First Assignment for Creative Writing {1/6/15}

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First Assignment for Creative Writing {1/6/15}

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 07, 2015 4:37 am

The prompt was "A moment you felt love for someone" and we had to write the whole story in three to four sentences. The book calls it a "Short Prose Poem"~ I am extremely fatigued from tonight's workout XD So I'm so sorry if I'm being a bit short >.<

I swear it's because I can't type very well, not because I'm feeling down or anything XD I just wanted to share this assignment with you because I thought it would make you smile! It made me smile while I was writing it ^.^ That's what I love about creative writing classes! The homework can make you feel so so much~

Here it is:

Blanketed in a numb darkness, my heart slammed against my ribs, my body shook violently, my breath came short and sporadic, if at all. It was happening again and I knew nothing could stop it, that I had to embrace the panic and confine the beast or it would mark me up with vibrant blossoming streaks red and make me sick, I was already gagging on the air my lungs screamed for. But instead of holding myself close just to feel my own skin and crying just to bear the pain, his warmth wrapped me up tight, made me feel, made me breathe out the soft letters of his name, breathing in time with the euphonic sounds, and my chest ached so badly but his gentle understanding lifted the weight. I knew if every time were like this, I wouldn’t have to hide anymore.

I'm sure you know what it's about >.< but it was the first thing I thought of when I read the prompt.

The point is that I love you so so very much my darling, and I can't imagine my life without you. You are so wonderful and I can't wait to have you here.

I hope you are sleeping well my beloved~

Your Songbird


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