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The Crash Drabble Empty The Crash Drabble

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 13, 2016 1:57 am

It was all a blur, a rush of color, a horn blaring and an impact. The car jerked, then tumbled, glass shattered and everything went black for a half second.

It was supposed to be a happy day... Tamaki's birthday. Kyoya was taking him to dinner, at some commoners convention Tamaki had been raving about for weeks. They'd left the house and Tamaki had been talking endlessly, prodding Kyoya for information about what he was getting. Giddy, excited, passionate and bright.

Kyoya had seen it coming, just a split second before it happened. His eyes had gone wide and he didn't even have time to open his mouth before it was upon them. Right behind Tamaki a car had gone flying through a red light, Kyoya knew they didn't have a chance. It hit Tamaki's door, the car jerked, slid and tipped on it's side. Kyoya blacked out for a moment, waking quickly and verging on panic. Tamaki. He unbuckled quickly and stood on the side window. He was shaking uncontrollably, and could hardly get Tamaki's buckle undone. The blonde was groaning, alive thank god...

Kyoya carefully supported his best friend and opened up the door. The driver was already out of the car and frantic. "Help me get him out!" Kyoya barked hoarsely, he and the driver carefully hoisted Tamaki out of the car. Spectators were already gathering, calling 911, fretting and crowding the sidewalks. Kyoya's driver was on the phone, with either 911 or Kyoya's family. And Tamaki was in Kyoya's arms.

The Ootori felt like his legs were going to give out, and he sat down with the blonde across his lap. "Tamaki! Tamaki, answer me, you need to wake up." Kyoya's voice was so firm, stronger and more calm than he felt. Much more calm. Tamaki's eyes fluttered open and that was when Kyoya saw it. When those violet eyes fell on Kyoya the world stopped. There in Tamaki's chest, just below his heart was a jagged piece of glass. It was big... too big. Kyoya knew exactly what it had lodged into, and the blood seeping out of Tamaki's chest was proof... yet the Ootori denied it.

He met Tamaki's still-bright eyes, that vibrant purple seeping into deep brown. "Kyo... What?" The unfinished question was all Kyoya needed. "Tamaki, Tamaki there was a crash... the car tipped." At that moment his blonde friend smiled as if he understood, but didn't care... "I'm... glad you're okay." Tamaki said, his smile growing before he let out a pained cough, "Ack- ah! Kyo.. my chest." Tamaki's wrist came up to his lips and Kyoya's eyes filled with tears. No... this wasn't happening. When Tamaki pulled his wrist away it was covered in blood. Tamaki was drowning... bleeding out.

He'd punctured his lung at least... but to be hacking up blood like that... with where the glass was. He'd severed an artery. A new look of understanding crossed Tamaki's face and his smile turned sad... "Kyoya. How bad is it?" Kyoya shook his head "Tamak-" "Kyo... don't lie. It's okay." Tamaki's voice had turned serene while Kyoya's had gone shaky. "Your lung is punctured... and there's blood..." He couldn't finish, "Tamaki, you can't... you have to stay." Kyoya tried desperately to explain what he was trying to say...

"Do you remember when I almost left to France? Because I thought everyone would have it easier without me?" Tamaki's breath was labored, his eyes getting a bit glossy "I'm going to miss you Kyoya." Kyoya shook his head pressing his forehead to Tamaki's, his vision blurring. "No Tamaki, I'll be right here. While you're recovering, when you get out... we can watch The Sound of Music as much as you want..." Kyoya was getting hysterical, his voice was breaking, Tamaki chuckled but his breath was getting shorter and shorter.

"Kyoya, will you find my mother? Tell her I love her?" Kyoya was a wreck... but Tamaki needed him, he nodded. Complying. "Take care of Antoinette? And the club..." Kyoya whispered a yes to both and Tamaki smiled, "And most of all yourself. Don't be so hard on yourself. Love yourself. Let yourself be happy." Tamaki's words were getting so soft, too soft. "Tamaki... please stay. I can't... you're my best friend." Tamaki touched Kyoya's face and Kyoya looked at him, searching for the light in those eyes. "And you're mine. Mon ami." Tamaki's now-dull eyes slid closed, a smile on his face. Sirens could be heard in the distance, but Tamaki wasn't breathing. Kyoya checked, he had no pulse... they were too late...

The light was gone, Kyoya had watched it fade... and then go out. His best friend wouldn't be his best man, wouldn't be there to tell him to stop studying and go to bed... to drag him on adventures...

The other side to Kyoya's coin was gone... dead in his arms while his soul played it's beautiful music elsewhere. If ever Kyoya wanted to believe in a better place, it was now. Because Tamaki was in it, and maybe, just maybe Kyoya would be lucky enough to catch his gaze.


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