The Day Before Winter Quarter {1/4/15}

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The Day Before Winter Quarter {1/4/15} Empty The Day Before Winter Quarter {1/4/15}

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 05, 2015 12:49 am

I'm feeling a bit nervous about tomorrow... I start back to work an school and I should be excited! But instead I'm feeling a little depressed XD Tomorrow I have to pick up the rest of my books from the book store before work and make sure I have all my supplies together (planner, notebook, printer paper)...

Then I'll be to work by 12:30 and run my new schedule idea by my boss. It should be okay because I'm looking to work the same number of hours on the same days, just at slightly different times.

My only class for the day starts at 4:15 and ends at 6:20, then my day is done (sorta). I got my first homework assignment for the quarter in an email from my history teacher yesterday! Ambitious guy.

Hmm lets see, other than that there's not much to tell you about the quarter that I haven't already told you! It should be a fun quarter, though I am anticipating a heavy workload from my professors... From what I've heard none of them mess around when it comes to reading (What did I expect with 8 textbooks?)

Last night was a doozy~ I got a little carried away (as I tend to do with many things) with thinking about your visit. Its getting so close T.T I’m just freaking out about it a little bit! It all hit me at once! I can’t imagine how you’ve been feeling this whole time >.> It was enough to make me sick to my stomach!

None of it was “bad” per se, but all of it was nerve wracking. Thinking a mile a minute about silly little things like “what if we don’t have good physical chemistry” or “what if he has messed up teeth” that one probably prompted from my dentist visit XD It was just so many silly little things!

Thinking about how I have to clean out my car and if you’d like the organization of my room and if it would be appropriate to make a paper chain and how am I ever going to sleep the whole week before you get here… I know I’m rambling but GOOD GOD there are so many small little things to think about XD To worry about! I’m suddenly second guessing my planning (thank god its all done already).

Mmn I don’t have a million expectations laid out or anything darling, I have no idea what its going to be like or what we’ll end up not doing XD What we’ll end up doing instead. I just want you to know that I love you. I worry a lot and I am very nervous all of a sudden >.< But I hope we have a wonderful time.

And I hope that we are everything we hope we can be. Maybe this whole thing… The trip, our relationship… Maybe it has been really audacious XD but I think it holds something so rare and beautiful that it is worth every step we take. Scary or not OTL

You’re my everything darling, and I know how wonderful we’ll be together.

I’ll love you forever and always,
Your Songbird


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