Sad That I Went a Whole Month Without Posting Here >.< {10/16/14}

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Sad That I Went a Whole Month Without Posting Here >.< {10/16/14} Empty Sad That I Went a Whole Month Without Posting Here >.< {10/16/14}

Post by Guest on Thu Oct 16, 2014 6:06 pm

There's so much to say here. But I don't particularly know how to get started. I'm typing and my fingers are moving but I don't know how accurately my brain will let me interpret everything. Hmm, I know that I'm in a good place right now, mentally and emotionally. I'm taking on a lot I guess but I've fallen into a comfy groove of taking it one step at a time and looking ahead.

As you know, I'm looking for an apartment, a studio, my budget is $600 a month and I don't want to be more than a 20 minute drive away from the school. My only other criteria is that it has to feel right. I can't be depressed to come home. I don't need lots of space, I just need some natural light and a fully functioning stove and fridge. But the energy of the place can't be wrong ya know? My move in date at this point is Dec. 1st unless some spectacular offer comes up... I doubt one will XD

Mnn what else... Well this week I have written two rough drafts and taken an exam. Left to do I have quite a bit of reading, some Financial Accounting homework and a couple peer reviews for Understanding Literature... Uhm... I need to start revising the fuck out of my drafts~

I think academically that's all I need to do for now. Hmm, I'm sleepy, and I am not accustomed to being at work for as long as I have today~ But that's okay. I also need to call the yoga studio I've been scoping out and see if they have student discounts. I need to establish a workout to do on my own and I have to start getting up in a timely manner so I can make myself food for the day and shower on time~ Things like that.

Mn, even though I'm nervous to move out I know it will make all of this easier. I won't have to wait until the girls are asleep to move into the room, I wont have to worry about someone waking up or walking in while I'm getting off... I can take a bathe every god damn night if I want to and no one will complain >:D I can do things at my own pace. I am more than excited.

All in all things will be easier and there are things I'm dreading and things I'm looking forward to in the whole upcoming quarter. I think I'm maintaining my grades well. I know I have all A's and B's. And I'm gonna work really hard to stay on top of my work (I feel like I've been playing catch up). But I think that's it! That's all I have for now. I am gonna try to manage my stress levels by journaling often~

I love you more than anything,
Your good girl~


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