Lets Leave it Behind {3/6/15}

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Lets Leave it Behind {3/6/15} Empty Lets Leave it Behind {3/6/15}

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 06, 2015 8:31 pm

I’m content today… Despite the lack of your presence, despite last night, and despite the fact that I’m half way done with a paper that’s 4 days late. I don’t really know what’s keeping me calm today. Maybe it’s because I hope this feeling in my chest means that you’ve calmed down. Maybe I’ve shut everything out energetically as a means to protect myself >.< Maybe it’s because my thoughts of Mike have gone down to a passing thought every now and again.

Whatever it is, I’m at peace. I’m not really worried about much. My mind is quiet so I’m getting things done. I do miss you though~ I kind of hope tonight we can spend some time together doing anything but crying. Or being angry. I don’t have much energy for it any more!

I can’t really imagine how you feel. But I am trying hard to focus on the positive. In 15 days you’ll be here, and maybe we’ll be able to shut everything out for a few days! I really hope so. And I do hope we can get back to a comfortable place before you come.

I’m still worrying about silly things! Like what I’m going to wear to the airport. I’ll have you know I’ve changed my mind about seven times. But I think I’m settling on something a little more casual. After all, after a long plane ride after a pretty restless night you’re probably just gonna want to crawl into a bed and stay there XD Especially if you did book with JetBlue! If you’re on time you still won't be here until like 9pm. I went ahead and looked it up finally >.<

Anyway baby. I don’t have much to say. I’m content, I hope we can get back to being happy in the next 15 days… Or I guess 16 days and some hours ^.^ I really don’t want this gloom to permeate through everything! Lets leave our bad luck anniversaries at the door XD

I love you very much my sweet,
Your songbird~


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