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Kyoya stepped confidently into Macroeconomics 2, every class up to this point had been child’s play. He was taking nearly 8 classes a semester and he was on track to finish his master’s degree in 4 years if he worked through the summers. Though, it took some legwork to get the Registrar’s Office to let him overload his schedule so heavily, and even more to get the chancellor to agree to award him both degrees at graduation… But Kyoya was persuasive. The Ootori usually pulled off four classes online four in class, but this semester he did five online three in class. With so much free time, he didn’t think he would have an issue pulling off his usual high GPA. He sat near the front as he always did, opened his laptop, and waited.
He’d been a bit of a recluse at school. He refused to live in the dorms, making sure his college didn’t require it of first years. And he had deeply immersed himself in his studies. Sometimes he found himself pulling late nights like he did at Ouran, but without club activities to juggle, sleep was a tad easier to achieve. The instructor came to the front of the lecture hall, pulling the ravenette out of his thoughts, and class begun. Just as it did, a brown haired mess slammed down into the seat next to Kyoya. The Ootori nearly jumped as the… boy? That had just crash landed into the seat turned to face him. Ah yes, definitely a man, as his beard came into view. Kyoya raised an eyebrow and turned back to his computer, busying himself with… Something. Anything to avoid a conversation with this not-so-gentleman, but the boy next to him seemed to take an unavoidable interest.
The boy said in some kind of whisper/yell combination that made Kyoya shoot a glance at the professor. He wondered if the elderly man could hear anything as he droned on and on about the syllabus. Maybe he just didn’t care anymore.
“You! Moody kid with the laptop!”
Why this kid had taken an interest? Kyoya didn’t care. All he knew is that he didn’t want to be here, having a yelled whisper conversation, in Macroeconomics. Then a shadow passed in front of him, and he was certain it was the professor. All he could hope was that he didn’t get wrapped up in this… But then Kyoya glanced up, and the man standing before him definitely wasn’t a professor. All Kyoya could see was sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes, sharp with anger? Impatience? Directed at the mess sitting next to him.

“Tyler, you know you’re not even in this class. Get the fuck out of here.”

The kid, Tyler apparently, took a pose of mock offence, “Language TA, language! Fine, I’m gone. No one in this class is looking to buy anyway. I’ll hit the Liberal Arts wing.”

With that, the brown haired mop got up and headed out, and the TA’s expression softened.

“God, that fucking dude. I keep telling him that the Macroeconomics crowd is not the crowd that’s about to buy Molly.”

Kyoya pushed up his glasses and raised an eyebrow, studying the man before him. He was attractive. The Ootori found himself shocked at the thought; he hadn’t found anyone attractive since… Well it had been a long time to say the least. But now the silence had grown awkward.

“Uhm, well… I’m David, one of the TAs for Doctor Derbly. If you need any further saving from drug dealers, or perhaps some help with your homework, my email is on the syllabus.”

With that he walked away and Kyoya relaxed a bit. This was by far the most eventful first day he’d had in awhile.
Kyoya had Macroeconomics on Tuesdays and Thursdays, each time he caught himself glancing at the oddly attractive TA. His hair was a dark blond, his eyes juxtaposed it with a piercing blue Kyoya wasn’t sure he’d ever seen before. It was almost a crystalline grey. He’d already thought about the obvious; perhaps David just reminded him of something he couldn’t have. But the Ootori didn’t think so. David was slightly shorter than him, perhaps 5’9”. And his personality was nothing like… Well. His personality was exacting. Decisive. Stable and strong. David knew what he wanted. Kyoya had already made the decision to talk to him again, to see where it goes, he told himself.
The Ootori had made up some lie about something he didn’t understand and emailed it off. Sure enough, David got back to him the next day and they set up a tutoring session in the library. Kyoya was trying not to be anxious, but he was failing. It had been a long time since he’d done anything like this, and for a change, he wasn’t very confident about it. So he dressed in something he knew he looked good in, and headed off to the library.
As it turned out, Kyoya was not good at pretending to be stupid. He couldn’t quite pretend not to understand anything, and because of that he was caught very quickly by that piercing gaze.

“I’m not sure what you’re struggling with here, Kyoya. You seem to have quite a handle on the material, actually.”

The Ootori shrugged, easily meeting David’s gaze. “Maybe I just wanted to make up for the awkward way we met, without being too forward.” Kyoya damn well knew that sentence was forward, but his tension melted with David’s small smile.

“Well, In that case, let’s go get a coffee, on me, considering your tuition is paying for an hour of tutoring and we’ve used all of, oh, I don’t know 15 minutes of it deciding that you are in fact, phenomenal ar Macroeconomics.” David got up, turning with grace. “C’mon, We’ll go to my favorite place since you’re not from around here.”
David and Kyoya spent well over their remaining 45 minutes talking over coffee, and Kyoya was intrigued, enamored even. Then, once everything was winding down, David had asked him to dinner. Kyoya… Accepted. Though deep down the Ootori wondered if this could really go anywhere… If it should go anywhere. Sometimes Kyoya felt too damaged, too heavy. He knew that starting a relationship like this… While still emotionally compromised was dangerous for everyone involved. But here he was starting something new, and maybe in time… Something better. He had spent enough time mourning. Maybe… Just maybe something like this would be exactly what he needed.
Soon he and David were having dinner together regularly, even after the semester had ended. David suggested Kyoya become a TA and the Ootori quickly declined. He didn’t want to become distracted from his goals, but David would still occasionally bring it up. It flattered Kyoya that the blond thought he could do so well at it. Soon, David came over to Kyoya’s apartment and had dinner there. Over several more visits, he’d gone about, rearranging Kyoya’s cabinets and pushing around furniture, insisting that the Ootori be more efficient with such a small space. Kyoya found it endearing, even if it was a little trivial. It was there in the apartment that the two first kissed. And there was actually a spark there… Something deeper than just looks or intelligence. There was emotion, maybe even chemistry.
One night after a few months of heavy making out and petting, David went for the button of Kyoya’s jeans and the Ootori pulled back. “Uhm-”

“Shh Kyoya, it’s time. I care about you, I would never hurt you. But we’re adults and it’s been months. You know I’ve been patient, so I’ll take care of you baby.”

Kyoya stifled a red flag, he needed David. He didn’t have anyone else here and he didn’t know if he could go back to being alone. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to do this for him, he just wasn’t sure about it right now… But what harm could it do? He liked David. It was going to happen eventually, so why not? He nodded slowly and let david unbutton his pants, take them off… followed by his boxers. They managed a soft kiss here and there, and Kyoya relaxed, David put a pillow under his back and grabbed some lube.

“Condom, babe?” Kyoya asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh… Do we need one?” David huffed, in protest as Kyoya’s unwavering gaze answered him. “Alright, alright.. Anything for you, sexy.”

After a little preparing, David pushed in slowly, but started without warning and caught Kyoya off guard, making him yelp.

“Shh it’s not like it’s your first time Kyoya, relax, relax. You feel good baby.”

A flush crept over Kyoya’s face and he bit his tongue, not having the heart to tell David it was in fact his first time like this… And fuck, it hurt. Aside from labored breathing he stayed quiet, he wanted David to feel good. The blonde’s face was over him, that piercing gaze looking through him… Kyoya was almost relieved, thinking that maybe David was picking up on his discomfort. But that gazed dipped out of sight as David rested his forehead on Kyoya’s shoulder.
Once everything was said and done, Kyoya had made up some excuse about being nervous as his reasoning for not cumming and David nodded like he understood.

“Yeah, one of my exes had that problem. Well I’ll get you next time babe.” David kissed Kyoya tenderly, cupping his face and then pulling away. “Dinner tomorrow is on me, baby. Rest easy alright?”

Kyoya smiled, closing his eyes for a moment as David gathered his things to leave the apartment, “Okay, babe. I will.”

David got to the door, his hand resting on the knob and then turned around, “Oh and Kyoya? After dinner let’s take you to a vision center, I wanna get you contacts so I can see those gorgeous eyes.” He then slipped out, closing the door softly behind him.

Kyoya smiled, so it wasn’t a fairy tale, but that wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted stability. He wanted to be wanted and David cared about him, was there for him when no one else was. Kyoya felt more free to express his emotions, the good and the bad when he was with David. He didn’t have to hide behind some analytical wall. And if he got out of hand, he knew David would keep him in check. He could count on him to tell Kyoya when he was being ridiculous or inefficient. It was such a change, and it felt good most of the time. Kyoya felt like a new person.
Occasionally he would catch himself comparing and contrasting David and Tamaki. Mostly when he was irritated at David, which happened often but it was always brief. David would come with flowers and apologize and Kyoya, well, maybe he was a little more of a romantic than he let on? Kyoya couldn’t pull himself out of the situation he was in and he didn’t want to. He didn’t care what the outside perspective was. He just wanted to live in this moment. For once… For once he just wanted to let himself feel good, and nothing was going to stop him. Not like last time… Never again. There was no one to barge in and tell him what he was feeling was wrong, and there was no one that was going to walk out and tell him his love wasn’t enough.


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