Spring Cleaning in January {1/3/15}

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Spring Cleaning in January {1/3/15}

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 04, 2015 5:33 am

It’s 2015!! It is really weird to type out XD But hey, I’ll get used to it I’m sure >.< Mnn I’m happy it’s only Saturday… Well, its late, so I’m a little off on my dates, but the point is I don’t have to wake up and go to work. I’m gonna work on writing more often, both in my journals and to you ^.^

I’m not sure I’ll always have something important to say but I think I can always tell you about what’s been on my mind. I think I’ll stay with mom and Brandon for a while longer, at least through this quarter. I just don’t have enough in savings to be moving out, unless I plan on picking up another job.

Once again Brandon realized he was in the wrong. But I don’t think we’re gonna talk about it. it’s fine, I don’t have anything to say about it, or anything I need to hear. It’s all already been said! Mnn but on a brighter note, I made a TON of progress on my room today! I still have a lot of organizing to do, but I cleared out about 5 boxes from my closet and I have a garbage bag of stuff for goodwill so far!

I have to go through my bookshelf, it looks very thrown together >.< I need to purge and organize! I went through my memory box and got rid of tons and tons of papers, and I’ll do a final sweep through it tomorrow before I put it back in the closet~ I also went through all of my shirts and all of the things hanging in my closet for goodwill and trash(I tend to wear things until they’re 100% done). I have a whole box of garbage OTL!!

I have to go through my top drawer and my pants to see if anything can be gotten rid of there (I have a feeling I’ll have some pairs of well loved undies and socks that’ll need to be thrown away due to worn elastic). Lets see… I also went through my makeup box and threw away lots of old old eyeshadow that I’ll never wear, I did that with my nail polish box too… And my crafts box :3 so everything is a lot more compact now XD As I’m sure you can imagine! I can see the floor~ I have a corner I’m still a little scared of OTL but hey, I’ll get to it very soon! After all this is done I can start gathering supplies to paint.

Oh baby I am so excited to paint, you have no idea XD This room is such an ugly color! By next month I should be able to get everything I need! Mid-February at the latest (holy hell next month is February!?!? O.o) so when you get here it will be the pretty color I want it to be ^.^ and maybe I’ll finally be able to put some stuff on my walls >.< I have all these pretty wall hangings I got and I can’t hang any of them Q.Q

I also want to get a simple bed frame so I can store some stuff under my bed >.< Maybe a nice comforter and duvet set~ But now I’m just dreaming XD How will I ever get anything into savings if I keep spending money on myself??

Anyways darling >.< I need to get to sleep, but I just wanted to ramble aimlessly for a while XD Maybe my next journal entry will actually be worth reading? Who knows!

I love you more than anything gorgeous~

Your Songbird


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