Kyoya did while watching this film….

    “Let’s watch it.”  Tamaki suddenly spouted out as his eyes narrowed determinedly at the case before he looked back up at his friend.  Tamaki had made up his mind.  His curiosity was getting the better of him and it wasn’t wrong…was it?  If Kyoya felt so inclined to take a peek, than why shouldn’t he give it a try?  He was also a teenager too and he wouldn’t feel so awkward when most of the boys his age had already seen pornography much earlier on in their lives.

    Tamaki knew what might happen.  They were two friends, straight friends, looking at an adult film with naked women.  He felt a little embarrassed by the idea but it was only a fleeting thought as were so many other things in Tamaki’s mind.  It passed him by and he decided to cross that bridge when he got there.

    “Well, can we..?”  Tamaki felt as if he had to ask, wondering what Kyoya’s feelings were regarding such a request.  Would Kyoya feel comfortable?

    Kyoya looked at Tamaki blankly the whole time, watching his reactions. Tamaki was easy to read and sometimes, rather predictable. Kyoya figured he hadn’t watched porn before, Tamaki didn’t quite fit the type that would. Kyoya wouldn’t have watched it himself if not out of curiosity. He didn’t enjoy it what so ever, although the girls were attractive, Kyoya couldn’t empathize with people that watched adult films. He didn’t need them to pleasure himself, while so many others relied on them to release stress. The raven haired boy didn’t find that the porn enhanced his pleasure any, if anything it hindered it.

    He flinched a bit, pulled out of his thoughts by Tamaki’s emotional yelling. “Honestly Tamaki, I just told you, I watched it once and didn’t find it enjoyable. I just didn’t throw it out, I put it back on my shelf apparently… Then forgot about it.” Kyoya sighed a bit, “The only reason I bought it in the first place was curiosity… It’s caused me more problems than pleasure.” Kyoya analyzed Tamaki a bit.

    For a long while Tamaki just stared at the case, looking like he’d just seen a ghost. He watched as the blonde stiffened a bit, Kyoya just wanted to hit him. He was about to as he heard Tamaki’s words… “Watch it?” Kyoya looked at his friend, his eyes a bit wide. His mind raced to find words to say, but he found himself a bit frustrated. He knew Tamaki must be curious but honestly… Kyoya didn’t know if he could handle watching his best friend watch porn. What would happen… Kyoya stopped his mind there, a blush forming across his cheeks.

    “Tamaki… You’re an idiot.” He said it with a kind yet mocking tone, looking down a bit. “You get flustered at even the smallest of sexual suggestions… You get frustrated when someone teases you about it. You think you can handle porn?” Kyoya had always been blunt with his friend, “If you really want to watch it, put it in.” The Shadow King looked back up, composure regained and a cool smirk on his face. He leaned back a bit, nervous inside.

    He finally allowed his mind to wander a bit, ~This was a bad idea… Why did I just do this to myself.~ Kyoya blushed, ~Does this idiot know what he’s about to put me through? No because he's completely oblivious.~ He looked over at the blonde, just a glance. He felt his body heat up a bit at the thought of watching this with him. He wasn’t afraid of the effect the video would have on him, he didn’t like the video… He was worried of the effect the person sitting next to him would have on him. The effect he had been having on him all day, and at random points in their friendship.

    “You don’t need my permission Tamaki, it’s your house.” Kyoya said, a bit more shakily than he had intended. He covered his voice with a confident look, determined to keep his cool and controlled demeanor. ~What is this boy doing to me?~ He asked himself, this he had not predicted. He wasn’t prepared in any way for this. He had himself prepared for a lecture, something Tamaki would normally do.

    For once Kyoya found himself surprised by the blonde, his best friend had a habit of doing that. Once you thought you had him figured out, he would do something that surprised you. For someone like Kyoya, someone that was used to figuring people out quickly, this kept their friendship very interesting for him. He was almost glad Tamaki was like that, glad that not everything he thought was true. It allowed him to have a minuscule amount of hope, that someday the blonde would be perceptive enough to pick up on the signs… The signs that Kyoya wanted to be more then best friends, something Kyoya couldn’t bring himself to say.

    Tamaki kept his eyes focused on the case in his hands as Kyoya explained to him again that he didn’t enjoy it and why he still had it laying around.   Even more so, Kyoya interrogated Tamaki, making sure the blond was able to handle the film.  

    “..You get frustrated when someone teases you about it. You think you can handle porn?”

    “DON’T CALL IT THAT!” Tamaki said, startled as a flush crossed his cheeks, his teeth nearly gnashing at his friend.  “Call it..an adult film.” Tamaki said trying to be as gentlemanly as possible but he figured at some point he’d have to call it what it was.
It was porn. Plain and simple.  And yes, he was ready.

    Slowly, Tamaki got to his feet and he wandered around the food strewn coffee table toward the tv.  After a few moments, Tamaki pushed the disc in and wandered back over to his spot just as the video started.  Those three girls began to moan so loudly, Tamaki thought his ears would burst from their high voices but their images exploded in a display of flames as the title of the film crossed the screen.  Tamaki gulped as the screen went black and he felt his hands beginning to sweat as he wondered just what would happen to him, to the both of them as the movie progressed.

    Tamaki bit his bottom lip hard as he and Kyoya both didn’t say a single word to one another as one of the girls appeared on the screen with a man.  Tamaki’s eyes widened at the sight of her, completely nude.  He had seen naked women before but as statues and in paintings, nothing at all like this.  Tamaki silently gulped and he had to remind himself to breath as the film continued.

    But as he watched it, Tamaki couldn’t help but feel mesmerized by the acts, the soft sounds of moans put Tamaki in a strange state of euphoria.  He felt himself relaxing but he couldn’t ignore the effect the picture was having on him.  “Kyoya..” Tamaki let out at just barely a whisper, wondering if Kyoya was feeling the same.  The blond’s face blushed softly as he felt his hand slip toward his own thigh, the sweat pants he wore, proving to be the wrong piece of clothing to wear whilst watching such a film.

    He wanted to.  As the film continued on, Tamaki wanted to explore the warmth spreading in the pit of his stomach as it curled just at the base of his hips.  He reassured himself that they were in the dark, Kyoya wouldn’t notice, but what if he did?  What if Kyoya was doing the same thing?  This thought only made Tamaki’s face heat up.  He didn’t dare peek over, not just yet.

    He didn’t hear a response from Kyoya and maybe he didn’t need to hear one, but Tamaki took it as a sign that perhaps Kyoya enjoyed this film a bit more than he let on; perhaps for Tamaki’s sake and soft composure.  But today, just for the day Tamaki felt he needed to break free from that sensitive composure.  He felt most comfortable around Kyoya and perhaps it was the comfort that edged Tamaki on.

    Tamaki’s timid hand slipped in the valley between his thighs, feeling the warmth of his sweat pants’ fabric against his hand as he toyed with his fingertips just brushing the edge of his thumb against his ridged self just past the fabric of his pants.  Starting to feel a bit uncomfortable with his actions, Tamaki shifted in his seat and leaned back against the couch, taking in a deep breath as he tucked his leg up under himself, hooking his ankle just under his other knee.  

    “That’s what it is…” He mumbled as Tamaki walked to the television. Kyoya’s face flushed a bit as the film began, just as blunt and mildly horrifying as he remembered it being. Kyoya sighed a bit, hoping he could make it through the film. As much as he didn’t like the idea of porn it did turn him on, just not any more than any other turn on he had. The dark haired boy pushed up his glasses crossing his arms tightly over his chest as the naked girl appeared on the screen.

    He sat in silence as he felt his face get a bit warm as the obviously over dramatized girl began to do what she was paid for. Her oiled body shimmering in the low light of the set. The sexual acts and the sounds coming from the TV had an obvious effect on the Ootori boy, he dug his nails into his arms, closing his eyes and taking a few deep breaths. He knew his body was reacting to the stimulant, and there wasn’t much he could do about it. He was glad he’d worn jeans instead of some other pants.

    He heard Tamaki whisper his name and his eyes snapped open, he couldn’t bring himself to look at the blonde. He was afraid of what would happen, he could just pretend he didn’t hear. Although the movement to the right of the boy couldn’t be ignored. He rotated his head just a touch, so slowly he almost didn’t know he was moving. It was like watching a beautiful train wreck, Kyoya felt like he was invading Tamaki's sensitive privacy by looking but his eyes were fixed to the blonde’s hand.

    He watched as it inched closer and closer to the hardness between his friends legs, he felt his body react even more tho this than it would the movie. His own hardness now visible, the way Tamaki was moving was almost painfully slow. He watched as Tamaki grabbed himself, brushing softly over the hardness through his sweats. Kyoya felt his chest lurch as warmth spread through his whole body. Tamaki blushed and re-positioned himself, pulling his hand away… However putting himself on display in an unfair way.  

    Kyoya felt his arms uncross as he rested his hands on his thighs, clenching his teeth and closing his eyes. The moaning in the back ground was now too loud to ignore and it wasn’t helping anything. His eyes snapped open again as he felt something break inside him, most likely his self control. He felt one of his hands inching closer to his bulge, sliding up his thigh slowly. He imagined it was someone else, the first things that flashed into his mind made him smirk. Violet eyes, blonde hair, that voice. He reached his harness, brushing his fingers over it a bit, torturing himself. He had slipped into a state of pleasure, his whole body felt warm.

    A small noise slipped from his throat, before he realized he was still looking at Tamaki. He couldn’t even care, the film played endlessly in the background as he slid his hand down to his thigh gripping tightly. He still couldn’t look away from the handsome boy next to him. The look of lust on Tamaki’s face was enough to drive the raven haired boy into a bit of a craze. Kyoya bit his lip a bit, looking the boy up and down, his eyes pausing at the oh-so-obvious bulge.

    Being caught hardly mattered at this point, he was already resisting the urge to move closer. Looking away would do nothing but further tempt Kyoya, he was thankful that Tamaki had been silent. He wouldn’t be able to handle the other boys moaning. Kyoya felt a sudden possessiveness wash over him, he should be the cause of Tamaki’s lust, not this film. He tried to be rational but he felt his logic slowly slipping away.

    Kyoya’s breath hitched a bit, realizing that he was painfully attracted to his best friend. He wanted to groan but held it back, figuring it wouldn’t help just now. Why did Tamaki have to be so… Flawless?

    Tamaki was inwardly thanking himself for sending the maids and the rest of the staff off for an early evening to themselves, he didn’t know he would have done if someone saw him like this, with Kyoya, watching..this.

    Tamaki felt himself growing more uncomfortable by the moment as he tried to reposition himself again but it was just no use, his displeasure wasn’t coming from the way he was sitting. He needed to take care of himself, but…

    Dark indigo eyes shut for a moment as he took in a deep breath, deciding it would be alright as he slipped his hand closer again, fully cupping himself at the base through the fabric of his powder blue sweat pants.  His mind wandered elsewhere as the film continued to play but the feeling of the cushions moving ever so slightly beside him caught the blond’s attention and he opened his eyes to see.  Tamaki only gazed out of the corner of his eyes to see Kyoya taking bold steps to relieve himself.

    The very sight made Tamaki’s cheeks flush warmly, more so than when he saw the woman appear on the screen and begin to do those things…Tamaki watched, transfixed as his breath caught in his throat, doing his very best to not make a single sound lest he felt the moment would shatter if he did.  Kyoya felt so comfortable around him to be able to touch himself but Tamaki’s eyes were only transfixed on the bulge that formed in Kyoya’s pants; how much larger it was than he expected.

    Not that Tamaki thought about Kyoya’s size much but it had crossed his mind a few times.  Unnoticing Kyoya’s watchful gaze, Tamaki took in a ragged breath riddled with pent up lust as he decided to finally give into what he had wanted to do since the film began.

    The time on the DvD player read 00:05:26 and already Tamaki was beside himself.  A nearly silent, shuddering sigh escaped his lips as he leaned his head back against the couch, hooded eyes peering through thick eyelashes as he watched the screen before him.  Tamaki rolled his head forward until he felt his cheek propped up by his shoulder as he leaned his head back.  His curiously determined hand slid up himself, encasing the fabric around him more as he began to take short, even strokes.


    Tamaki’s hooded eyes shifted and he peered over at his friend, watching the raven-haired boy’s hand curiously, watching the motions mirroring his own.  This was okay.  He didn’t feel embarrassed anymore but he felt the warmth in his cheeks spreading throughout his body.

    “Kyoya.”  Tamaki said again as he lifted his gaze up to look at his friend’s, the flashes of light from the tv screen played with the shadows upon both boys’ bodies and Tamaki, for the first time noticed Kyoya was watching him. Tamaki slipped Kyoya’s name out again as his eyes began to close softly and his hand tighten once before releasing himself only to tug at the elastic waist band, making enough room to slip his hand inside.

    Kyoya smelled of Paul Sebastian cologne, a scent Tamaki had gotten so familiar with since their friendship began.  Coupled with the soft scent of citrus made Tamaki draw in another ragged breath just to give it another smell, licking his dry lips.  

    Kyoya watched as Tamaki’s hand once again, slid toward his bulge. However something else caught the boys eye, Tamaki was looking directly at him. He was watching Kyoya, studying his every move. Kyoya watched the blondes actions, his breath hitching and then growing ragged.

    He couldn’t believe he was allowing himself to do this, Tamaki was his best friend. Kyoya couldn’t deny he’d always wanted more from him though, he would never ask it of him. At least not with words, actions were a whole nother story. Is it possible that Tamaki felt the same, or was this just some odd happening. Was the blondes judgement that effected by the film?

    Kyoya had his hands wrapped around his member, however he found his jeans were now in the way. He let out a frustrated sigh, his body craving touch. He needed to get rid of his little problem, but he didn’t want to, at least not himself.

    The sexually frustrated boy unbuttoned his pants allowing his hand to slip under, stroking himself with long slow strokes at first. He then heard his name, his dark eyes concealed slightly by his glasses. He fixed his eyes on the other boys indigo orbs, taking deep breaths. He heard his name again as the blonde closed his eyes, the boy looking down to see Tamaki’s hand slipping under the waist band of his pants.

    Kyoya closed his eyes moaning a bit, he couldn’t hold it in. He was beyond logic and reason, he heard the other boys shuddering breath and realized something he liked. Niether of them were watching the film, Kyoya leaned forward, looking at Tamaki’s now shining lips. “Tamaki…” He breathed before bringing up his free hand, and threading his fingers through his friends blonde hair.

    Kyoya pulled Tamaki into him, capturing the other boys lips with his. He put everything into that kiss, every night he’d spent thinking about him, every lust filled moment he had wished he could do just this… He kissed him with such a gentle force, he thought he would burst. In that moment Kyoya felt right, everything around him had faded.

    Kyoya pushed Tamaki back a bit, tipping them so he was laying atop his well built partner. He took a deep breath in, Tamaki always smelled slightly of roses and some intoxicating mixture of a cologne Kyoya could never place and his hair product. Kyoya pulled back a bit breathing heavily, now bringing both of his hands up to balance himself over the blonde. He had a hand on either side of Tamaki’s head, looking down into his eyes.

    He was now painfully aware of the closeness of their lower regions, he examined the beautiful man below him. He moved one hand down, sliding it down Tamaki’s chest. The Ootori never took his dark eyes off of Tamaki’s, he allowed his hand to slip lower and lower, watching for any reaction at all.

    Tamaki felt a heavy weight in his chest as it seemed his lungs were on fire once he gripped himself tightly.  The sounds of the film began to grow distant as Tamaki entered his own thoughts, tasting the very air.  It tasted like Kyoya.  The realization made his body react, twitching against the palm of his hand and his legs automatically spread further apart to give himself more room.

    Dark indigo eyes opened suddenly when he heard his name being moaned on his friend’s lips, remembering those stormy eyes watching him, Tamaki nearly responded with his own moan but was soon cut off by the suddenness of Kyoya’s lips.


    Tamaki’s eyes widened when he felt Kyoya’s against his own.  Initially, Tamaki’s lips froze, unable to comprehend what was happening until Tamaki felt the soft, warm of his friend’s warm breath against his cheek as he kissed him deeply.  Without a second thought, Tamaki brought both his hands up to cup either side of Kyoya’s face, kissing him right back.

    His lips were inexperienced and he struggled to feel the pace of their kissing but just as soon as he got the hang of it, Tamaki found himself on his back with Kyoya’s body pressed on top of his own.  His chest heaved once the Ootori boy pulled back, Tamaki’s eyes shut tight as he relished the aftereffects of the kiss, his lips tingling as the warmth continued to roll in the pit of his stomach; his whole body felt warm.

    “Why did you..” Tamaki began to plead but looked up to see Kyoya looking right back into his eyes, the very look halting Tamaki’s movements.  He looked right back into those stormy eyes, a partial glare reflecting off of the boy’s glasses as the tv continued to play.  Tamaki felt his breath hitch as Kyoya dragged his hand down his chest, the fabric of his miss-buttoned, white shirt wrinkling against his damp body.  Tamaki gulped as he took in a slow breath, his permanently red cheeks growing warmer.

    Tamaki had a feeling he knew where Kyoya was going and quite frankly, Tamaki didn’t give a damn.  He ached all over and even more so now that he could feel Kyoya’s hard-on against his own through their fabrics as they lay on the white couch in the middle of the dark room.

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Just For the Day Empty Re: Just For the Day

Post by Salem Parris on Tue Sep 13, 2016 5:39 pm

    Tamaki lounged against the couch as well, putting his socked feet up on the coffee table; well what room was left and not covered by an endless array of snacks and drinks.  He adored this film, probably a bit more than he should.  The young prince shifted his gaze back toward his friend, only catching a glimpse of the Ootori boy out of the corner of his eye.

    That was so strange, the warmth he felt when Kyoya touched him and how Tamaki could still faintly smell Kyoya’s cologne on his person from when they shared a hug earlier.  Just as the movie continued, the late afternoon sun began to shine through the white curtained windows.

    Splashes of orange and yellow painted the mostly white and light pink room and unfortunately it cast a glare upon the television.  With a frustrated sigh, Tamaki flopped up onto his feet and plodded over to the curtains; pulling back the drapes and securing them in place, plunging the room into darkness aside from what light came from the TV.

    “I always hate when it does that.” Tamaki said offhandedly as he took his seat again.  Tamaki smiled and gave a glance at Kyoya.  “You aren’t going to fall asleep on me are you?”  Tamaki asked, narrowing his indigo eyes indignantly.   But before he could get an answer, Kyoya started to cough, choking on a sip of tea.

    Tamaki sat himself closer, putting his hand on his friend’s shoulder but the short bought of coughing ceased quicker than Tamaki expected. “Are you okay? Take it easy with that stuff.” Tamaki said as he watched Kyoya put the tea down but only before he noticed his own hands still holding onto Kyoya’s shoulder and forearm.

    Carefully removing them, Tamaki leaned back against the plush couch, busying his hands; placing one in his blond hair whilst the other lay toyed with a loose string on the couch’s fabric.  “You know what I love about this movie?” Tamaki asked as he looked back toward Kyoya with a small smile.

    “I can sing along.”  Tamaki said, already giving the answer and one befitting the boy extremely.  It sounded as if he was going to say something profound, and underlying meaning behind the film that he really connected with.  Nope.  It was only because he could sing along.

    He noticed the small glances Tamaki was making at him and smiled a bit, just then light streamed into the room. Kyoya watched as the colors splashed the walls, and the boy beside him, with magnificent color. Everything looked so beautiful. Painted so magnificently with the colors of the setting sun, and then darkness. Kyoya hadn’t noticed the boy get up and close the blinds.

    The television was the only light sorce in the room and Kyoya’s eyes couldn’t seem   to adjust properly. He heard Tamaki’s questions just as he began to choke on his tea, and felt extremely dumb at that moment. He stopped the coughing almost instantly, but not before the blonde had both hands on him.

    “I’m-” Kyoya cleared his throat a bit, “I’m fine.” The heat that came from Tamaki’s hands on his arm was both exhilarating and confusing. “And no I wasn’t planning on falling asleep on you but if that’s where you’d prefer me…” Kyoya teased lightly, chuckling. He couldn’t help but look at Tamaki, watching his reactions and his glorious behavior. IT was like the boy was constantly putting on a performance for any one and everyone. Yet sometimes he only preformed for himself.

    Kyoya listened when Tamaki asked if he knew what he liked most about the movie Kyoya found rather dull. He knew that Tamaki would answer even without any response, the blonde didn’t have the attention span to wait for a guess. I can sing along…. What a simple reason to love a movie. Kyoya laughed “I didn’t know singing was among your arsenal of talents.” Although Tamaki was a rather talented individual Kyoya had never heard him sing.

    “I’m rather looking forward to experiencing that.” Kyoya pushed up his glasses a bit, looking towards the TV. “You know what I like about this movie?” Kyoya said, finding that he did actually know a bit about the movie. “The main actress in this movie kept going even after having surgery on her vocal chords, although it ruined her upper range. She just kept singing through all the hardships.” Kyoya of course saying something he found profound, inspiring even. He looked to Tamaki, smiling a bit.

    “I don’t think you’d ever want to hear me sing along to this anyways.” Kyoya said lightening the mood a bit. Although he was a rather serious person, Tamaki brought out a side in him that was a bit more carefree. Someone that could have fun and relax a bit, take a break of being so professional. In short, although Tamaki drove him insane, he saved his sanity.

    He looked at Tamaki, just a glance, smiling. Although he wasn’t sure what was so odd today he didn’t mind it. The heat in their touches, the way he wanted to just move closer to Tamaki… It was something he hadn’t experienced with anyone really. He couldn’t place his finger on what it was exactly, that’s probably what bothered him the most. He liked to control the situation but he couldn’t do that here. He didn’t know the situation well enough.

    “Really?” Tamaki asked enthusiastically as he turned to look at his friend, though the dark room permitted him to just barely see Kyoya in the dim shadows, other than the gleam of the tv screen hitting off of the Ootori boy’s glasses.  He was right. There was something off with his friend.  

    Kyoya seemed more withdrawn but the answers he managed to pull out of him seemed to not sound at all like himself, at least only to those familiar enough with Kyoya.
Shrugging the thought off for the moment, thinking it was probably from lack of sleep; Tamaki leaned back against the couch for the third time and watched the movie, happy like a little child.  When a song came on that he recognized, he sang along softly.  He wasn’t the best singer in the world; nothing compared to his piano playing, but it wasn’t so horrible that it sounded like nails scraping a chalk board.

    “Kyoya, do you like coming here?” The question was an odd one, they were friends, why wouldn’t he like coming over?  But Tamaki merely wondered.  It was rare for him to have friends over.  Leaning forward, Tamaki took hold of one of the porcelain cups and poured himself a bit of coffee, just what he needed.  Along with the coffee, Tamaki also picked up a treat, a Pop-tart and showed Kyoya the snack.  “And have you ever had one of these before?” He asked as he remembered a few days ago he couldn’t stop craving them.

    Tamaki took a small sip of his coffee as Kyoya began to tease about where he could fall asleep, seeming to take his questions meaning literally.  Now it was Tamaki’s turn to cough on his beverage as a blush crossed his cheeks, Tamaki silently thanking the darkness of the room. “Kyoya..” Tamaki’s words trailed off as he laughed a bit.  “You know I meant as we watched the film, not literally on me.” Tamaki said as he cocked his smile to the side.

    When alone, or even in the club, Tamaki always seemed to become easily flustered when someone made the slightest joke that could be hinting at anything sexual.  Even small and faint innuendos could send the Suou boy into a fluster, constantly trying to change the subject till they got onto a “safer” topic.

    Because of this, many could only assume Tamaki’s sexuality and most assumed he was straight.  To be honest, Tamaki never really gave it much thought before.  He was attracted to Haruhi and many of their guests in the host club, but he was intrigued and he had to admit a bit attracted to Haruhi when he originally thought she was a boy.  This confused Tamaki the most.

    Glancing over at Kyoya, Tamaki looked at the shadowed figure and he could visualize those stone-grey eyes looking right back at him.  Tamaki felt a pang in his chest and a warmth growing in his stomach and his palms felt a little sweaty, which he was quick to debunk because he held a warm cup of coffee.

    “You know, Kyoya. “ Tamaki cleared his throat.  “It’s okay if you take a nap.” Tamaki reassured his friend, knowing the raven-haired boy needed the rest. “I won’t be offended, you know that.  I just enjoy the company.” Tamaki said with a smile, the tone of his voice indicating he was.  

    Before he know it the other boy was singing along with the music, Kyoya was surprised to find that Tamaki’s voice wasn’t bad. It was no where near as beautiful as his piano playing but it didn’t hurt to listen to, so Kyoya listened. He leaned his head back against the couch, smiling to himself a bit. He wondered why Tamaki had never showed off this skill before, any voice would suite a boy with his good looks. However, if he could sing he would attract even more attention especially with his romantic mantras.

     Kyoya looked up at Tamaki in shock when he heard his question ~Great now your odd behavior has hurt his feelings.~ “I do like coming over here Tamaki, I just… I know I’m acting… Rather, odd today.” Kyoya stammered out, he had finally put his finger on what was going on. There was only two reasons why he ever stuttered, and one of them was being around someone he had immense feelings for, in a romantic way.

    Kyoya had never really had to question his sexuality, he pretty much grew up open minded. He didn’t have a real sense of gender, he had feelings for who he wanted to. Gender wasn’t an obstacle in his eyes, he grew up thinking it wasn’t very important. However when he thought back, Tamaki was one of the first boys he liked. He had gotten over it long ago, or at least he thought he did…

    He looked up chuckling when Tamaki asked about the snack, “No I never ate one but I remember you going on a rampage for them a few days ago.” Kyoya remember the time well, and laughed a bit more just thinking about it. However he looked up when Tamaki started choking.

    Kyoya leaned and skillfully grabbed the fragile cup form Tamaki’s hand, resting one of his hands on Tamaki’s chest for balance. He listened to Tamaki’s words about falling asleep and sat up laughing a bit.“What if I did just fall asleep right here,” He pushed Tamaki down and laid across him. He then pushed himself back up chuckling a bit, “I was only joking you idiot, try not to drown in your coffee.” Kyoya felt slightly more himself, climbing off Tamaki and placing the cup carefully back in his hands.

    Kyoya returned to his spot and sat down, still looking at the blondes silhouette, cast by the blue/white light of the television. Kyoya knew Tamaki did this whenever anyone tried to be sexual with him. He’d get flustered and change topics, it was quite easy to take as rejection but Kyoya wasn’t so sure that’s what it was. He poked the other boy with his foot as his face was slightly more defined, the dark haired boy could see the blush on his friends face even in this dim setting. “Are you alright Tamaki? Your face is a bit red.” Kyoya smirked.

    He sighed a bit when Tamaki told him he could sleep, “I’m really not that tired anymore, the tea must be finally taking effect.” He lied smoothly, he knew that the only reason he was so awake was that he was sitting next to the person he called his best friend.

    Kyoya had never let his emotions get the best of him, he was always cool and logical. The first and last person that had ever made him angry was the boy sitting beside him. Now he was best friends with this boy, Tamaki had gotten to him in a way that other people couldn’t. Kyoya didn’t want to lose that, not for a silly crush. He had to be sure Tamaki had feelings for him because he wasn’t about to lose his best friend by scaring him off. Kyoya wasn’t even sure if Tamaki liked males  that way.

    Kyoya found himself wishing that he had asked at some point, now, with his odd behavior it would be too obvious. He knew that Tamaki could easily get it out of him, if he got an idea of what was going on. And he would be polite about it at first but their friendship would never be what it was. That’s what Kyoya feared. But whenever he looked at the other boy, imagined his violet eyes or his wonderful smile… His heart fluttered a bit. Tamaki had gotten past all his walls, once again.

    Tamaki’s face still felt so warm from the earlier joke and the sudden way Kyoya mounted him as he kept his coffee away.  Tamaki clenched his hands around his recently retrieved cup, shutting his indigo eyes tightly. “Kyoya! This isn’t funny! Stop playing these games!” He said, still a bit flustered.  Pursing his lips like a fish, he turned to give a halfhearted glare to the Ootori boy.

    “You aren’t playing fair; you aren’t even giving me a chance to react!” He said, peering through blond bangs at his raven-haired friend.  The slight nudge from Kyoya’s socked foot against his own, trying to get Tamaki’s attention.  “That’s not what friends are supposed to do.” Tamaki’s words trailed off as he thought about how much he kind of liked it.

    “I only meant if you wanted to sleep you should.” Tamaki added, trying to make himself sound more convincing.  Maybe it was the movie?  Maybe the combination of the tea in Kyoya’s system coupled with the long musical was making the Ootori boy a little antsy.  “Maybe we should watch something different.” Tamaki said as he got up to retrieve the remote control, fumbling with the device slightly as he tried to pick it up in the dark; putting his cup down in the process.

    Quickly hitting the stop button, the screen plunged into a sea of blue, casting an odd light upon the two boys.  Tamaki turned to look at Kyoya and gave him a small smile.  “I’m sorry Kyoya, you just.” But the words died on Tamaki’s tongue before he even had a chance to finish.
Tamaki was okay with flirting and he was a big believe in romance, but when it came to more carnal feelings and instincts; it frightened him a bit sometimes.  Tamaki had never been with a girl, nor had he ever kissed one.  Some of the jokes always made him uncomfortable because he never knew how to react.  He knew what it felt like to be turned on and he understood how bodies worked, but the very idea always made him a bit nervous.

    Tamaki was sure Kyoya knew this.  Either way, the playful nature Kyoya was in made the warm feeling settle inside of his stomach.  “Let’s see what else you have.”  Tamaki said in a teasing almost naïve sort of voice as he happily went back to Kyoya’s bag, rummaging through the movies.

    “Wait, what is..?” Tamaki’s voice dragged out of confusion as he lifted another movie from the pack.  “Kyoya? What is this?” Tamaki raised an eyebrow as he showed his friend the DVD disc of three, obviously naked girls.  Why was Kyoya carrying pornography around? Maybe he didn’t realize he placed it in his pack, but the very notion of Kyoya watching this stuff, possessing it made Tamaki’s cheeks warm and he couldn’t help but feel like a parent scolding a child.  

    Kyoya felt a little hurt, thinking of this as his confirmation. ~If only he knew it wasn’t a game at all~ He thought falling silent. However when he saw Tamaki’s silly face he didn’t know what to think. “You want a chance… To react?” The Ootori boy was sincerely confused at this point. ~What does that mean?~ He couldn’t tell if he should be hurt, or if he should be sorry for freaking Tamaki out. And now Tamaki thought it was the movie making him like this? Kyoya sighed.

    He had expected his friend to be able to read him better than this, even if he was acting strange. Especially if he was acting strange! Kyoya felt himself slipping back into his cold usual self… It was almost painful. He watched Tamaki fumble for the remote and smiled a bit, I’m sorry Kyoya, you just… The shadow king ended that sentence in his head in so many horrible ways. ~…You just don’t get it, You just aren’t good enough, You just aren’t my type~ He closed his eyes tightly trying to get his mind to stop tormenting him.

    Kyoya knew Tamaki had an extreme lack of knowledge regarding sex but he didn’t think he would be so offended by such simple gestures. Kyoya nodded when Tamaki began to rummage through the bag, his playful nature dampened by the obvious disgust Tamaki displayed. The tone of voice he said it in was obvious, he just wanted to brush the whole thing off. Kyoya was okay to slip back into the darkness, he belonged better there anyways.

     Sometimes Kyoya thought he disliked being in the enormous shadow the Suou boy cast. However he realized that he had lived in shadows his whole life, the shadow of his father, of his brothers… The shadow of his failures and his unexpressed emotions. Maybe this is what was doomed to happen every time he go to close to this ray of light he knew as his best friend. Maybe it would do nothing but hurt him, but how else could he burn off the cold darkness?

    “What is what?” Kyoya asked looking up nonchalantly, He glanced at the cover of the film Tamaki was holding up. On the out side he shrugged “I told you I brought everything, you really shouldn’t be so surprised. Most teenage boys partake in those types of films. Personally I belive I only watched it once.” He pushed up his glasses, “I don’t find it enjoyable.”

    On the inside however the dark haired boy was rather mortified, ~Salt in the wound of rejection? Now I get to be scolded?~ “Honestly Daddy, don’t look at me like that.” Kyoya said smirking, using the nicknames he was secretly fond of. “All your blood might rush to your face.”

    Kyoya didn’t feel anything at that moment, he was completely numb. Although he know he should be embarrassed or hurt or angry… Or any mix of the three really but his response to an emotional overload was complete and utter apathy. His face showed just that, an empty smirk and cold steel eyes. He was prepared for anything the Suou boy could do, he wasn’t about to be hurt twice in one day.

    “Say something, Tamaki.” He waved his hand in front of his friends eyes “Are you still alive?”

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Just For the Day Empty Re: Just For the Day

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    Kyoya nodded lightly at the girl and smiled a bit before Tamaki crushed him in a hug. Kyoya hugged him back, more tightly than usual. He let go of Tamaki as his dog bounded out of the door. “You really should treat your staff more nicely, you almost killed the poor girl.” Kyoya looked up at the frazzled maid.

    He sighed a bit, knowing he was running late. “Yes, there was quite a bit of traffic on the way here… Not to mention we have a new driver.” Kyoya had always been slightly irritated with new staff, Kyoya wasn’t a very patient person when it came to staff. Probably picked that up from his father. “I would have called but I figured you wouldn’t mind if I showed up late considering you never showed up.” Kyoya teased his friend.

    Kyoya watched as Tamaki looked at the dog with adoration. Kyoya surprised himself by leaning down to pat the dog's head lightly for a moment. He was caught off guard by Tamaki’s question. “I must have just thrown off my sleeping schedule a bit too much.” Kyoya was a smooth liar, but the truth was he couldn’t put his finger on what was wrong, “Plus I don’t visit here often enough.” ~At least that part was true…~ He thought.

    Hearing the maids words he motioned to the door, “Are you going to let me in or did you intend on keeping me out on the porch?” Kyoya asked smirking a bit, still holding his bag on one shoulder. He felt more relaxed than usual, standing in a casual stance. Yet anxious at the same time, but that he was okay at hiding.

    Tamaki blinked a few times, the confused look on his face he always had when it took him awhile for something to sink in.  When Kyoya mentioned the maid, Tamaki couldn’t help but frown; Kyoya was right.  He did barge his way through to Kyoya, but he couldn’t help himself.  He was happy to have his friend there and happier even still that Kyoya was visiting /his/ home.

    “Oh! No, I just..” Tamaki began, feeling a bit absent minded, as usual.  Standing up to his full height, he extended his arm toward the inside of the mansion. “Come on in.” He said charmingly, as if he were beckoning a guest into his Host Club.

     Once inside, Tamaki walked passed Kyoya, slipping off his slippers at the door so he was walking about with sock clad feet.  ”Maybe instead of staying up all night working on heaven knows what, you should try getting some more sleep.  You do look a bit tired.” Tamaki observed as he lifted his index finger, wagging it slightly, the gesture accompanied by a wink.

    “You work yourself a bit too hard, Kyoya.” Tamaki added before waving him into the next room.  

    “Master Tamaki.”  An elderly woman’s voice rang out just before Tamaki had a chance to open the large pink doors leading into the drawing room.  Tamaki nearly bristled as he turned about to look at the elderly woman.  

     She was essentially his guardian.  Head of staff, she took care of him the moment he got into Japan, really the only constant parental figure in Tamaki’s life right now.  While his father lived with his Grandmother in the Main Estate, Tamaki lived here with a low number of staff and this woman.  She constantly nagged him about school work, and proper sleeping and eating habits.  

     “You know visitors are only permi-” “I know.” Tamaki said in a hushed voice, though no one of importance other than the Ootori boy and himself was around to really hear anything.

     “But it's just for one day.” Tamaki said with a small, charming smile and the woman’s eyes softened immediately.  Without another word, she passed the two boys to leave them to their bidding. Tamaki turned to Kyoya, giving him a larger smile. “Come on, we will have the house to ourselves soon enough.  The staff will be retiring early this evening.” Tamaki said as he stepped out of the way for his friend.  

     Tamaki still felt a bit strange though, as if something wasn’t right.  Something was different about Kyoya but he couldn’t put his finger on it. The smell of Kyoya’s cologne still clung to Tamaki from their earlier hug; a smell he always found comforting.


     Kyoya stifled a laugh at Tamaki’s face, that face he made every time he couldn’t quite comprehend something. He watched his expression dampen when he mentioned his staff, ~He’s so sensitive~ Kyoya was just happy to be here. He was always thrilled when he came to Tamaki’s house. In a way it made him feel important to the blonde.

    “Why thank you.” His words dripped with the same charm he used on the customers. Kyoya stepped into the house, taking off his shoes and walking behind Tamaki with his socks padding gently on the floor. He always forgot how beautiful Tamaki’s house was, not as cold as Kyoya’s.

    “I do not stay up all night…” Kyoya defended himself, “I look tired because I overslept, thanks to my defective alarm.” In truth his alarm probably went off, he would have slept through an earthquake. In the last four days, not counting the night before, Kyoya hadn’t gotten more that 4 hours of sleep a night. Kyoya rolled his eyes at his best friend, pushing his finger down. “I’m not a child Tamaki.” He said with a small smirk.

     “I don’t work too hard Tamaki,” He said with a bit of sadness in his voice “I can never work enough.”

     Kyoya snapped out of it a bit as he heard a woman's voice somewhere the room. He turned, seeing Tamaki's guardian, he smiled warmly at her. However when he heard her mention visitors his smile faded slightly. He was really looking forward to spending some time with Tamaki. He knew the woman only meant well but she was too strict for someone of Tamaki’s mindset.

     Kyoya just observed patiently as Tamaki did what he had done to so many others, melted the elderly woman's heart. Kyoya wanted to sigh but was polite and just stood there until the situation was resolved and the woman left without a word.

      Kyoya just looked at Tamaki’s bright smile. We’ll have the house to ourselves soon… Why did that thought make Kyoya slightly nervous, there was something just skirting around his line of comprehension. He snapped out of it when he realized he was staring at Tamaki’s smile and walked into the room.

     He walked past Tamaki, brushing past his chest. The touch made him feel a bit weird ~What’s wrong with me?~ He sat on the couch, dropping his bag at his feet. “I grabbed pretty much everything, go ahead and pick one.” Kyoya said, his normally smooth voice wavering a bit.

    As Kyoya brushed passed the blond, Tamaki nearly froze from the contact.  He really didn’t understand why, the two of them both touched so many times before, this one was no different.  But if it wasn’t, then why did it feel different?

    Tamaki watched his friend wander into the room before him, watching him with the small smile upon his face.  Shaking his head and closing the door gently, Tamaki followed suit and wandered over to the plush, light pink couch and sat beside Kyoya.

    An array of snacks were displayed upon the elegant coffee table just in front of them, presented on the finest china platters.  It was an odd sight to see chips, sodas, water, teas, treats and so so much more all scattered on such elegant tableware.  ”You did?” Tamaki asked a bit excited as he quickly pulled Kyoya’s bag into his lap without even asking.

    Opening the pack, Tamaki began to shuffle through the DVDs and even some VHS tapes.  Kyoya was right, he did indeed bring everything.  Everything from romance, which surprised Tamaki a bit, to horror, to comedy and even fantasy and scifi.  

     Tamaki wasn’t much of a horror buff, he was superstitious enough as it is, but he considered the possibility of one of the titles to catch his eye.  He had no idea how he was going to pick just one, or perhaps two if they had time.

     Tamaki nearly stuck his head into the back, as if it were a magical Mary Poppin’s bag and could pull out an entire room’s worth of things.  ”What do you suggest?” Tamaki asked in a muffled voice before popping his head back out from the bag, his bangs ruffled.  

    Just as he said this, a title caught his eye and Tamaki pulled it out, his brows furrowing.
‘Host Club’s of Japan: A Real Account’  

    Tamaki looked up at Kyoya, waving the DvD case a bit to get the Ootori boy’s attention.  ”What’s this?” he asked, never really having any idea what real Host Club’s were like in Japan, not the faintest clue.

    Kyoya looked up, noticing the snacks for the first time. He smiled at the fact that they were on such fine china. Kyoya picked one of the more bitter teas and poured a cup for himself, sipping it while he watched, slightly amused at Tamaki’s search.

    “Considering how scared you get at horror movies, i wouldn't suggest one of those for you unless you find one interesting.” Kyoya looked at the disk Tamaki was holding up, “What you didn’t think I’d do my research?” Kyoya asked coolly, he always checked up on everything he was a part of.

    He couldn’t help but notice how much this house smelled like Tamaki. His sent overwhelmed all others and Kyoya took a deep breath soothing his nerves. “I wouldn't recommend it though, it’s rather boring and I don’t wish to re-watch it.” Kyoya shrugged a bit. “If you have the time you can pick two movies. I don’t have anything planned today.” ~Or tonight~ Kyoya added in his head.

    He didn’t know why he wanted to spend time with Tamaki so much right now. Between his eagerness and the touch he was quite confused. wanting to try something he slid across the couch pressing his whole side to Tamaki. Pretending to want a better look at all the movies. however as soon as he made contact a weird tingling feeling spread across everywhere the blondes body touched his.

    He held back a shiver, peering into his bag but not really seeing anything, ~Whats going on with me~ He felt extremely odd, but carried on as normal. “I’m really in the mood for anything.” He said feeling indecisive on top of it all. Tamaki was the picky one out of the two, Kyoya adjusted causing his arm to rub against Tamaki’s slightly.

    Once again that feeling spread, and he pushed up his glasses a bit. Sipping his tea as the bitterness burned all the way down his throat. He glanced at his best friend. ~What is doing this to me? We’ve touched plenty of times before…~

    Tamaki nodded his head as he listened to Kyoya give his indecisive reply and continued to rummage through the bag for the right movie.  Kyoya was right, Tamaki didn’t do so well when it came to horror films, he was always so superstitious and would most likely not be able to sleep tonight if he watched a horror film.

    Just as he pulled back a movie case, Tamaki’s hand froze when he felt Kyoya scoot closer to him.  Tamaki could feel the length of Kyoya’s body against his own.  The warmth that spread through his clothing caught Tamaki off guard and made him hold his breath.

    “Well, there must be something in here that interests you.” Tamaki said softly, keeping his gaze locked on the movies in the bag.  It wasn’t long though before Kyoya moved back to his original spot, lazily leaning back without a care in the world.  Tamaki looked up at Kyoya, giving him a small smile as he watched his friend sip the tea.

    “How about this?” Tamaki exclaimed as he reached into the bag and pulled out any old movie, slightly flustered from the previous closeness he just shared with the Ootori boy.  Of course with Tamaki’s luck, he picked out ‘The Sound of Music’, probably one of the longer films in Kyoya’s movie collection.  

    “This should keep us occupied.” Tamaki said as he got up from his spot.  Tamaki was clad in comfortable clothing, a pair of baby blue sweat pants and a lose fitting white button up with buttons mismatched with the slits.  

    “And Kyoya, you do work too hard.” Tamaki said as he wandered toward the tv, getting it set up along with the DVD player.  ”This will do you good.” He noted as he got the DvD in place and returning to his spot with the remote, giving a smile to Kyoya and handing him the remote.

    “You do the honors?” Tamaki asked with a charming smile.

    “Tamaki, I’m honestly fine with whatever you want to watch.” Kyoya said, his voice strong as ever considering the pondering inside of him.He hadn’t looked past Tamaki’s flustered attitude after the touch, ~So he feels it too?~

    Kyoya sighed a bit, it was just like Tamaki to pick a long musical. He smiled a bit though, he didn’t mind this movie. Kyoya smirked, watching Tamaki set everything up. “Yes it will be plenty to keep us busy.” He took the remote from Tamaki, brushing his hand with his own fingers in the process and playing the movie. Kyoya loved seeing the boy in his casual clothes, it was funny that no matter what Kyoya wore Tamaki was wearing something more comfortable.

    ~If i wore what he was wearing right now he would probably be naked.~ The thought and image that came along with it made Kyoya choke on his tea slightly. He coughed a bit and his eyes watered as he stifled a laugh. “I… I do not work that hard. But yes this may do me some good.” Kyoya looked at the boy, glancing at him from the side. Tamaki had done that to so many helpless girls. Kyoya smirked yet again turning back to the screen, watching the opening credits roll.

    He put down his tea and leaned back a bit, running a hand through his hair. It messed it up a bit but Kyoya didn’t care, Tamaki hadn’t even bothered to button his shirt properly.
As the movie started Kyoya realized just how boring this movie was going to be to him. This movie probably belonged to his sister in the first place, ~I’m going to have a bit of a hard time staying awake.~ He sighed a bit, not wanting to fall asleep on Tamaki.

    Although something was keeping him awake, that nagging feeling was still there. It was in his chest, and his stomach. He looked at the blonde ~What are you doing to me?~ He asked in his head, looking down and pushing up his glasses a bit.

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Just For the Day Empty Just For the Day

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Just For the Day

    The weekend was dragging on longer than he had expected.  Being home alone wasn’t always the easiest for Tamaki.  Sure he had a house full of staff, any one of them willing to do his bidding but Tamaki wasn’t that kind of person.  

    He also knew many of them were a great deal older than he was and probably wouldn’t share the same interests with him.  No.  As much as people around his age liked being on their own, their parents out of the house and being able to take of themselves, Tamaki certainly did not.

    It got kind of lonely, to be honest.  His father and Grandmother both lived at the Main Estate and unless he had an invitation, he wasn’t permitted there at all.  So he had to stay an outcast in his own family, being kept in captivity until his father passed and he was old enough to take on the family name.

    But even as the loneliness made Tamaki a bit weary, Tamaki still tried his best to make the most of it.  As he lay on his bed, hands tucked behind his head, Tamaki thought of extravagant events his Host Club could hold. Maybe a Victorian themed day; they could all decorate the Host Room in period decor and they could dress in period clothing.  

    Lifting his gaze, Tamaki looked to his night stand, seeing his cell phone lying motionless on the surface.  The green light flashed, indicating he had a missed Text.  Tamaki got up and crawled across his bed, retrieving his phone and opening it.  

“You idiot.  Where are you?”  12:30pm, Ootori, Kyoya.

    Tamaki smiled a bit at the text, shaking his head when he read who it was from.  He completely forgot to text Kyoya this morning when he woke up, they were supposed to meet over at his house today but Tamaki had overslept this morning.

    Hitting the call option on the message, Tamaki pressed the cold phone to his ear, eagerly listening to the ringing on the other end.

    Kyoya sat up in bed realizing his alarm had failed to go off, he looked at the clock and realized it was 10:30, Tamaki was supposed to come over an hour earlier. ~Why didn’t he wake me?~ Kyoya thought, smoothing out his hair and slipping on his glasses. He looked at his phone and saw no texts.

    Kyoya was home alone for a while, his father and brothers off on a business trip. He was, of course “Not needed.” as his father so simply told him. He didn’t mind the house being empty, it gave him a chance to think freely and be himself a bit more. He stretched and decided he should probably start his day.

    As Kyoya got out of the shower he checked his phone again ~11:30 and still nothing?~ He shrugged a bit, getting dressed in some jeans and a short sleeved red and black button up. He only ever wore jeans when his father was out of the house, he found them much more comfortable than slacks.

    He ate a small breakfast and asked one of the maids if Tamaki had called or stopped by. The answer, was of course, no. Kyoya sighed and flipped open his phone sending off a quick text. He killed a bit of time doing some accounting, when he heard his phone start to ring. He looked at it, realizing it was finally Tamaki and picked it up.

    “It’s about time you called.” Kyoya said amused “I thought I was going to have to come over there and get you.” He didn’t know Tamaki to be a late riser so he figured he was just being ignored.

    Tamaki listened to his friend, tease him mildly in a tone bordering annoyance though Tamaki could hear right through it.  Tamaki shook his head as he ran his fingers through his blond bangs.

    “No, I just overslept a bit.” Tamaki said in a rather calm voice as he looked about his large but rather lonely room.  ”You weren’t asleep were you?” He asked, his voice lilting a bit with concern as he wondered if he had disturbed Kyoya, though Tamaki felt getting on to about one in the afternoon, Kyoya should be already out of bed and moving about.

    “That sounds like a great idea though!” Tamaki sounded rather excited as he hopped from his bed, wandering over to his window, gazing out over the front lawn.  ”Why don’t you come over here?” Tamaki asked quickly, not really asking if Kyoya had made other plans and/or was still interested a visit.

    Kyoya sighed, Tamaki was lucky Kyoya never really had plans. “No, I was awake. I have been for a few hours, although I woke up later than I expected.” Kyoya sat back on his large plush couch. “I’m surprised to hear you slept in, it’s usually you waking me.” Kyoya chuckled, less irritated now that he was hearing Tamaki speak.

    The blonde had a soothing effect on Kyoya, although he couldn’t tell why. “I’ll be  right over.” he said smoothly “Is it just you there?” If anyone but Tamaki was there he wouldn’t dare go in what he was wearing. Kyoya wasn’t vain but he liked to appear responsible and proper in others eyes. He hardly ever left the house in anything but business attire. Not to mention he knew Tamaki got lonely in that big house by himself, the blonde didn’t care for being alone.

    That much Kyoya had learned in the time he had been friends with Tamaki.

    He tried to spend as much time as he could with him, but as with everything he did… Some of his reasons for spending time with the blonde were rather selfish. Kyoya shook the thought from his mind, pushing up his glasses.

    Tamaki smiled brightly at the prospect of having someone over.  Kyoya had been over a few times before but not nearly as many times as he had gone to visit Kyoya.  

    “No, only the staff is here.” Tamaki said excitedly as he hurriedly got up out of bed.  He was already dressed but he just wanted to be sure he was tidy and neat, there wasn’t much tidying up around his room, the bed was already made and nothing lay on the floor aside from a pair of socks.  Tamaki quickly picked those up.

    “Why don’t you bring over a movie or something? We can watch it downstairs.” Tamaki said, not really interested in studying for today, just enjoying his best friend’s company.  
Tamaki, with the cell phone still in his hand, rushed down stairs, walking quickly passed his guardian in the home and passed a few of the maids.  Quickly, he made it down stairs and into the adjacent room; a rather large drawing room where the TV sat.  Tamaki smiled, nodding his head. “I’ll see you in a bit?” He asked, slightly out of breath from the running.

    Kyoya smiled a bit, he enjoyed going over to Tamaki’s house and realized he really should do it more often. His best friend had come to his house many, many times in the past. “Okay, a movie sounds nice.” Kyoya thought about genres and decided he’d just bring an assortment. Tamaki was always in a different mood.

    “I’ll be over soon.” Kyoya snapped the phone shut and walked down the stairs. There were very few times that Kyoya actually rushed but he felt a bit anxious for some reason as he picked out a selection of movies and put them in a bag. When he looked into the bag he saw he left his black notebook in it and took it out tossing it onto the coffee table.

    He called a driver around and got in, he didn’t know why he felt so nervous… ~I obviously need to go see Tamaki more often.~ He quickly brushed it off as an unfamiliar situation.
When he arrived at Tamaki’s house he informed the driver he didn’t know when he was going to be home and walked to the front door knocking firmly. His bag hung off one shoulder as he waited for the door to be answered.

    A young maid, outfitted in the Suou family’s staff uniform, opened the door.  She gave a bow to Kyoya, greeting him with a smile upon recognizing him from a few of his visits to the estate before.

    “Welcome, Oot-”

    “KYOYA!”  The voice boomed right behind the girl, startling her nearly out of her wits as she jumped to the side to allow Tamaki to bolt through the door and encircle his arms around his friend.  “Mon Ami!” He cried out happily, as if they hadn’t seen each other in years.  Tamaki was always like a dog in that sense; left only for only five minutes and it feels like five weeks.
Speaking of which, quickly following Tamaki was his Golden Retriever, Antoinette; who bounded around Tamaki and Kyoya, barking happily.  

    “It took you long enough.” Tamaki teased, though he had no room to talk for missing their earlier engagement time.

    Tamaki took a step to the side, leaning down to pet Antoinette to calm her frantic behavior down a bit; he knew it annoyed Kyoya to no end.  Tamaki looked up at his friend, feeling a bit strange, something didn’t feel right.

    “Are you okay, Kyoya?” Tamaki asked with a slight chuckle to mask his concern as he stood up to his full height.

    “Master Suou.”  The young maid at the door called, clearing her throat softly. “Your snacks have been prepared.”  She informed him before bowing her way from the entrance to leave Tamaki to his guest.  

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