So So So Glad It's Friday {1/16/15}

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So So So Glad It's Friday {1/16/15}

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 16, 2015 8:10 pm

Hey Darling,

I’m bored so I thought I’d write you something. I’m just waiting for people to get back to me on these profiles that I’m doing so there’s not much to do at work. I’ve got a bit of a headache… It’s been a little constant recently even though I’ve been keeping up on my fluids. I’m thinking maybe I need to cut back on my sodium intake. Damn that ramen!

Hmhm, I can’t wait to go home. My right hand looks like I punched a wall, in reality though I was carrying a laundry basket and smashed my hand on the door frame Q.Q It kinda hurts. I’m so happy its friday and I have monday off. Maybe this weekend will be the weekend I get to catch up on my homework?

God knows I need some time to do that. Pff I’m trying. I’m just happy I got 100% on my Map Quiz in history XD I have a lot of reading to do, and some study questions to outline… I also have to write up the draft for my non-fiction piece and the topic for my Media Ethics class >.< Three days is long enough to do all of that right? I’m so upset that I’m not sore today :I I need to just go to the yoga studio. Or the Y. I swear I’m pathetic. I only push myself hard enough if there’s someone watching I guess.

I’m excited for my next paycheck >.< I actually get to use some of it instead of stuffing it into savings or putting it towards rent! Being financially responsible isn’t very fun. I’m gonna go buy my primer and paint and some paint brushes and rollers and some Frog Tape~ And I’m gonna get started painting my room finally! I also want some command picture hooks for all the cute wall hangings I have T.T

Then I’ll get some white christmas lights to put on the crown moulding around my windows and a couple white extension cords… Maybe someday I’ll even get a bed frame. Nothing elaborate (sadly I don’t have room) but one of those super simple ones that basically is only good for holding your bed off the ground. Then I can store some stuff under there and my room won’t be so cramped and I’ll be able to use my closet again.

I’ve gotten ahead of myself though XD I just want to make my living space mine. And mostly get rid of that awful brown color. Its terrible >.< I’ll take before and after photos for you! Mnn and a photo of your proud girlfriend, covered in paint.

I’m excited to spend some time with you this weekend as well :3! I love you so very much and I dun like it when we’re feeling weird. Oh! Mom went to the doctor today and she has that awful flu that’s going around T.T The doctor gave her something to help shorten it but said that she could have it for 8-10 days so she is stressing out, because every day that she doesn’t go to work is 150 dollars we don’t have.

The life of a massage therapist. Booking vacation 2 months in advance and no sick leave.

Anywho darling, I hope you’re having a beautiful day, I haven’t heard from you at all, but I won’t worry until your shift ends. Friday is a busy day for a lot of places ^.^

Forever and always yours,


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