Just a Second Chance

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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Salem Parris on Tue Sep 20, 2016 1:19 am

Tamaki was proud of the fact that he could follow his instincts without question. He usually never stopped to consult that little something that most people would refer to as a ‘little voice’. Tamaki never overanalyzed or over-calculated a reaction. And this moment was no exception. Especially when Kyoya’s lips pressed to the prince’s exposed neck, and while the blond’s guard was down—while he leaned his head back to moan.

When those soft lips found Tamaki’s skin, the slightest chance that Tamaki had even possessed a filter in any part of his conscious or subconscious mind shattered. The blond couldn’t think. Hell, he found that he was even having a hard time breathing! The way Kyoya kissed his neck made the blond choke on a strangled moan. What was this man doing to him?

In the midst of their moving bodies, Tamaki’s hands came up and sank deeply into Kyoya’s hair. The dark strands were felt soft between the blond’s fingers. Tamaki let in a sharp inhale when Kyoya brushed against that secret spot that same spot the Shadow King fingered earlier.

Tamaki was thankful for the smooth pace earlier, especially as his body was still taking time to adjust to the new experience. But the former host king took it upon himself to try and coax…something more out of the former vice president. He wanted more from Kyoya; he needed more from Kyoya.

“Aughhhh…Kyoya,” Tamaki was finally able to moan against the Ootori’s ear when his best friend brushed up against another, particularly sensitive, spot inside of him. His fingers instinctively curled and grabbed onto the roots of Kyoya’s hair. He felt as if his body would somehow float away if he didn’t hold on tight.

“And I won’t stop until you’ve forgotten everything but my name.” Kyoya had promised, and Tamaki knew for a fact that Kyoya would keep that promise. God, he was keeping it right now…Tamaki couldn’t remember a thing. Somehow…he found himself back on that couch in his estate, with Kyoya on top of him, humping into him. They were kissing—making out—and there was some petting. And, there was an ‘I love you’, two ‘I love you’s’… When Tamaki opened his hazy amethyst eyes, he found himself back in Kyoya’s arms, only this time…. This time, it was going to end differently. Tamaki wasn’t afraid anymore. He didn’t care, and no one else existed in this moment. There was only Kyoya.

Tamaki’s fingers held tightly to Kyoya’s hair. But one hand slipped away and fell to pick up where Kyoya’s hand left off in favor of Tamaki’s nipples. Tamaki grabbed his own cock and jerked himself off, and his knuckles brushed back and forth against Kyoya’s abdomen from the very motion.

That filter that Kyoya shattered inside Tamaki, if Tamaki ever really had one, couldn’t stop the blond from wanting more.

“Please….mon ami, harder…..harder…aughh!” Tamaki said under his breath. He didn’t care if his body was still adjusting, he couldn’t even feel the pain anymore. There was nothing. Only the pleasure Kyoya was giving to Tamaki relentlessly. God, it felt so good…more than good. More than anything Tamaki could have ever imagined. And it was due to the fact that he was here with Kyoya.

“I need it…Kyoya! You have to—nghh!” He added as his voice rose through another long moan. Tamaki wanted Kyoya’s reaction. His unbridled, and pure reaction to the blond’s relentless begging. The blond wanted to break down every line of defense the Ootori had, because behind that defense was a well of passion. The Ootori always stored and compartmentalized all of his emotions, all of his passion. That’s what made Kyoya so alluring, why he fit the ‘cool-type’ without trouble. But when those walls crumbled, and when Kyoya finally allowed himself to feel passionate…. Tamaki witnessed it once before, back when they were still teenagers in middle school. God, Kyoya was furious that day but that was when Tamaki realized how riveting he found the third son. How utterly intoxicating Kyoya was when he finally allowed himself to feel….

Tamaki needed that now. He wanted everything Kyoya could possibly give him.
The soft sound of skin against skin filled Tamaki’s ears as he brought his hand away from his cock, and cupped Kyoya’s face. He pulled the man close, and kissed him deeply. To finish off the deep kiss, playfully tugged on his best friend’s lower lip just before lifting a lust, amethyst gaze toward the Ootori. “Please,” He begged again. “Mon ami….mon ami…” His head fell back onto the dark pillows, and he reached behind him to hold onto the headboard. “Monaaaugghhh….meeeh-nghh!” He cried out into Kyoya’s bedroom.

Even through all of the begging, Tamaki was not laying idle underneath Kyoya. His body moved with Kyoya’s. He was clumsy, it was his first time, and his rhythm was a little sloppily. But he pushed back, and as hard as he could. He felt his body squeezing around the Ootori, drawing him deeper still. Even his body needed.

“ ..ggeeehh-e suis tien…Kyoya. Ggeeeh-e suis tien..” Tamaki repeated while his speech started to slur. He wanted to impart to Kyoya how much he needed this, how much he needed Kyoya. So he repeated Kyoya’s earlier sentiment with one of his own: “I won’t stop—I won’t, I won’t…Kyoyaugh…ngh—I need you, I’ll never stop..ngh-needing you..” He said, breaking out of his French and back into his Japanese.

The hand that gripped Kyoya’s head board started to turn white around the knuckles. Tamaki’s weeping erection wasn’t going to be able to last much longer. Tamaki’s release was already dancing dangerously close.

“Please…I need you. Mommy dear….augghh. Make me cum; this isn’t fair….y-you can’t just…aughh make me cum so soon. You’re not—giving me a chance!” The blond protested half-heartedly in his usual tone, albeit it was a little strangled at the moment.

He didn’t think he could do it. He couldn’t hold himself back much longer.
“Kyo….Kyo, I can’t—haaaughh…ahhh I can’t –ngh!” Tamaki tightly closed his lips, his moans merely coming out as whimpers while focused on his heavy breathing, and nearly dissolved underneath his impressive sex god of a best friend.
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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Guest on Thu Sep 15, 2016 4:16 am

Kyoya couldn’t even breathe while Tamaki finished adjusting to him. This was what he’d wanted for so long, since that night on his best friend’s couch he had dreamed of them being together like his more than he cared to think about. He’d been ashamed of his urges for years. Especially after he convinced himself that Tamaki was probably straight. That there was no way the Suoh boy would ever want him. He didn’t come first anywhere, why would this be any different? There was someone else first in line in Tamaki’s heart. Or so Kyoya thought back then.

Now Kyoya couldn’t fathom being anything but first, Tamaki’s first. Heat surrounded the Ootori and it felt like it was seeping into him, sinking through his skin into his muscles and into his bones. And when Tamaki said he loved Kyoya, the Ootori let out a breath he felt like he’d been holding since they were second years. His sentimentality was shriveled and underused, but Kyoya could have sworn he felt tears flood into his eyes.
He blinked them away quickly, because he couldn’t fathom how embarrassing that would be, how Tamaki would react. He didn’t want to stop this moment, it had been so long in the making already. But when Tamaki kissed his forehead the former vice president nearly lost it. But when Tamaki’s soft plea hit him, his mind was back to the fact that his body could hardly wait. And when Tamaki moved, Kyoya saw stars.

“Ahhhg! Ahh… Tamaki… You feel amazing...” Kyoya let him move, but he couldn’t help how his hips twitched… He was doing everything he could to keep himself from pinning Tamaki down and showing him exactly how much he’d wanted him for the last few years. And then that’s what Tamaki was asking for, begging for even.

French was pouring out of his best friend’s mouth and Kyoya kissed him over and over, his hips starting a slow pace. At first it matched Tamaki’s attempts at moving underneath him… But when Kyoya heard those words…

“S'il te plait…Kyoya…make me cum for you..”

The Ootori growled and let his hands fall to Tamaki’s hips, pulling back to look into his love’s eyes, his own dark with lust and want and even a little jealousy. “Tamaki, god you have to stop. Stop begging… I am going to make you cum.” Kyoya leaned down to kiss the shell of his loves ear, “And I won’t stop until you’ve forgotten everything but my name.”

With that Kyoya’s hips picked up the pace, still careful not to hurt his best friend, but he wanted Tamaki to know his body wasn’t the only one begging. Kyoya’s hands pulled Tamaki into him as he thrusted forward, and soon he was thrusting at an angle that made his cock brush against that spot his fingers had memorized. Just brushing though… He didn’t want this to be over yet, he wanted to watch Tamaki’s face. He wanted to hear his moans.

“Tamaki… I don’t think… Ahhh… I don’t think I’ll ever stop needing you.” Kyoya Let his hand off one of Tamaki’s hips in favor of his lover’s cock, tugging in time with his thrusts, his whole body shaking. Despite what Kyoya said, he never wanted Tamaki to stop begging for him. Not ever. He wanted to pretend that he was the only person Tamaki had ever begged for like that. He didn’t know if it was true… But that was what Kyoya wanted to believe.

“I’m going to make you cum harder than you ever have Tamaki… You won’t ever have to think of that night on your couch again… You can think of this instead.” The Ootori’s voice was breathy as he thrust a little harder for emphasis, his hand leaving Tamaki’s cock to play with his nipple. Kyoya found his mouth latching onto Tamaki’s neck and sucking, not hard enough to leave a mark, just hard enough to let Tamaki know that he could if he wanted to.

The shadow king pinched and twisted his lover’s nipple, his hands switching so he could give the other one the same treatment. Kyoya just wanted all of Tamaki’s attention, for once he wanted to be in the limelight. He wanted to be the prince, not the one hidden in the shadows. He wanted to be so bright he blinded the King to everything but him. Here there was no David, no Haruhi, no Tamaki’s and Kyoya’s. There was only them and Kyoya wasn’t even certain where he ended and Tamaki began.

He had lost himself in the pleasure that was this moment. Tamaki was playful and sexy and fun. He was attentive and caring. He was blind to consequences a lot of the time, but god that didn’t mean he didn’t care. This visit was meant to be nothing more than two friend’s catching up but it had blossomed into so much more, and Kyoya didn’t regret a thing. He couldn’t regret a thing.

He was stupidly, madly in love, in lust and in everything in between with the boy under him. He cared about him more than anything and he just wanted to keep him safe for as long as he lived. But right now… Right now all Kyoya wanted was to make Tamaki cum, to observe how his body felt around his cock, how his face moved, what he said, what he did. Kyoya wanted to etch it all into his very being. Because if they only had tonight… The Ootori wanted to let it last forever.

He wanted to dream vivdly and accurately of this, but god he hoped they had more than tonight. He hoped Tamaki would stay to see just how many times Kyoya wanted to make him feel this wanted. This loved. This good.


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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Salem Parris on Wed Sep 14, 2016 1:26 am

For Tamaki, the world seemed to stand still in these moments: Kyoya’s fingers that moved inside of him, to the soothing words Kyoya spoke.  Tamaki couldn’t imagine a better place; if there was ever a heaven, this was it.  But Tamaki didn’t think he could last much longer in the beautiful heaven Kyoya transported the Suou boy to.  Tamaki’s body had already begun to beg for a second release.

    “Aughh…Kyoya, please.” He pleaded again. Those long fingers tormented his body in a way he didn’t think was possible.  Amethyst eyes fell shut while another wave of pleasure coursed through his beyond aroused body. “Please, please…mon ami….maauunnn…ammeee.” Tamaki’s words spilled from his lips in a single exhale; quiet and breathless.  

    “I have needed you… for so long, René.”

    Tamaki’s eyes opened up when he heard the sound of his name; a name not many called him by.  His gaze locked onto Kyoya’s slate-grey gaze, and he smiled affectionately. “Kyoya..” His legs shifted underneath Kyoya’s hands while he rubbed Tamaki’s thighs in a way that Tamaki could only describe as adoringly.

    Adoringly. Tamaki relished the deep affection he found in Kyoya’s eyes.  He loved it when Kyoya allowed his true feelings to emerge.  The way Kyoya passionately expressed those deeper feelings left Tamaki breathless.  Especially now, when those deep feelings were meant all for Tamaki.  

    “I need you—.” He quickly corrected himself. “I’ve needed you, Kyoya.” He uttered in another exhale. He wanted to tell Kyoya, to tell him that this was something he had been dreaming of.  Ever since that day in the mansion.  Kyoya triggered deeply buried feelings in Tamaki, and ever since then….  This was where Tamaki felt the safest.  When Tamaki looked at Kyoya, he saw something beautiful.  A future.  A little chuckle escaped the blond.  It was ironic, because Kyoya was also the one who helped him come to terms with his past.  Kyoya always gave so much to Tamaki, and now Tamaki wanted to give so much back to Kyoya.

    While Tamaki was lost in thought, and watched as time stood still, he didn’t realize just how close he was to giving Kyoya everything he had.  He felt his eager hole as it was generously prepared with lube. Then, he felt Kyoya.

    He felt Kyoya as he pressed into Tamaki.  At first, the blond held his breath and he felt his chest as it tightened. His blond head fell back against the soft pillows, and his eyes closed tightly together.  

    “Tamaki… I need you to take deep breaths and do your best to stay relaxed. I’m going to go very, very slowly.”

    The soothing tone of Kyoya’s voice caught Tamaki’s attention, and anchored the blond to reality.  Tamaki’s gaze met Kyoya, and the Suou boy followed the simple instructions the Ootori gave him.

    He breathed in, and then he breathed out.  

    His teeth clenched while Kyoya pushed forward, slowly, as he promised.   Tamaki’s body was thankful for the gentle pace, for Kyoya’s attentive nature.  Between Kyoya’s earlier fingering, and the generous amount of lube, Tamaki’s body was able to take Kyoya effortlessly.  

    It was sore, there was no doubt about it, Tamaki felt the way his body stretched around his best friend…the pinch his sensitive hole felt.  But that quickly dissolved when Tamaki relaxed, and he focused his attention on the fact that Kyoya was finally inside of him.  

    This was what he wanted.  His first time to be with Kyoya… He thought back to the days after their encounter at his mansion all of those years ago.  And he thought about that beautiful dinner Kyoya prepared the night after… This is what was supposed to happen that night.  And Tamaki found a sense of elation when he realized that it was not too late for them to have this moment.  He didn’t know how a simple, and impulsive visit turned into sex with his best friend…but this.  This moment.

    This moment right now, in Kyoya’s New York apartment, on the soft black sheets of Kyoya’s bed, with the warm afternoon light that filtered through the blinds and banded across both of them.  The smell of sweaty cologne, expensive shampoo and sex filled the air around them. This was what Tamaki wanted. What he had always wanted.

    “Kyo…auughhh!!..” Tamaki’s eyes widened when he felt the experience of finally having all of Kyoya inside of him.  His back arched slightly, and his hands held onto Kyoya’s forearms with a firm grip.

    “AUGHH….nnck…you’re in….you’re in…Kyoya. Kyoyaauuhh..” He breathed out the words rapidly while his body began to adjust to his best friend.

    “Ahh Tamaki… fuck… I love you… I love you.”

    “Augghh..I love you, I love you..” Tamaki responded between his moans.  In one fluid motion, Kyoya’s forehead was pressed to Tamaki’s shoulder.  The blond’s hands slid up from Kyoya’s arms, and he held his best friend in his arms.  A sure, and surprisingly steady hand came up and cradled the back of Kyoya’s neck. Tamaki’s long fingers soon melted into soft ebony strands, just as Tamaki felt like he was melting into Kyoya.  

    The sensation of finally having Kyoya inside of him was indescribable. And couldn’t tell where he ended and where Kyoya began.  There was no distinct definition between the former Host Club King, and his beautiful Shadow King.

    “I love you,” He whispered again while a wave of emotions washed over the blond.  Even in the heat of the moment, his very Tamaki-esque personality made it through.  He pressed his lips to Kyoya’s forehead, while he allowed his body to adjust to his best friend.  

    “Tamaki… I… mnng… I won't move until you're ready… and if it hurts too much we can stop. It’s okay.”

    The blond bit his own lip at the very idea. He needed Kyoya to move.  His body continued to beg for a release, especially now while Kyoya jerked him off, and was very noticeably twitching inside of Tamaki. He knew Kyoya needed it just as much as Tamaki did.

    “Please..” He whispered between the soft kisses Kyoya gave him. He melted into those lips; into the scent and soothing tones of his Kyoya. Everything about this man Tamaki needed. Tamaki tightened is muscles around his best friend, and shifted his own hips. He didn’t want to wait any longer, he couldn’t wait any longer.  

    “It’s not fair, you can’t just—aughh….slip inside and…not move,” Tamaki protested playfully. He knew why Kyoya wasn’t moving, and he loved it.  But now, now he needed it. He needed Kyoya to move. He wanted to feel Kyoya moving inside of him.

    Tamaki made sure to reassure Kyoya. “You feel so good..aughh…Kyoya.. s'il te plait… seeeee..te pluuu..mnnghh..” Tamaki arched his back slightly while he began to move on Kyoya’s cock, the very best that he could as he laid underneath the Ootori.   Tamaki’s hands found Kyoya’s jawline, and clung to him for dear life while they kissed one another.  

    He savored that kiss. That loving kiss that reiterated the way they felt about each other.  “S'il te plait…Kyoya…make me cum for you..” He whimpered, and the very words brought a kind of scorching heat to his face.
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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 06, 2016 3:48 pm

Kyoya couldn't handle watching Tamaki touch himself… and when the blond cried out for him it shot straight to Kyoya’s dick. Everything his beautiful blond did made Kyoya want to take this faster… made him want to be inside Tamaki… but he refused to speed through what he knew was his love’s first time. So he’d worked his fingers in, making sure Tamaki was more than comfortable with every movement forward. But Tamaki’s pleading was going to kill him. The soft way his voice told Kyoya he needed him… he needed him… it tore Kyoya’s patience to shreds in the most beautiful way possible.

The Ootori kept rocking into that spot for Tamaki as he got into a better position, sitting up and running his free hand up and down Tamaki’s gorgeous thigh. “I have needed you… for so long, René.” Tamaki's middle name was little known… but Kyoya loved it, and he knew Tamaki loved it… it reminded him of his origins… where he came from. And Kyoya loved that. He finally pulled his fingers out of Tamaki and poured more lube into his waiting palm. He spread the slippery substance over his cock, making sure it was warm before he spread a little more on Tamaki’s hole.

He wiped the excess off on his discarded T-shirt, and then positioned himself over his love, leaning down and kissing his flushed face softly. The need was still very much alive in him, but so was his love and care for Tamaki. He knew this decision was a little rash, but he couldn't help but think it was right. Kyoya would never do anything he thought Tamaki didn't want 100 percent. Kyoya gripped himself at the base, pressing himself gently against Tamaki, making sure he had his lover’s full attention. “Tamaki… I need you to take deep breaths and do your best to stay relaxed. I’m going to go very very slowly.”

Kyoya kept his eyes on Tamaki as he pushed, as promised, as slowly as he possibly could. There were no sudden movements, no jerky stops or starts. Just slow, consistent pressure. The lube made it easier, and having Tamaki open up on his fingers first was helping the blond relax, Kyoya knew that at least. “Ahh Tamaki… fuck… I love you… I love you.” He couldn't help saying it out loud. He held back so much for so long and it was all pouring out as he gave Tamaki all of himself. Everything he had to give.

Kyoya had slipped inside now, and was pushing a little deeper, he let go of his cock and stroked Tamaki’s wanting to keep the blond in a place of a much pleasure as possible… and finally Kyoya was all the way inside him… he just rested there. He let Tamaki's muscles try to push him out as they relaxed. And though he was sure he made it look easy, every fiber of him was trembling… his cock twitching in a way he was sure Tamaki could feel. He /needed/ to move. But he would let Tamaki make that decision. He shuddered and rested his forehead on Tamaki’s shoulder.

“Tamaki… I… mnng… I won't move until you're ready… and if it hurts too much we can stop. It’s okay.” He was still stroking Tamaki, softly thumbing the place underneath his head, he loved this man so much. He never wanted to hurt him. Never again. He never wanted to rush him or make him do something he wasn't ready for. Tamaki deserved to be treasured… and he would be. Kyoya would make sure of it. The Ootori laid kissed over the soft skin of Tamaki’s neck, over and over his lips graced the skin of first his neck, then his shoulder… Kyoya’s hand absentmindedly speeding up on Tamaki’s cock. “God Tamaki… you're so warm.” Kyoya’s voice broke as he choked on his words, his whole body tensing.

He lifted his head up and met Tamaki’s eyes, cupping his face with his free hand and kissing his lips softly… his desire barely contained behind his teeth. He couldn't deny how being inside Tamaki made him feel. His pride was nearly as unchecked as his desire. He dreamt of this, he never thought he would get to see Tamaki under him, feel him around his cock… Kyoya wanted to make him cum again and again. Just to see his love feel good, all because the Ootori made him feel that good.


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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Salem Parris on Thu Sep 01, 2016 4:18 pm

There was a brief moment where Tamaki thought Kyoya might be having second thoughts. Kyoya’s initial reluctance to look at the blond made Tamaki wonder, but then those grey-slate eyes found his. Tamaki’s heart skipped a beat in his chest, and an almost silent exhale left Tamaki’s parted lips. Tamaki’s manicured fingers curled, and gripped at Kyoya’s hair. He wanted to let Kyoya know that he wasn’t going to stop; not this time.

Kyoya’s growl reminded Tamaki of the times Kyoya would become frustrated when he couldn’t make a decision. When the Ootori was faced with a dilemma, and couldn’t logically think his way out. But Tamaki’s assumptions were quelled when Kyoya rolled the blond over onto his back. A small smile crossed Tamaki’s lips, and he let out moan while Kyoya behaved as though he couldn’t stand it any longer. Tamaki couldn’t stand it any longer either. He needed Kyoya. And the clawing need in the pit of is stomach, the same need that constricted his breathing and made Tamaki’s pulse race, returned.

While Tamaki watched Kyoya intently, his hand absentmindedly fell to his erection. He gripped himself, and began to stroke absentmindedly while his indigo eyes locked on the Ootori. He watched while Kyoya retrieved the condom, and Tamaki watched him while Kyoya started to undress. First, the shirt came off. And Tamaki allowed his gaze to roam over his best friend, the way it often did when they were high school. Tamaki would catch himself staring at his best friend, admiring him. He often wondered what Kyoya would look like with that periwinkle blazer disheveled, and opened to expose his lithe body underneath.

Tamaki’s face felt red from the memory, and his hand instinctively sped up. “Kyoya..” He whispered while he watched his best friend. Next, the dark sweat pants and boxers came off. In that moment, Tamaki had to pause. The blond had seen Kyoya naked before—partially naked, that is. He’d catch glimpses of his best friend walking in or out of the shower. Though he was curious, Tamaki always respected Kyoya’s privacy. But now…now he would allow himself to look, to take in the man standing before him; his best friend, the man he loved.

“You are… So gorgeous.” Kyoya’s voice cut through Tamaki’s reverie. The single swift motion Kyoya used to slide on the condom made Tamaki buck into his own hand.

“I’m gorgeous?” Tamaki thought with a smile. While it was true, Tamaki thought himself to be incredibly attractive, but he knew he couldn’t compare to the man standing before him. Everything about Kyoya excited Tamaki. From the way the Ootori was so practical, and held himself together even in the craziest of situations. Even when Kyoya had had enough of the blond’s antics, or even when Kyoya became curiously grumpy in the mornings. Everything about Kyoya ignited a fire inside Tamaki. Tamaki had to truly wonder: if Tamaki was the gorgeous one, then what did that make Kyoya? A person who could completely capture the princely type.

But, again, Kyoya shattered Tamaki’s thoughts with a single swift motion. Before Tamaki had time to register what was going to happen, Kyoya’s finger was already inside of Tamaki.

AUGH-ckk—!” The moan was ripped right from the Prince’s throat. Kyoya’s finger was more substantial than the tongue that licked him earlier. It reached farther, and Kyoya had more control over the precise movements. It stunned Tamaki. “Kyo…no, I’ve-…”, Tamaki had never done this before. It was a little strange at first as his body tried to squeeze and push Kyoya out, but soon the discomfort was replaced by a warm sensation of pleasure. God, how did Kyoya do that? “How,” Tamaki thought in the back of his mind. Curiously, Tamaki propped himself up on his elbows to watch Kyoya as he licked Tamaki’s weeping member. Instinctively, Tamaki opened his legs wider and his hips began to buck against that single finger….until a second one slipped inside of him.

“AHH!..ahhh…” Tamaki tried to control himself this time. He felt himself stretched out the limit now, but he relaxed his body and the pain ebbed away quickly. It felt so good. He’d never felt something like this before and all the while Kyoya suckled on his cock. Tamaki realized, slightly ashamed by the fact, that he could cum again just like this. Kyoya was everything to the blond; Tamaki could hardly control himself. Kyoya curled his fingers inside of Tamaki, and the blond let out another moan.

“Tamaki… god I need you.”

“I need you—I need you, too. Kyoya…please, mon ami…” He stuttered softly, but it wasn’t soft enough for him to hear Kyoya tell him to relax. Then, Kyoya did the impossible and slipped a third finger inside of Tamaki. Tamaki dropped his elbows and fell back onto the pillows. “Kyoyaaughh…aughh hauughh…please,” Tamaki pleaded, his eyes wide as the sensation gripped his entire body. With this third finger inside of him; it hurt. But Tamaki focused on Kyoya’s suckling and soon the blond was melting into the Ootori’s touch. Tamaki’s legs folded and he tried to squeeze them shut around his best friend. Tamaki’s hips undulated underneath Kyoya’s administrations, and when Kyoya finally found Tamaki’s spot…. Tamaki only saw stars behind his eye lids.

“Please, please mon ami…please,” Tamaki was begging now. “I want you inside, please…don’t stop…don’t stop,” He added desperately. He wanted to cum, god, he could feel it as it started to build—the warmth in the pit of his stomach. But, he wanted to cum with Kyoya inside of him. Tamaki wanted to finally feel his best friend moving inside of him, and he wanted to finally wrap himself around his best friend. He knew that Kyoya would be more to handle than the three fingers the Ootori already had inside the blond, but Tamaki didn’t care. “I need you…I need you..” Tamaki’s usual soft and pleading voice, now mixed with an insatiable need, begged. Tamaki reached a hand out, and tangled his fingers in the silken ebony strands, encouraging Kyoya, but also asking the Ootori to move faster.
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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 30, 2016 7:35 pm

Kyoya couldn’t take much more of this, his cool, collected facade was gone in the wake of hazy, love filled, lust filled eyes. His embarrassment cut through it sharply though, and when Tamaki’s hand threaded into his fine hair he had to convince himself to meet those violet eyes. But once he did, Tamaki didn’t even break eye contact and the two kissed softly, lovingly. Kyoya’s eye had to flutter closed.

“It’s okay—it’s okay; I-want you, inside..”

“I need you..”

Tamaki was studying Kyoya, they were so close, so… together. Their hair mixing, their bodies pushed against one another. And when Tamaki tugged his hair and let out that delicious little mewl, Kyoya let out a small sound almost like a growl. He pulled away, untangling himself gently, only to roll Tamaki over and grab out another condom. He discarded the other sheet of latex, and ripped his new package open carefully. He pulled off his shirt and took a deep breath, as if preparing himself for what was about to happen.

Kyoya carefully pulled of his sweats… And then his boxers… He was deliberate but not slow. He then flushed, realizing how exposed he was now. They were both naked. In Kyoya’s bed… Why was this so different? So much better than anything Kyoya had ever had before?

“You are… So gorgeous.”

Kyoya couldn’t help himself. He rolled the condom on gently, then squirted lube onto his fingers, coating them thoroughly. He pushed just one finger inside Tamaki, and then let his lover relax… Pulling it in and out slowly. Kyoya leaned down and gave Tamaki’s cock a gentle lick as he added another finger, watching Tamaki carefully. He wanted to work gently. He knew… Or rather he hoped, this was the first time Tamaki had done anything like this.

Kyoya let those two fingers work, moving a bit faster and curling, searching inside Tamaki. He wanted his love to feel everything. Sun beams fell across ivory and the way this body moved… The way Tamaki moved was so intoxicating. He hadn’t let his form go at all, Kyoya could see the muscles tensing underneath skin.

“Tamaki… god I need you.” The Ootori spoke softly against Tamaki’s member, curling his fingers and rocking them. “Stay relaxed for me, Daddy. Just one more.”

Kyoya worked another finger inside, carefully, slowly. He watched Tamaki intently, taking him into his mouth and suckling gently, hoping to dull any pain, any discomfort. Anything but pleasure. Pushing in and pulling out oh so slowly, dragging the pads of his fingers over walls, rotating his fingers slowly inside his lover. Everything was slow, steady…

And then Kyoya found it… That slightly different, spongy spot inside the blond. He memorized it, thought up an angle… A position… but for now he brushed his fingers over it… And then rocked them into it hard as he sucked. He hoped at this point Tamaki was starting to forget what discomfort was.

Kyoya’s own cock was pulsing every now and again, precum flowing inside the tip of the condom. He couldn’t get enough of seeing Tamaki like this. And he wanted him. He wanted him so bad. He was afraid this feeling would never go away, this cloying need. This absolutely ravenous greed and hunger for his usually pure best friend.


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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Salem Parris on Tue Jan 12, 2016 9:40 am

Tamaki’s member wept against the sheets of Kyoya’s bed while his body was assaulted by his best friend’s tongue.  Eager hips shook and pushed back to find more of those tantalizing licks.  Those strong hands that flipped the Prince onto his stomach pulled at his hips and brought him closer; Kyoya impaled Tamaki with his tongue, with only the thin sheet of latex separating them.  

Nghhh—!” Tamaki’s lips parted as another strangled moan escaped him.  His hands grappled with the pillows—held bunched underneath his chin—in an attempt to gather pieces of himself while Kyoya shattered through every barrier.  Tamaki, never thought in a million years that he would be sprawled out like this—with Kyoya licking…

“Kyo—auughhh!” Tamaki cried out while he bucked his erection against the mattress while his hips shook, involuntarily. He pushed his hips back while Kyoya surged forward; Tamaki wanted to feel more.  He wanted more of Kyoya’s tongue and..

“Don’t—” For once in his life Tamaki was speechless in front of his best friend—because of his best friend. Blond strands splayed themselves across the dark pillow cases while Tamaki turned his face in.  He buried himself into the bed linens while he braced himself.  

His emotions were running rampant and the lust he felt grew to an unimaginable height.  The first Suou boy needed the third Ootori son more than anything.

Tamaki just barely felt Kyoya’s hands as they moved away from his hind side.   He felt Kyoya pressing his palms into the Prince’s back and slide up until their bodies finally met.  Chest to back, they fit together perfectly, Tamaki thought amongst the lusty fog clouding his mind. From that very first day when Kyoya shook Tamaki’s hand when they first met; Tamaki knew they’d always fit together, no matter what.  

“Tamaki, I love you.”

All of the lust and excitement seemed to fizzle out of Tamaki when he heard those words, and his emotions all concentrated into one fine point within his heart.  Strong arms wrapped around him, keeping the blond steady as he laid there with his best friend, taking everything in.  Tamaki lifted his head up from the pillow weakly and took a couple steadying breaths.

“And if you say stop I’ll stop.” Whispered the Ootori.

No. Tamaki thought, please..

He wanted to shout it.  He wanted Kyoya to know he was more than ready.  His heart was about to explode.  “Are you comfortable…?”

Tamaki found a roaming hand and brought Kyoya’s knuckles up to meet his lips.  The prince kissed his best friend’s fingers, softly, affectionately—one at a time.  

These hands.  

In high school, they helped Tamaki build his dream.  These hands helped the blond to find a home in Japan; when he felt he had nowhere else to go.  These hands budgeted and worked tiredly through endless nights to keep the blond happy.

He pressed each fingertip to the silk of his lips.  He loved these hands.  He loved Kyoya.
In response to Kyoya’s question, Tamaki nodded.  “Je t'aime aussi..Jeeghh…aughssee..” Tamaki mumbled against knuckles and moved his hips ever so slightly. He could feel Kyoya’s member pressing against him from behind.  Tamaki wanted nothing in this world more than he wanted his best friend, right now, in this moment.

“Is it okay for me to be inside you?”

Tamaki could feel Kyoya’s energy change in an instant; darker energy that was distinctly the Ootori’s whenever he was embarrassed.  A hand reached up and behind Kyoya’s head; fingers threading through ebony strands.  An indigo gaze locked with slate grey eyes while the softest kiss was planted upon the Ootori’s lips.  

“It’s okay—it’s okay; I-want you, inside..” Tamaki just barely moved his lips from Kyoya’s while he nodded; whispering to reassure his best friend.  The blond paused for a moment while his gaze flickered across Kyoya’s face—reading the Ootori’s facial expressions.  

Threads of ebony and blond mingled as Tamaki, with his head turned to slightly over his shoulder, pressed his forehead to Kyoya’s and shut his eyes.  Tamaki inhaled deeply, savoring the moment while warm bars of sunlight crossed Tamaki's naked body; while Kyoya remained clothed. 

“I need you..” Though it was a soft whine, the tonality in Tamaki's voice revealed the meaning and emotion behind the words. Tamaki meant every word; more than he had ever meant anything in his life. “Nghh-Kyoya..” Possessively, Tamaki’s fingers curled and gave a gentle tug to Kyoya’s hair to emphasize this point.
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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 02, 2016 3:56 am

Kyoya could sense the questions Tamaki had bubbling inside him, but rather than dwell on the answer he decided to dwell on Tamaki’s pleads. Kyoya could tell Tamaki hadn’t been expecting his tongue, not there of all places, but his love was quickly getting used to the unfamiliar feeling.

Soon Tamaki’s hips were pushing back into Kyoya’s light lapping. Kyoya pushed his tongue into Tamaki with a bit more conviction as Tamaki’s protests melted away, testing the tight muscles of Tamaki’s hole with his tongue through the thin sheath of latex.

The clouds were passing and the sun was dancing across the bed in thin rays of gold. Every time a spot landed on Tamaki’s hair or caught his eyes Kyoya remembered why he always thought of Tamaki as his sunshine. Kyoya’s hands pulled Tamaki back into his tongue as his tongue pushed forward again, delving into Tamaki for the briefest moment before sliding across his lover’s entrance.

Kyoya loved knowing that Tamaki wasn’t used to this. He loved knowing that he could completely monopolize this one part of Tamaki’s world. The shadow king found himself wanting to eat up this beautiful ray of sunshine before him and god maybe he always had.

He wanted to be the dark to Tamaki’s light.

He wanted to be the cool to his passion.

He wanted to take everything Tamaki had to give.

Kyoya had never felt so greedy, so stingy. The third son had never liked sharing, and today he was going to make Tamaki his. Even if it was just for the day, Kyoya would have this King thinking about no one else but him.

But he could only have what Tamaki wanted him to take, and that was of utmost importance.

The shadow king pulled away with a smirk, “Mon Amour, you tasted so good…” Kyoya leaned down and gave Tamaki another long, thoughtful lick… “And you look even better like this.”

Kyoya could sense Tamaki’s slight apprehension though, and he didn’t want to push too hard, so his hands slid up and and away from Tamaki’s (perfect) ass and pressed gently on his back, Kyoya sliding up as well to whisper in Tamaki’s ear.

“Tamaki, I love you.” Kyoya said, almost matter-of-factly as he held his best friend. “And if you say stop I’ll stop.”

Kyoya needed Tamaki to know that he had more understanding and respect than he’d had when they were young. He only wanted to make Tamaki feel good and nothing else. He wouldn’t pressure the Suou into anything.

Kyoya moved the little rectangle of plastic away now and just held Tamaki, letting his hands wander, soothing themselves over Tamaki’s skin.

“Are you comfortable…?” Kyoya didn’t know why the word stuck in his throat all of a sudden, but he had to swallow before continuing on… The Ootori wasn’t used to feeling shy or apprehensive.

“Is it okay for me to be inside you?”

Immediately Kyoya was thankful he was holding Tamaki from behind because he’d turned bright red. Why did that come out so awkwardly!? The Ootori had stopped breathing to anguish in his embarrassment, beating himself up internally. Why did he have to be such a vulcan about these things??

All he could do now was hope that Tamaki found him somewhat endearing and wasn’t completely turned off.


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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Salem Parris on Mon Dec 28, 2015 3:42 am

Kyoya finally came in and stole that elusive kiss Tamaki was teasing him with and a soft, playful moan escaped the Prince’s throat in response.  His hand continued to grab and stroke Kyoya’s member firmly, though a couple of the Ootori’s thrusts had Tamaki’s hand slipping a couple of times.  Tamaki paid no mind to it though; Tamaki grabbed at his best friend again, giving him another rough tug.  

“Kyoyaahhh…” Tamaki whimpered in a hushed tone, while goosebumps prickled his skin and a shiver coursed through his body as the ravenette moaned into his ear. The very sound of Kyoya’s voice brought memories flooding through his mind’s eye, and caused the blond’s chest to tighten. He wanted—no, needed something.  Any and everything Kyoya could give him.  

Tamaki felt incredibly drawn to Kyoya in this moment and the gravitational force caused this need to claw at the insides of Tamaki’s heart.  To the core of his very being; it was absolutely wonderful even if it was a little unfamiliar.  The needing made him feel unsettled and incredibly vulnerable.

What heightened this feeling was the blatant fact (a fact Tamaki was all too aware of), that he was laying very naked, with his legs spread wide underneath his best friend.  And he wasn’t nervous or scared.  Maybe that was a white lie, he was a little nervous but it was only butterflies fluttering in his stomach.  A byproduct of the afterglow that was settling within his body, drawing warmth throughout his limbs.  

Tamaki began to absentmindedly rub his thumb over the head of Kyoya’s member before it was pulled from his grasp.  Dazed and completely satisfied, a hazy, indigo gaze watched his best friend as the Ootori sat back.

“Tu es à moi.”

The French rolled off Kyoya’s tongue, spoken beautifully with just a hint of his Japanese accent.  Tamaki could have melted—he was so delighted.  Better still, the meaning those words represented lit a flame inside Tamaki.  He could feel it sputtering to life with the need that continued to grow and claw at the former host king.  What was Kyoya doing to him?  Tamaki wondered as he bit his bottom lip thoughtfully.  

Tamaki’s hands reached out reflexively and held Kyoya’s torso as the ravenette leaned over him to reach into the nightstand.  The sound of the drawer sliding out drew Tamaki’s attention toward Kyoya’s reach.  Two condoms and a pair of scissors.  Tamaki’s hands dropped to his own stomach after they inadvertently followed his best friend as he sat back again.  What was he doing; why did he have a pair of scissors? And those condoms…

Tamaki’s mind drifted to those tiny packages and he had to wonder how many the Ootori used.  

How many times had he reached over for them in that nightstand?  

How many times had he put them—?

And then how many times did he—?

And with who?  

In all honesty, Tamaki felt a little jealous.  Jealous that Kyoya had condoms in his drawer and he was jealous that he wasn’t the first Kyoya ever had to use a condom with and...

But he didn’t have enough time to dwell on that right now, especially when he heard the snap of latex.  Kyoya sliced through the condom with ease and Tamaki grew more curious by the second.  

“I’ve learned since I last saw you Tamaki… Condoms can be very versatile.”

There it was again, that bubbling of jealous in the pit of Tamaki’s stomach but it was mixed with a rising curiosity.  Versatile? How?  Tamaki was prepared to watch Kyoya put the condom, either on himself or Tamaki.  He was more than confused when he felt Kyoya move down his body—God, those hands made the blond arch his back involuntarily.  The feeling of need clawed in his chest again and Tamaki had to stifle another moan; he wanted to hear what Kyoya had to say—how were condoms versatile?

The prince’s thoughts were interrupted again when strong hands tugged on Tamaki’ legs and turned him over onto his stomach. The blond looked over his shoulder, desperately wanting to see what was going to happen and feeling more than a little nervous in this new position.  He felt incredibly exposed; this way his was ass nearly sticking in the air at a slight angle.  

Greedy hands gathered pillows close to him and he rested his chin on the soft, dark fabric to prop his head up.  Even the sheets smelled like Kyoya—like his cologne and shampoo.  It was the same smell Tamaki remembered during those nights when he slept over at the Ootori estate.  Even his own bedroom at the Suou mansion, where Tamaki resided, would smell just like this whenever Kyoya spent the night.  And days afterward, his sheets and his room would carry Kyoya’s scent…

“I’d love to see your face through this… Mon Ami…”

“Kyoyauhh, you can, just let me,” Tamaki laughed and began to protest, he even made a move to roll back over when he felt his best friend’s hands on his ass.  Then something else.  A tongue.

“AUGHH!” Tamaki yelped out as his body jerked forward involuntarily.  That was the last thing he was expecting; the thought never even crossed his mind.  Not really, anyway.  

Tamaki barely heard his best friend mention ‘Safety First’ when Tamaki felt his best friend’s tongue again.  “AUGHH—Kyoyaaaauh…please..not there..” He whispered out in a moan, though his voice held no conviction. “That’s—!”

Tamaki couldn’t speak; he couldn’t even breathe.  Indigo orbs shut tight as he gripped the pillows; his delicately manicured fingernails digging into the plush fabric.  Oh, God….Oh, God…what was Kyoya…

Kyoya brought a new sensation to Tamaki’s body, one mixed with slight apprehension and a whole lot of pleasure. Another choked moan slipped passed the Prince’s lips and he felt his hips rise out of curiosity, wanting to feel his best friend’s tongue against him again. Oh, God….what was he doing?

Tamaki turned his head against the pillow and indigo eyes, dewy from the pleasure, opened and he watched as the bright afternoon sunlight tried its best to penetrate through the blinds.  The storm passed.  And Tamaki couldn’t help but think that it was meant as a sign.  Something the universe was trying to telling him.  His body felt alive and warm, just like those little beams of sun, spotting the dark floor boards of Kyoya’s apartment.  

“Auggghhh…mon ami…” He let out a pleading moaned again into the pillow; he was pleading for more.  He wanted to feel so much more.
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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 26, 2015 5:23 am

Kyoya heard Tamaki’s quiet groan, kissing his quivering inner thighs now. The third son didn’t know how to take it but he wasn’t concerned at the moment; his mind was foggy but his intentions were clear… He was going to make Tamaki make all those noises again. Louder… For longer.

The smile on Tamaki’s face was so gorgeous that Kyoya debated grabbing his glasses for a moment before Tamaki uttered his name. He snapped to attention so fast, and for once he was at Tamaki’s beck and call. Anything the blonde wanted he could have. Kyoya gave a silent thanks to whatever higher power existed for lending him the strength he needed when he said no to the blonde back in high school.

Tamaki’s voice was so different now, deeper, full of something that Kyoya wanted to taste. Trembling hands grabbed his shirt and he met Tamaki half way, pressing their mouths together and eventually placing his hands on the bed on either side of his former Host King. All he could taste was Tamaki and he inwardly cringed, wondering if Tamaki would mind… The moan he got in response shook him to his core and when he felt Tamaki’s arm shift, he felt his cock jerk.

Kyoya felt those long slender fingers he’d always admired for their skill cup him and just that made him jerk and moan like a preteen. Tamaki had him so on edge he could hardly think, let alone speak. He grabbed Tamaki’s wrist and once they came up to breathe he looked at the beautiful blond… The Ootori intended to say something along the lines of “You don’t have to…”

The moment that plea fell from Tamaki’s lips, something clicked into place inside the Ootori. Tamaki wasn’t the shy kid he’d grinded with on that couch and they were far past playful necking. He had his King begging from underneath him… Playing him like a fiddle. Kyoya watched each move, as if he was searching for a ploy that would work. A counter that would throw Tamaki off kilter, but everything the blond did was tailored to what he knew Kyoya liked.

He and Tamaki had always played a silent game of cat and mouse, before they even realized what they were doing. Tamaki would give a wink here, a glance there. Not like when he hosted. And Kyoya… Kyoya would play right into his hands if he wasn’t careful. Tamaki had perfected this plea a long time ago, and with a bite of his lip and some french Kyoya was his.

Kyoya leaned forward, and Tamaki did too, only to dodge away when the ravenette got close enough, and now it was Kyoya’s turn to smirk. With a dark little chuckle the Shadow King Leaned forward and took the kiss Tamaki had been teasing him with.

The hand on his member felt good beyond belief and he happily moaned into Tamaki’s ear, shivering under his lover’s touch in a way that was foreign to even him.

“Ahhhg, Tamaki… I’m all yours… Mnggg... if you’ll have me…” with those words of affection Kyoya allowed himself to indulge in a few thrusts… Tamaki’s hand was so warm and Kyoya wanted him so much. Pulling back and away was probably one of the hardest things the Ootori had ever done.

The Shadow King pulled back and sat up a bit, staring down at the angle laid out against his dark bedspread, smiling almost wickedly “But at the moment, love, Tu es à moi.”

Kyoya had improved his french via many visits and a couple classes, but he never let himself believe it was because of Tamaki. He always thought it was practical… And it was proving to be oh… oh so practical.

He reached over and pulled two condoms out of the bedside drawer, and a small pair of scissors. Kyoya carefully tore open one condom, setting the other aside. He unrolled it, and in one smooth motion, slit it open.

“I’ve learned since I last saw you Tamaki… Condoms can be very versatile.” Kyoya slid back down Tamaki’s body, but this time he grabbed the blond’s legs and gently rolled him over. “I’d love to see your face through this… Mon Ami…”

The Ootori spread Tamaki’s cheeks softly, and placed the thin bit of latex between them, before gracing the area with a slow, languid lick. His hands stayed on Tamaki’s ass, massaging and gripping, anything just to feel

“Safety first~” Kyoya keened softly before caressing Tamaki’s opening with another gentle lick.


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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Salem Parris on Tue Dec 22, 2015 1:24 am

For a moment, Tamaki’s world was completely still.  It was like his body was being held, suspended by the pleasure that continued to echo through his veins.  

What just happened?

The blond just barely thought to himself; his mind also felt suspended.  His thoughts were lost in the most beautiful way.  

What just happened? What a silly thing to ask..

Nimble fingers gently released ebony locks; this same hand fell to cover the blond’s face.  A hoarse of complete satisfaction mixed with the shock—over the realization of ‘what just happened’, passed the King’s lips.

His thighs seemed to twitch with each tiny muscle spasm while Tamaki came down from the heights of orgasm.  God—what just happened?

Why did he keep repeating the same question to himself, over and over again?

He knew what just happened but that was the first time an orgasm ever felt so wonderful—for Tamaki, at least.  

Tamaki had experienced a few, small orgasms in his life.  Most were by his own hands, while even fewer were given to him by Haruhi.  Though the couple decided to wait and haven’t had sex yet (they decided to take things slow), they still enjoyed other forms of amorous activities.  But none of those activities or any of their outcomes could even come close to what he just felt…

It felt as if Tamaki’s body was transported through time and space; he’d held onto that pent up passion through all of these years…ever since that night on his couch…with Kyoya.  And now he was finally given that sweet release…

Tamaki laid on that bed for what felt like life time, pondering over his reaction while he regained his grip on reality.  Indigo eyes peered up at the Ootori through parted fingers. A blissful, if a little bit bashful, but thoroughly satisfied smile crossed Tamaki’s lips.  

God..what just happened?  Tamaki didn’t entirely want the answer right now.  All he wanted was to feel it again.

“..Kyo…” Tamaki whispered in a hoarse voice; the prince swore his voice didn’t sound like his own.  Mewling softly, Tamaki sat up weakly on an elbow and reached out for his best friend again. Hands, trembling with the need for more, gripped at Kyoya’s top to pull him closer.

Greedy lips met the Ootori’s and Tamaki kissed him deeply—if a bit sloppily.


He could taste himself on the ravenette’s lips and that only brought another unchaste moan to echo deep in the blond’s throat.  

Tamaki could feel his best friend’s bulge against his backside.  The feeling of the soft fabric from those sweatpants did little to hide Kyoya’s erection and that only made Tamaki’s respond again in kind.

Long, pianist fingers reached between the two men and a firm palm cupped Kyoya through those very soft sweatpants.  Tamaki continued to kiss him.  He couldn’t stop. Tamaki felt like his body was on fire.  

Somewhere, in the back of his mind, he felt a twinge of embarrassment. Not because he was with Kyoya but because he was behaving like a horny teenager.  He came so fast and had such an over-the-top reaction—though he supposed that wasn’t too surprising, Tamaki always had an overreaction for everything. But now he was pawing his friend desperately, just…wanting more

“Haaughh,” He breathed out against his best friend’s lips. “…Kyoya…mon ami...s'il vous plaît...” Tamaki groaned while he barely pulled his face away from the Ootori’s.  

Indigo eyes, foggy with lust, begged and pleaded with the Shadow King.  Just like they used to when he begged for a kotatsu, or to visit a historic attract for the one-hundredth time…  

When Tamaki wanted something from Kyoya, he knew exactly how to ask. And this time the begging was accompanied with a blissful smirk and a slight bite to the former Host King’s bottom lip.

“Mon ami..” Tamaki whispered again, allowing his breath to brush against Kyoya’s lips.  He feigned an attempt to kiss Kyoya but that blissful smile returned with a playful laugh when he denied the Shadow King.  He was just teasing now and he knew it.  

His fingers hastily tugged at Kyoya’s pants and soon he heard his palm slide against his best friend’s exposed skin.

The quiet shhk shhk of his hand sliding up and down Kyoya’s shaft filled the quiet room.  Only the rain that pelted the windows intervened.
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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 21, 2015 5:49 am

Kyoya watched his beautiful prince struggle, he let himself think it… Tamaki was his, he always had been. The beautiful blush that complemented his king’s cheeks, and the way he panted for Kyoya. He was lost to the Ootori. God, Kyoya couldn’t believe he was doing this… He couldn’t believe Tamaki was letting him!

There they lay in his bed, Kyoya between Tamaki’s legs, finally… Finally, in between those milky thighs… How many times had he dreamt of it? Gotten off thinking about it? Kyoya found his oh-so-organized thought process crumbling to bits. Tamaki’s cries of pleasure short circuiting it, bringing the cool type to his knees. They finally understood how to channel their passion and Kyoya wasn’t going to miss this for the world.

He’d pleasure Tamaki for hours if thats what the blond wanted, forget about himself for once and worship this King’s body.


As if to bring the Ootori back to himself that sweet voice called to him, and it honed his focus more than his tendency to procrastinate ever had. Tamaki was the whole world, this bed their universe and Kyoya would never let anyone else in if he could help it. Kyoya slid slender fingers over the arch of Tamaki’s back, gladly encouraging the beautiful shape his lover took.

The ravenette felt those lovely hips shake and he couldn’t quite figure out why it did such sinful things to him. But when Tamaki confirmed he was going to cum for Kyoya, god the third son nearly fucking lost it. He watching intently, hardly remembering to blink… He refused to miss a moment.

“I am…aughh!! Ouah! Oua—!”

Kyoya let go, let Tamaki have absolute control, how he knew they both liked it… Kyoya bringing the king all the way, but letting his blond have all the ecstasy, the glory, the limelight, however he wanted it. Using Kyoya and his ideas in the most grandiose and glorious ways.

As if Tamaki read his mind, fingers threaded through ebony locks and Tamaki bucked up into his mouth. Kyoya forced himself back a little, swallowing everything he could of what Tamaki gave him, choking a little as his overzealous love gave a particularly enthusiastic buck of his hips. No rhyme or rhythm to them, just taking what they wanted… Whatever felt good. It was so perfectly Tamaki.

Kyoya wouldn’t ever get over how he looked in that moment, back arched in ways he didn’t know were possible, face distorted with pleasure, voiceless… For once… perfect. Kyoya was gently sucking and bobbing when he could the whole time, trying to help Tamaki ride it out. Something in him released with Tamaki. He was unbearably hard, but he felt warm.


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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Salem Parris on Thu Apr 16, 2015 1:07 am

Whenever Tamaki closed his eyes, it felt like the entire room was spinning. It was like his body was in motion, even though he lay relatively motionless across Kyoya’s bed. The soft glow of the lamp penetrated through his eyelids, and provided sunbursts of color while his body was being assaulted in the most wonderful ways.

“Ahh!!..Huuughh…” His strangled attempts at a full breath filled the almost quiet room, accompanied by the slurping sounds Kyoya made as he sucked fervently on the Prince’s cock. His face was flushed with the heat in the room, and the mere fact that his best friend was sucking him off. Never in a million years had he thought this would be happening. Maybe back when they were in High School, but now… When their lives had gone in different directions; the heat was still there.

God, it was still there. Tamaki arched his back while Kyoya threatened him. He’d prove Tamaki wrong, he was always proving Tamaki wrong. And in this case, the blond absolutely loved it. The heat that was curling in his stomach blossomed through his chest and his limbs. What was he going to do? He couldn’t take much more of this…

And when Kyoya brought his lips back to Tamaki’s member, encouraging his release, the blond know there was nothing else he could do.

He could just barely hear the storm outside through the pounding in his ears. He couldn’t even hear Kyoya’s sucking anymore.

“Aughh…God…” Tamaki hoarsely cried out while he arched his back. His hips shook and sought even more of that sweet friction Kyoya was providing him. He needed more..

“Were you going to say ‘cum’?” Kyoya’s voice echoed in the back of Tamaki’s head while he struggled with the progressing warmth that shot through his entire being.

“Yes…” He panted under his breath while his exposed chest glistening with perspiration already.

“Yes you are Tamaki.” “Yes, augghh, I am..”

“I am…aughh!! Ouah! Oua—!” Tamaki’s voice gave out while his body gave in. His back arched in half while his hips thrust forward, frantically and sporadically as he released. Stars erupted against the sunshine backdrop behind his eyelids. He couldn’t even breathe and an instinctive hand somehow found itself tangled up in ebony locks. His heart wouldn’t—couldn’t stop racing.
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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Guest on Thu Oct 16, 2014 7:18 pm

Kyoya couldn’t get enough, he just couldn’t. The taste of Tamaki was flooding his senses, taking him over and making him lose his mind. His hips thrusted and rocked just a little bit, his needs trying to satisfy themselves. All of Tamaki’s whimpers and yelps and yells… The way the blond called his name. Kyoya was going to make Tamaki need him. Even after he came he’d be sure that the blond didn’t find too much relief. So he let himself loose, because he was sure Tamaki wanted to know how much the Ootori needed him. Not just emotionally, but in every way the exuberant prince could imagine.

So he closed his eyes and moaned, there was nothing fake or unrealistic about it. Kyoya needed Tamaki, he needed him now. He let his impatience take over as his hips continued to thrust upwards into nothing, and when Tamaki said he was going to cum Kyoya looked up and rested his head on Tamaki’s hips. He watched their hands slowly slide up and down Tamaki, his eyes half closed with lust. Kyoya wanted Tamaki to cum… But still his hand slowed so he could watch. So he could feel.

But when he thought about it he remembered he wanted to taste his best friend. So he lapped at the head of his cock once more, flicking his tongue over Tamaki’s slit as he continued to stroke up and down slowly. “You’re going to what?” He feigned concern, as if he didn’t know exactly why Tamaki was begging him to stop. “Mmmnnggg… Were you going to say ‘cum’?” Kyoya gave the head of Tamaki’s cock a soft suck and smirked as he popped off. “Yes you are Tamaki… If you want to, you can cum for me over and over until you think you can’t anymore… Then if you let me I’ll prove you wrong.”

Kyoya picked up the pace of his stroking again, licking and lapping at the head of his best friend’s cock, a self satisfied smirk faltering every now and again when a wave of heat flooded his body, shooting straight through his twitching dick. He needed Tamaki to cum… Because if he kept this up he would ruin his stamina for when he finally got to be inside… And that would just be a tragedy. He had to make Tamaki cum twice before he came once. He was determined. So he began sucking firmly at the head of Tamaki’s cock, stroking quickly… His free hand finding Tamaki’s balls and fondling them. He worked Tamaki’s whole cock. He was going to have his best friend cumming in his mouth… It was long overdue.

He wanted so much he felt like he could consume Tamaki if he wasn’t careful. He wanted french curses to be pouring past his lovers lips, he wanted Tamaki to be so exhausted he couldn’t walk… He wanted the blonde to make him sore all over. He wanted to break through the shyness that surrounded his best friends desire and find the brashness that was in every other aspect of the man’s life. He wanted Tamaki. All of him. All to himself.


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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Salem Parris on Thu Oct 02, 2014 12:46 am

Tamaki sighed loudly when Kyoya finally got rid of those abrasive jeans; he felt as though those jeans couldn’t have come off fast enough. His messy blond hair lay spread against the soft pillows while Tamaki stared up at the ceiling in a complete trance. He could hear the blood pounding in his ears while he was painfully aware of how incredibly naked he was now. But Tamaki couldn’t have cared less. He was a little apprehensive at first but his lust soon won out over his nerves. He didn’t feel the least bit uncomfortable about being naked in front of Kyoya but he was a little embarrassed by his obvious need for the Ootori.

And as the moments seemed to drag on, Tamaki was becoming more and more aware of these facts; his nakedness and his complete lack of control. He lifted his head to watch his best friend and wondered what was keeping Kyoya. Thankfully, Kyoya wasn’t doing a very good job controlling himself either and Tamaki supposed that was the point. When Kyoya set his mind on to something….

The soft light from the bedside lamp did very little to hide Tamaki’s body from those unreadable, gleaming glasses. The sight only made Tamaki’s heart race more and began to fidget under their watchful stare; his own body even betrayed him when he twitched.

Tamaki didn’t know what he should do. He didn’t know if he should just lay still and let Kyoya look over him or maybe plead to the ravenette that he just couldn’t stand the wait any longer. He was just about to reach out and grab for Kyoya when his best friend finally moved in for the kill. And god did it kill him.

“Kyoouahh..ahh!” Tamaki groaned out the moment he felt Kyoya’s tongue lick up along his member. Kyoya. And his tongue. God, the sight of it made Tamaki lose all feeling in his body and he fell right back down on the bed. What was Kyoya doing to him?

“Mnn… Relax Tamaki.”

Kyoya said in his smooth tone and that caught Tamaki’s attention. How could he be so calm? The blond lifted his head to watch as Kyoya settled himself in by Tamak’s hips. He watched the glint from Kyoya’s glasses as the Ootori took them off and placed them beside the blond and before Tamaki could say anything else, he found himself inside Kyoya’s mouth.

“Agh! That’s easy for you—” Tamaki began to argue but cut himself off as he choked out a moan. His fingers desperately grabbed the soft sheets of Kyoya’s bed, trying to grab onto something. It felt like his body was going to float away from him if he wasn’t anchored down.

He leaned back against the bed again and he took in a deep breath before moaning it back out again. Kyoya. Kyoya, this isn’t fair. He wanted to say. It wasn’t right how good this felt already and Tamaki was aware that they didn’t even get started yet. “Oui…..oui..” Tamaki whispered almost incoherently but unfortunately before could get into it Kyoya pulled away.

“God you taste so good Tamaki…” That only made another moan escape the prince when he felt Kyoya jerking him off. Tamaki’s hips followed every tug the Ootori gave him and the blond felt his chest tighten from the pleasure that was building up inside of him.

“Does it feel good?”

Tamaki lifted his head and opened his eyes. He nodded his head as he watched his best friend through blurry vision. He could just see Kyoya’s outline before his eyes adjusted to the light again. The blond wrapped a hand around Kyoya’s while he continued to tug him gently. He was so afraid Kyoya would take away all of the pleasure and Tamaki was becoming impatient. He just wanted to lay and feel it. He never wanted it to stop.

“Auughh! It does…Oh, mon ami…monauughhh!!” Tamaki felt a warm sensation curling in his stomach. He’d felt that warmth before—the night of Kyoya’s visit.

He could lose it. He could lose it right now. With just a couple more strokes. Tamaki instinctively opened his legs apart a little bit more and he shifted his hips to give Kyoya access to everything. And when Tamaki felt Kyoya’s mouth on him and between his legs, the blond nearly did lose it. His member jumped and the blond arched his back as the Ootori completely assaulted the blond’s senses. “Kyoya….Kyo..!” Tamaki shut his eyes and moaned his best friend’s name. He needed to warn the Ootori. He needed to—how embarrassing would it be if he..

“Kyoya! Ahhh!!! Stop I’m going to—!”
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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 23, 2014 4:11 am

Kyoya felt like he was falling apart, his world revolving around this moment… Around this man. He supposed that has always been the case, Tamaki had a pull that Kyoya absolutely couldn’t resist. Every touch had Kyoya wanting more, and though he was playing cool and collected the Ootori couldn’t get enough. He couldn’t kiss down Tamaki’s body fast enough, he couldn’t hear enough of his best friend’s labored breathing… His inherent greed drove for more and more and Kyoya was tenting his sweatpants so badly... He felt like he hadn’t been this hard in a long long time.

Memories kept popping up but Kyoya shoved them away. Tonight Kyoya was going to replace an almost with an absolute and nothing could stop him… Nothing and no one but Tamaki. His love was a mess and his impatience was showing brilliantly. In his kissing, in his breath… god in the way he moaned. The light that washed over them was Kyoya’s best idea yet, Tamaki was the most attractive being the Ootori had ever seen like this.

His blond hair was somehow in perfect disarray, his violet eyes clouded in lust and half shut, now even more red lips parted… The gorgeous blush that was creeping down his pale neck... All. For. Kyoya. All because of Kyoya. And that little half moan of his name was so gorgeous he nearly moaned himself… He just wanted to tell Tamaki that he hadn’t even begun doing the things he’d wanted to do to his best friend’s body for so long… But the blond would know soon enough.

The Ootori felt Tamaki’s hand cover his own over the prominent bulge and his smirk only got wider… Kyoya was now looking up at him from the waistband of some of his best pants, and when Tamaki approved the removal of them the Ootori wanted to just rip them off. and Tamaki wasn’t helping. with his “Auughh…Mommy…” and the way he tried to defend how turned on he was. “No no Tamaki, that gorgeous blush is all Mommy’s fault…

Kyoya nearly tore off the pants right there… But a burning question surfaced, and Tamaki’s reaction when it did made Kyoya hesitate. The delicious shift of his hips wasn’t helping Kyoya be patient but he was deeply curious. He awaited his answer, not sure which was more enticing… But the latter was the one he expected. Low and behold…

“No, I didn’t think to..”

Kyoya nearly moaned just from that, knowing that under these jeans there was nothing. Once he got through them there would be nothing keeping Tamaki away from him. He could tell Tamaki was eager, the way he kept tugging at the belt loops and fumbling with the buttons… Mnn he’d already teased the blond past the point of no return… So easy… He loved how Tamaki wanted him. And when His love collapsed just from his rubbing and started undoing button Kyoya’s heart rate rose dramatically.

Uneven breaths from both of them filled the room as the pants were impatiently undone and pulled down. Kyoya couldn’t focus until they were all the way off… And then he let himself stare. Tamaki’s cock lay across his lower stomach and Kyoya licked his lips. He shoved his knees under Tamaki’s legs to lift up his hips and he couldn’t control himself for another moment. He leaned over and licked all the way up the underside of Tamaki’s cock. There was no curve to it at all and he had to be seven inches, The color matched the blushed that had been on Tamaki’s cheeks earlier and Kyoya smirked as he lifted his head a touch.

“Mnn… Relax Tamaki.” He instructed in the calmest tone he could manage, taking his glasses off and laying them near Tamaki’s sternum. His head came back down and his nails ran up the inside of one thigh before he gently grabbed the base of Tamaki’s cock, engulfing the head and sucking gently. He took Tamaki in a little deeper and gave a firmer suck, being very mindful of his teeth as he looked up the length of Tamaki’s body.

This was exactly what he’d wanted to do that night on the couch. He wanted to suck Tamaki off until he was practically shoving Kyoya’s head down on his cock and thrusted up into him. He’d wanted to hear the noises that came out of him and watch and feel him orgasm. He was determined to pleasure Tamaki, and now that he was older he definitely came second.

Kyoya lifted his head up to swipe his tongue over Tamaki’s slit before popping off his cock entirely. “God you taste so good Tamaki…” He licked up the side of his shaft before gently kissing the head of his cock, teasing him. “Does it feel good?” He stroked him slow, up and down, moving to lick the blond’s balls and suck one gently. He was sure this was much more than his love could handle… But he wanted it that way. He wanted Tamaki to think he was going to die if he didn’t cum soon…

But then once he came, Kyoya was going to make him cum again, and in a new way… Tamaki was going to cum so much in the next 24 hours he wouldn’t know what to do with himself.


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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Salem Parris on Sun Sep 21, 2014 3:05 am

Tamaki was practically coming undone at the seams.  Tufts of ebony locks peaked through Tamaki’s fingers as he early tugged on them while they kissed. He’d done stuff with Haruhi sometime after they got together but she wasn’t nearly as adventurous and as passionate as Kyoya.  And that only heightened Tamaki’s need to run rampant and explore.  Especially when the simplest of head tilts could deepen a kiss in ways he’d never thought of before.

His lungs began to burn but he didn’t care one bit as the soft smack of their lips and their labored breathing filled Tamaki’s head and made his heart clench in his chest with excitement.  This is what Tamaki wanted so more than anything and all of the feelings he’d been holding back since High School came pouring out.  In some ways, Tamaki was a bit of a prude and this sort of thing hardly ever crossed his mind but where Kyoya was involved it was always different.

Everywhere Kyoya touched him, even the involuntary brushes of skin against skin burned Tamaki and made him want to find the relief his body was begging to find. No. He had to slow down.  He had only been this close once before and that was the night he’d spent with Kyoya on the couch.  Their bodies couldn’t…wouldn’t stop grinding and the feeling was unbelievable to the blond. That night was the first night Tamaki ever really touched himself.

Memories flooded through Tamaki and it encouraged his bold exploration of Kyoya’s mouth and a couple of times he found himself leading the deep kiss.  That only made it messy with his impatient personality and his out-of-rhythm movements.  He just desperately wanted to grab everything and anything he could take from this moment. Like a child in a candy store trying to sample every delicious morsel.  

Another disappointed moan escaped Tamaki when Kyoya broke the kiss but that quickly changed when the ravenette bit Tamaki’s lip, making the blond gasp out a soft moan. Tamaki continued to fidget underneath Kyoya and his hand instinctively fell onto the straining bulge to give himself some relief.  He watched Kyoya’s outline in the dark but soon everything was revealed when the light poured a soft glow onto the two of them. Tamaki winced as his eyes adjusted and like he’d touched a hot iron, his hand flew from his bulge just in time.

Kyoya looked magnificently disheveled now in the light and it brought back to mind all of those early mornings when Tamaki would drag the Shadow King out of bed.  Tamaki was finding more and more things out about Kyoya that he found to be utterly attractive. Even some very normal, everyday, Kyoya-esque things that Tamaki met with on a daily bases.

“Tamaki… God…”

The pants Tamaki wore seemed to tighten even more when he heard the tone in Kyoya’s voice as he said his name.  He wanted to kiss him again.  He couldn’t describe how much he enjoyed that and he urged the Ootori with his hand as his fingers sunk back through the soft, dark strands. But when Kyoya’s lips went straight to the blond’s neck and Tamaki soon fell madly in love with that feeling too.

His fingers clung eagerly to Kyoya’s shirt and he felt the warm fabric against his skin as he physically pleaded with the Ootori. That’s all he was able to do at this point. Tamaki was almost mute as he lay panting with his neck and chest completely exposed underneath his best friend. “Aughh…Kyo…” Where did that come from? His voice sounded like it was being strangled by the moan that followed and his back arched as he exposed more of his neck to Kyoya.  More. That’s what he wanted. More.

Tamaki was introduced to “more” as those delightful kisses left Tamaki’s neck and trailed down to his chest.  He swore Kyoya could hear his pounding heart as his chest rose unevenly in an attempt to catch his breath. His curled fingers tugging on Kyoya’s shirt as this boy moved further and kissed his nipples which earned him another moan from the blond.

The cold metal from Kyoya’s glasses dragging down his body, icing the fiery trail Kyoya was leaving behind only made Tamaki realize how much he loved Kyoya’s glasses. Through a lidded and hazy gaze, Tamaki watched his best friend sit up and adjust them back onto his face as they were askew and a stray hand touched all the way down the length of Tamaki’s body.  The blond lay perfectly still underneath Kyoya’s touch, selfishly letting his best friend touch as much as he wanted because Tamaki wanted it so badly.

The lower Kyoya’s hand traveled, the more nervous Tamaki felt. It wasn’t because it was his first time being hard before and it certainly wasn’t just because Kyoya was there but it was a mix. A mix of Kyoya being there, drawing attention to all of the wonderful things he did to Tamaki and how much Tamaki loved it and wanted it.  Okay, he may have been a little embarrassed because at this age he was just as hard as he was when they were teens and he felt he probably should’ve had more control.  The two boys made eye contact, clearly thinking the same thing as Kyoya’s hand was pressed gingerly against Tamaki’s bulge.

“Mn, my pants aren’t fitting you so well right now Tamaki…”

Tamaki just stared at him through lidded eyes and panted. His face was warmer than ever and he felt it travel down his neck as Kyoya gave him a soft rub. “..auu..ahhh…” Tamaki breathed out as his gaze briefly fell to Kyoya’s long fingers resting casually and molded over Tamaki’s contours.  

“You were squirming so much, I thought perhaps you wanted me to stop… But then I felt this…”

Don’t. Don’t stop. He thought while he shook his head to confirm that he didn’t want the ravenette to stop. His gaze flicked back up to Kyoya’s as he sat half way up on his elbows to get a better look while his blond bangs just barely covered his indigo eyes.  He watched his best friend intently, admiring this man.  Tamaki could never hide anything from Kyoya.

“Mnn Tamaki, may I get you out of these jeans?”

Tamaki took a deep breath and swallowed hard while he licked his dry lips. “Yeah…yeah, go ahead.” He said, nodding his head as he shifted his hips a bit for Kyoya, ready to help him take the infernal things off and give his body some much needed room and air.

The warmth that remained on Tamaki’s face softened only a little but was ignited immediately when Kyoya started to tease him. Tamaki’s eyes flashed and he felt himself bristle a little, the way he always did when Kyoya teased him. “I can’t help it! It’s not my fault I’m like thi—”

It was a weak attempt at a defensive argument and Tamaki had little need for it because he loved what Kyoya was doing and the blush only seemed to heighten the experience. But when Kyoya slipped in their nicknames, it made Tamaki huff out another moan.

“Auughh…Mommy…” Tamaki smiled playfully at his best friend, remembering all of those times they used these nicknames during their time with the Host Club. And now look how they were using them.

But even so, he was becoming increasingly impatient and Tamaki hooked his thumbs under the waistband of the jeans to while he let Kyoya’s hand go for a moment to unbutton the three buttons that kept them so tightly fastened around Tamaki’s hips.

Tamaki just barely responded to his name when Kyoya said it but the tone was what caught the blond’s attention and he watched that smile cross the Ootori’s face.  Kyoya just seemed to enjoy watching the blond squirm and melt under those slate eyes and that knowing smirk.

“Are you wearing my underwear… Or none at all?”

Both scenarios brought another wave of heat through Tamaki’s body and his ears felt like they were burning from it. The thought of wearing Kyoya’s underwear had its own allure to it but after the shower, Tamaki thought it would be rude to even think of taking a pair. No.

“No, I didn’t think to..” Was all Tamaki could say as he watched Kyoya carefully with his chest still unevenly rising as he tried to catch another breath as Kyoya began rubbing his bulge again. It felt so good and Tamaki flopped back down onto the pillows, laying completely open for the Ootori to play with while his fingers started to unbutton those damned buttons.
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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 20, 2014 3:51 pm

Kyoya’s breath hitched as his body pressed to Tamaki’s and he felt the blonde’s bulge pressing shamelessly against his thigh. That was when he knew he’d done a good job, but Tamaki’s whimpering of his name hadn’t been a bad indicator either. Kyoya had been acutely aware of every shivery breath, about how Tamaki held his hands like lifelines… He swore he could even feel the blonde’s impatience.

Kyoya could never save himself from what Tamaki did to him, and when Tamaki had chased his lips and sighed like he couldn’t wait another moment Kyoya nearly ravaged him. But his already shredded self control somehow held out, knowing he always got a better reaction when he didn’t give the Suou boy everything he wanted right away.

He’d been correct, and the way Tamaki said his name sent fire through him instead of annoyance because this time around he was so very willing to give Tamaki what he was wanting. But not just yet… He finally gave that very last push and when Tamaki spoke that french and cupped his neck, Kyoya gave a little moan. He could have stifled it but he didn’t want to, he was so hard and he wanted Tamaki to know just what he did to him with that.

“I want you too.” He barely had time to slur that out against his love’s lips before he was kissed, and kissed hard. He kissed Tamaki right back and moved a hand up to cup his face, tilting to kiss him deeper. If he wasn’t so intent on feeling them pressed as close as possible his hands would be exploring every gorgeous inch of this man.

Kyoya was going into this with no expectations, learning from past mistakes. He would only go as far as Tamaki permitted him, but god he could only hope that Tamaki would let Kyoya pleasure him. He’d dreamt of this man in the throes of pleasure so many times. He just wanted to see it. He wanted to watch what his eyes did and how his body arched.

Finally he just couldn’t take it, he had to know. He pulled slowly away from that kiss, biting Tamaki’s lower lip as he did. He flicked the lamp on and the golden light softly washed over them, “Tamaki… God…” Kyoya’s control was nowhere to be found as he littered gentle kisses down Tamaki’s neck and chest. He couldn’t help but suck on a nipple on the way down, pinching the other for good measure.

Kyoya felt his glasses bumping Tamaki’s skin all the way down, dragging at some points, the square frames tilted on his face already. He’d kissed all down Tamaki’s stomach, over his navel, moving until he was peppering kissed over the waistline of his pants. He fixed his glasses casually as he sat up a bit, dragging his hand down the blonde’s torso gently and slowly. He watched his hand for a bit, then looked up to Tamaki as his palm finally rested on his obvious bulge.

“Mn, my pants aren’t fitting you so well right now Tamaki…” He gave a nice slow rub, biting his lip. He hadn’t gotten to touch Tamaki like this, he’d been too busy grinding on him when they were teens. Now his own needs were better in check. “You were squirming so much, I thought perhaps you wanted me to stop… But then I felt this…” He rubbed a bit more firmly this time, “Mnn Tamaki, may I get you out of these jeans?”

He asked earnestly, not willing to go further than his love was comfortable going. It was again, a very sudden situation. But he couldn’t help but tease a bit, “That blush on your face, I couldn’t see it in the dark… Perhaps the Host King is modest…?” Though he had no reason to be… not here with Kyoya. Not when Kyoya was just as hard and needy as he was, “Don’t worry Daddy, Mommy is very capable of taking care of you.”
Suddenly Kyoya had a thought, “Tamaki…” He smiled, much like he would when he knew he’d caught his best friend doing something he shouldn’t be, “Are you wearing my underwear… Or none at all?” He gave his best friend’s bulge another rub, getting shivers at the thought that Tamaki may be rubbing up against nothing but well worn denim.


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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Salem Parris on Sat Sep 20, 2014 4:54 am

Tamaki knew it was a failed attempt to host the Shadow King but the prince just couldn’t help himself. And that smirk Kyoya gave him only made it worse. Kyoya knew Tamaki too well; all of his tricks and every well placed smile or sigh. It was no use.

“Hehe, but that’s not fair mon ami! Even my powers are no match for your beau—oof!” Tamaki tumbled off of Kyoya as the ravenette shoved him to the side. And for a split second, Tamaki thought he’d set his best friend off again.

“Mn damn these things, I’m taking them out.”

Kyoya muttered, rubbing his eyes for relief.  A rush of excitement ignited in Tamaki when he heard Kyoya grumbling about his contacts and he felt overjoyed that he’d be able to see the old Kyoya again. Tamaki even forgot about the playful shove that he was all ready to complain about.

On all fours and his appearance in complete disarray, Tamaki watched eagerly as Kyoya took out those silly contacts that left Kyoya’s face so open and replaced them with the delicate glasses he always wore.  The familiar sight made Tamaki smile and if he had a tail he’d be wagging it.

But his expression turned wary and confused when he saw that sly side-ways glance his vice president gave him.

“So Tamaki, how many times am I going to have to tell you, you can’t host me like that?”

The look Kyoya gave Tamaki looked almost wild and primal as he turned toward the blond. A nervous smile crept across Tamaki’s lips as he was preparing himself for anything.  Kyoya’s glasses glared as the dim, rainy light caught them just right and Tamaki had to catch his breath. How many times had he seen that before? Kyoya’s glasses completely eclipsed by the light? God, he loved it.

“I bet I could host you Tamaki…”

“Kyoya, heh I don’t think…” Tamaki tried to sound like Kyoya when it came to this sort of thing but he failed miserably. He couldn’t even convince himself that this man didn’t have an effect on him.

His blood was pounding in his ears when Kyoya finally trapped him underneath his lithe body, pinned down against the soft bed.  The shirt Tamaki wore, Kyoya’s shirt, was of little use now that its buttons were broken and it lay open and now wrinkled.  

The Cool type was incredibly intimidating and powerful and no wonder so many girls they used to host would’ve gladly handed themselves over to this man.  Of course, Kyoya didn’t pay them much mind and that only made them want him more. If only they could see them now.  The President and Vice President of the host club lying in bed together, still full of passion from their earlier kissing.

“You’re all about talk. It’s adorable, but for now let me do the talking?”

Kyoya promised him as he lay beneath, completely sprawled out underneath the Ootori. Completely vulnerable to his advances. Tamaki didn’t even notice when Kyoya reached a hand over to his nightstand; he was too busy watching Kyoya’s eyes.  Kyoya’s eyes pierced through Tamaki and in that moment as he was studying the dark color and angle of his lids the lights went out and they were cloaked in a soft darkness.

Tamaki could just make out Kyoya’s outline and the greyed out features on his face. The small bit of light that did come in managed to band across Kyoya’s glasses and only heightened his powerful and aloof persona.  But Tamaki knew better and because he knew better it made it completely wonderful.

Kyoya spoke about how he could only be this way with Tamaki; how relaxed and uninhibited when he was around the blond.  It was flattering and Tamaki couldn’t help but feel that familiar warmth in his chest.  The things Kyoya could do to him were only things Kyoya could do to him. And he thought he had the very same effect on Kyoya.  That made Tamaki feel special and it gave the feeling that they were the only two people on this earth because they both knew what the other needed.

Tamaki’s face was hot and he swore it felt like he was running a fever when Kyoya finished describing him. Calling him beautiful and...what was that word he used? Taunting.  Kyoya’s hand sunk down into his own and their fingers laced together and the Prince held on tightly to the King for dear life.  Tamaki couldn’t help but shift a bit underneath his best friend.  He was becoming fidgety and his chest rose as he tried to take a steady breath.  He knew the both of them had a bit of a height difference but Kyoya’s pants were becoming increasingly uncomfortable and the knowledge of the obvious reason made Tamaki’s face warmer.

“See… You cannot host me Tamaki, because I’ve known you since before you were a host. And now here you lay in my home… In my bed… In my pants…”

God, Kyoya. Now he was the one taunting Tamaki and he damn well knew it too.  This wasn’t fair and Tamaki wasn’t nearly as patient as Kyoya. His impulsive personality was going to get the better of him and he had to wonder if this is what Kyoya wanted all along. To play and torment the poor blond until he snapped and practically mauled his best friend.

Tamaki practically chased Kyoya’s lips and couldn’t hide the disappoint sigh when Kyoya didn’t fully kiss him but just merely brushed passed casually while he spoke. Damn him for it too. Tamaki was the guest and a very needy guest. He’d be thrown out of the host club in no time for being too amorous with this particular host.  And knowing Kyoya the way Tamaki knew him, his financial and very business-like jargon only added fuel to the fire.  

“Kyoya…” The blond practically pleaded in his soft, puppy-dog whine he’d used oh so many times on the Ootori during times when their budget went a bit over that month.  That monthly budget…more profit talk and benefits; Tamaki decided he had a problem. Tamaki was practically coming undone.  But when Kyoya decided to use Tamaki’s own language against him that was all the blond could take anymore.

“….Kyoya..Je.. Je veux que vous.” Tamaki slurred in French as his free hand came up and cupped the back of Kyoya’s neck. Tamaki kissed him firmly and was already panting through his nose. How could those girls stand it? Not that it mattered because none of them would be able to see Kyoya like this or would ever get to know who Kyoya really was and that only made Tamaki’s kiss more aggressive.

His hand stayed firmly clamped at the nape of Kyoya’s neck and his fingers curled up and into the soft black stands of Kyoya’s hair. Tamaki was practically clinging to Kyoya and impulsively taking what he wanted from his best friend. As always.
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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 20, 2014 3:15 am

They both lay there quietly for a bit, the storm outside persistently covering the apartment in the sounds of rain. But soon Tamaki rolled over and Kyoya felt warm skin press against him, and suddenly they were face to face and Tamaki was pinching his chin… He was so handsome, but as soon as he opened his mouth Kyoya was holding back a well-meant eye roll. He couldn’t help the devious little smirk, telling Tamaki there was no way he was going to host the former vice president of the host club.

Tamaki seemed to get the hint as he broke into a laugh, and Kyoya rubbed his eyes, letting out his own small chuckle… “Mn damn these things, I’m taking them out.” He playfully shoved his laughing best friend off, and leaned over to grab his contacts case. He removed the infernal things as quickly as humanly possible and slipped his glasses on. He wasn’t going to give up seeing Tamaki clearly just yet.

“So Tamaki, how many times am I going to have to tell you you can’t host me like that?” He joked with a coy smile and lidded eyes, glancing to the side as his glasses formed a familiar frame around his eyes.

Kyoya may not have been half the host Tamaki was, but he learned just as much. However Tamaki was no half-wit girl. And Kyoya would be more than happy to show him the allure of a cool type. The reason the quiet ones were best in bed. “I bet I could host you Tamaki…” He challenged, smiling and rolling to trap his prey beneath him… His lovely… lovely prey.

“You’re all about talk. Its adorable, but for now let me do the talking?” Kyoya stated it as a question, but he made sure his eyes demanded it. He grabbed a small remote on his bedside table and clicked a button, triggering thick screens to cover the large windows. The city scape disappeared and with it most of the light, only leaving enough to see one another in gray, every once in a while Tamaki would breathe just right and a glint of his golden hair would catch Kyoya’s prying eyes… A flash of violet would meet his gaze…

“No one ever sees me like this.” He spoke quietly, “Dressed casually… Relaxed. In my home environment. They don’t see how the cold Shadow King could ever warm up. But you…” Kyoya whispered, leaning down to ghost his lips over a slender neck, “You’re so different Tamaki. You’ve seen it a million times. You’ve even seen me like this. Wanting you… I watched for so long Tamaki. I know almost every curve of your slender frame.”

Kyoya took that chance to run his hands down Tamaki’s arms and lace his fingers through all of his love’s, bringing them up to rest beside his head. Not trapping him, Tamaki could move away if he wanted. “Golden hair, taunting ivory skin… Those eyes and ruby lips. You’ve never seen a princess that could match you. Not in looks. Not in anything.” Kyoya gave a dark chuckle and his lips were suddenly very… Very close to Tamaki’s.

“See… You cannot host me Tamaki, because I’ve known you since before you were a host. And now here you lay in my home… In my bed… In my pants…” Kyoya let the double entendre sink in, “By definition, I am the host here.”

Kyoya let his lips brush Tamaki’s, “But as the guest… You have total control over whether or not your stay is… Profitable.” Kyoya chose his words carefully, knowing a misstep could set off his sensitive blond. “All I can guarantee is that I will make it pleasurable.” Though that note was a perfect leave off for Kyoya, he knew Tamaki needed to be audibly romanced. “Mnn and the best part is, if you don’t want to… mon cher… Then you will never have to leave. Think of it as a very… very long term investment.”

He pressed his body to Tamaki’s but he didn’t kiss him, he let the blond simmer… He had to know if he’d succeeded.


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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Salem Parris on Sat Sep 20, 2014 12:59 am

And just like that the entire mood changed. Tamaki was exhausted and his mind was still in a whirl as he tried to piece together all that had happened and was said. Though Tamaki always seemed to be an open book and he prided himself on being able to express his feelings, he knew sometimes he’d could be vague as it all got mixed up together.

Tamaki felt Kyoya’s forehead on his knees and indigo eyes watched the man before him. No matter what happened, Tamaki would always love Kyoya. The smooth, even tone of Kyoya’s voice helped to calm Tamaki’s nerves once again that day and he listened purely because he hadn’t heard it enough in the last couple of months.

It was so comforting to listen to him while he apologized, an apology Tamaki wouldn’t accept because he knew this wasn’t Kyoya’s fault. Tamaki should’ve known better than to assume anything about his best friend but he supposed it seemed clearer to him now than it did back in High School. So much had happened between then and now that those feelings seemed to foreign to him now.

Kyoya cared and in a way Tamaki had never felt before. Being picked up took Tamaki by surprise and he clung to Kyoya, perfectly aware of their slight height difference but Kyoya was stronger than he looked.

And Tamaki was more than grateful to feel those arms around him as he was placed on the soft bed. His mind now wandered back to that night in his mansion and he relived those heated moments. And that dinner Kyoya had prepared to tell him he was sorry for catching blond off guard.

“What would I do without my moron, popping up with the worst timing in the world to knock me into my senses with a good tackling?”

Tamaki turned his head to look at his best friend’s profile but he found those slate grey eyes staring right back at him. What would he do without Tamaki? That question didn’t seem so hard to answer to Tamaki. He would then be spared from Tamaki’s relentless behavior. The early morning calls and being dragged around and becoming a personal tour guide. Tamaki smiled, though and shook his head at the nonsense of it all. Tamaki loved being here with Kyoya and he was too selfish to want it to be any other way.

And when Kyoya reminded Tamaki again how much he loved him, the prince’s smile grew as the warmth in his chest started to blossom again. He was only ever this happy whenever he was around Kyoya.

Tamaki laid motionless beside Kyoya for a moment and let everything that the Ootori said sink in and settle everything that was running rampant in the blond’s mind. Tamaki had a few things to say and apologize for himself but those could wait until later. Kyoya’s ears will fall off at some point during this visit, Tamaki was sure of by the time he was finished but for right now…

He cleared his throat as he rolled over onto his side, pressing his partially bare chest against Kyoya’s side while his face hovered over the Ootori’s. Tamaki knew exactly what to do—he’d taken this position many many times before and it felt oddly satisfying to do this with Kyoya.

His index and thumb worked together to barely pinch Kyoya’s chin and Tamaki smiled charmingly back at his best friend. “Without me, how would you ever get up at a decent hour in the mornings? Without my kiss to wake you up from your eternal slumber, my prince, mon cher…”

Tamaki kept his eyes locked on his best friend. But there was something about Kyoya that Tamaki just couldn’t handle and his serious, charming smile broke into a couple of embarrassed laughs as he leaned his forehead against Kyoya’s shoulder.
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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Guest on Fri Sep 19, 2014 10:46 pm

Once Kyoya was done exploding, another thing he only ever did with Tamaki, he felt as if he was completely out of energy. His anger had all drained out in those few moments of passion. and now it was Tamaki’s turn to speak it seemed. Kyoya didn’t even have the mental capacity to dread it, only listen and try to dry his eyes.

His first words sounded like regret, and they stung Kyoya like a slap in the face but he nodded. At least Tamaki understood what he’d been trying to say. But the next words caught the Ootori boy off guard.

“But I don’t want to go back.”

Kyoya met Tamaki’s eye with a questioning look, almost refusing to believe what he’d heard. Tamaki yelled and grabbed at him and Kyoya was riveted. Tamaki was panicking but Kyoya wasn’t sure why yet. He couldn’t because he was guilty or he couldn’t because… The ravenette didn’t even want to let himself think it. He already wanted to comfort Tamaki. He wanted to reach out and pull him into his chest and protect him from everything he was afraid of. Everyone that tried to manipulate him.

“It was a mistake! I was trying to keep you safe from the severity of the consequences—and if I lost you,”

Then it hit Kyoya like a ton of bricks. That’s what Tamaki was doing. Exactly what he wanted to do for Tamaki now. He’d been protecting the Ootori from judgement. Not himself. No… No he’d been protecting both of them. And Kyoya didn’t do that. He never offered Tamaki protection. He never said it outloud. He never said that he didn’t care what people thought. That he wouldn’t let Tamaki’s family hurt them, he wouldn’t let his father hurt them.

He never told Tamaki that he cared more about him than he’d ever cared about the business. Any business.

He listened to Tamaki further explain what he was slowly putting together, and his expression softened. He couldn’t be mad. Not when his morons intentions were always so pure. Tamaki could do no wrong, and Kyoya somehow, after all these years, hadn’t seen what Tamaki was doing.

He watched Tamaki slide down the wall and everything slid into place in his mind. Like he’d been trying to figure out an equation for years and the answer was in the question. It was an infuriating relief, and he felt his eyebrows furrow at how sad and tired Tamaki looked. He didn’t want to keep making him feel this way. He wanted to make it up to him.

Kyoya had come to one conclusion… And it was the only one that mattered. Tamaki loved him.

“I’ll only go if you tell me to go.”

The Ootori’s fists instinctively unclenched and he dropped to his knees in front of Tamaki, resting his forehead on Tamaki’s knees in an uncharacteristically vulnerable gesture. “I’m sorry. First off, I should never yell at you. Secondly, you shouldn’t have had to carry that by yourself. I should have just said it aloud…”

He looked up at the blond and smoothed his hair, pulling his shirt up and together before carefully picking him up. “I should have told you that I would always protect you. I’m an Ootori, and protecting the things we need has always been a priority. I wouldn’t have let anyone pull us apart. I wouldn’t ever let it happen.”

“What would I do without my moron, popping up with the worst timing in the world to knock me into my senses with a good tackling?” He asked, trying to lighten the mood just a bit as he lay Tamaki down on the bed and lay down next to him, looking up at the ceiling before he looked over and met watery indigo eyes. “I could never tell you to go.”

He rolled to his side and looked into his only love’s eyes, “I want you to stay with me here, for as long as you possibly can.”

He blinked and sighed, his eyes hurt.

“Oh, and in case my incoherent emotional ramblings didn’t make it clear. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anything or anyone Tamaki Suou. And I would love a chance to better show you.” He sighed, “So far I’ve been the moron.”


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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Salem Parris on Fri Sep 19, 2014 7:28 pm

The wind was nearly knocked out of the blond when Kyoya slammed him against the wall unexpectedly. But Tamaki took the furious kiss he was given and when the Ootori finally pulled away, he stood and stared intently at his best friend. He’d hurt Kyoya more deeply than he ever could’ve imagined and that was certainly not his intent. He thought he was doing the right thing back in High School—stopping everything before it got out of hand. But Tamaki had to learn to let things go and not try to take care of everyone at the same time. No matter how hard you try or how good your intentions are, you can never make everyone happy all of the time. This is assumption was just as stupid as the one he made when he nearly left the Host Club behind to marry Éclair because he thought it would be better for everyone included. He thought it was what they wanted.

During these last few months he’d been so wrapped up in the thought that he might lose Kyoya that he never gave any thought to the past and what coming back might mean to the Ootori. They were friends and they’d always be friends but maybe this was little too much. Tamaki loved
Kyoya, but his realization now was bit a unfair to say the least.

“How dare you say that to me. After years of being with her. After telling me you love her. After making me think that what I felt for you was disgusting and wrong.”

Kyoya was furious and hurt and he had every right to be. Tamaki winced and watched the hand that slammed against the wall next to his head. It felt like a direct punch the way it reverberated through his chest.

Tamaki had been in a similar position before with the Ootori. There was so much he wanted to say but it was best to let Kyoya’s emotions run their course before he gathered it all back up again and stuffed them away.

Buttons popped off and scattered on the floor when Kyoya ripped the shirt open. Though Kyoya was angry and upset, his hands still ran over Tamaki’s bare chest gently and left a warm sensation trailing after the Ootori’s finger tips. None of this was fair.

But the warmth was gone the moment his best friend pushed away from him. He was left against the wall nearly clinging to it because he was afraid he’d collapse if he let go. Tamaki didn’t know what to do to make it better. To erase what he’d done and make his best friend feel better. He had to be honest with Kyoya and himself.

“….and I don’t even feel guilty.”

What? What did he say? Tamaki was too distracted by his thoughts that he just barely caught the end of that sentence.

“All the love I have is still yours Tamaki. But you aren’t mine, you never have been.”

With the shirt he wore hanging loosely off his shoulders and his hair disheveled from the manhandling Tamaki finally stepped away from the wall carefully. His blood pounding in his ears drowned out the soft pattering of rain on the windows.

“You’re right—what will happen when I have to go back?” Tamaki whispered and his voice didn’t even sound like his own. He wanted to tell Kyoya that nothing would happen because he wanted to stay right here. These last few hours had been the most nerve-wracking and exciting… And this was because he was with Kyoya.

“But I don’t want to go back.” Things couldn’t stay the way they always were because it wasn’t fair to anyone involved and it wasn’t making anyone happy any longer.

“Don’t you see Kyoya, I can’t!” Tamaki shook his head while he reached out and grabbed onto Kyoya’s shoulders. He held onto his best friend tightly and looked him right in the eyes and it had nothing left that could hide his own tears.

“It was a mistake! I was trying to keep you safe from the severity of the consequences—and if I lost you,” Tamaki could just have easily seen his grandmother shipping him off to some remote island at the time, away from everyone and everything if word got out that the youngest Ootori had been coerced by the illegitimate Suou boy.

“I couldn’t do that..!” ‘To you or me.’ he wanted to say. Tamaki needed to calm down because they were both hurting and getting hysterical about it was also not going to help. He dropped his hands from Kyoya’s shoulders and he watched his best friend intently.

“I have always loved you, Kyoya. And I haven’t stopped thinking about that night we had back in High School.” He admitted and continued to watch Kyoya for…anything that might cross the Ootori’s now oddly open face. Tamaki could not get used to seeing Kyoya without glasses.

“I wanted to be with you then and now.” He explained while he gave in and let his legs collapse underneath him. His back slid down the length of the wall and he took in a deep breath. “But what did you expect me to do? Our families,” Kyoya had been so determined to gain his father’s attention, to show him that he was just as valuable to the Ootori family as anyone of his brothers, maybe even more so.

“But I’ve always loved you,” He repeated because that’s what he wanted Kyoya to understand the most in all of this. That maybe his light bulb might have gone off a little late and he didn’t realize it until things were too far gone, but he’d always felt this way about his best friend. The time they’d spent apart these last few months only made Tamaki realize how much Kyoya meant to him.

“I’ll have to go back eventually, but I don’t want to.” He’d have to tell Haruhi and telling her in person was the better course of action. “I’ll only go if you tell me to go.” Tamaki also knew that if Kyoya had any doubts or felt like he’d been through too much then it was completely in his right to ask Tamaki to leave.

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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Guest on Fri Sep 19, 2014 1:52 pm

“You think you staying away from me is what I want?”

Kyoya shook his head, trying to think of a way to better explain what he was trying to say, but Tamaki kept talking and he listened. Kyoya didn’t know what to expect. He was unprepared and it was an unusual feeling.

“I am happy,”

“I love Haruhi, I always have.”

Kyoya nodded, avoiding Tamaki’s gaze. As much as it hurt to hear, these were things he’d already known. “I’m aware… And I didn’t want to take those things away from you. I’m sorry.” Kyoya was furious with himself. He was being pathetic. Why was he even apologizing? Tamaki had kissed him… But he’d kissed back. Every word Tamaki said was ringing in his head, his mind turning them into accusations…

“But, that night, Kyoya.”

Kyoya wanted to punch Tamaki. He looked up and he knew the pain was showing in his eyes now, they were full of tears he was refusing to shed. He was trying to maintain even a scrap of dignity but Tamaki had to let him stop hoping.

Kyoya watched as Tamaki silently pondered and he wanted to say something… Anything. But he didn’t trust his voice. He couldn’t even think of anything useful to say. He was either going to lash out in hurt or lay down and let the Suou boy take him by force. Because he couldn’t stay neutral about this anymore. He couldn’t pretend it didn’t hurt. But just as he was gearing up to say something, something to make Tamaki understand that he couldn’t toy with people, he spoke. And it shut down every instinct Kyoya had to fight.

“I want to be here—with you. Kyoya,”

The tug on his shirt and the way those words were said so softly… Kyoya was losing ground… He got closer to Tamaki, even though he knew he should be pulling further away… His best friend had just confessed his love for someone else. Tears finally made their way down his face when he was too close for Tamaki to see.

“And I want you to stay Tamaki but-”

“I love you.”

Kyoya audibly choked on his words, his jaw clacked shut and some sort of fury swept his body. Tears fell even more now, more out of anger and disbelief than anything. How could he?

Kyoya grabbed Tamaki and forcibly stood them up walking him to the nearest wall and pushing him against it with a little more force than he intended. And their lips crashed together with the same force, Kyoya kissed him quick and hard, and then pulled away and laid fast hot kisses all down his neck, boxing Tamaki in with his arms and pressing him against the wall with his body. The blonde’s body pressed against his.

“How dare you say that to me. After years of being with her. After telling me you love her. After making me think that what I felt for you was disgusting and wrong.” Kyoya slammed his hand into that wall next to Tamaki, “You found love right away and you left me. You left me to drown Tamaki. You’re my best friend and I couldn’t come to you because it hurt to watch you thrive without me.” He ripped his shirt open, buttons falling to the floor, his hands running over the bare skin that had taunted his memory. He wasn't the only one to touch him anymore...

His voice was quiet, smoldering with words unspoken and feelings that he couldn’t build a reservoir big enough to hold. “And I know that's selfish so don't scold me. It was selfish to want you. It was selfish to love you. And I knew that so I left you be. I let you be happy. But how dare you come back here and tell me that you feel the same.” He lost steam, his hands moving back to the wall as he rested his forehead of Tamaki's shoulder for a moment, panting, trying to gather enough strength to say what he needed to.

He pushed away from his best friend so he could look at him, “Don’t I get to be happy Tamaki? Because when you leave me to go back to the love that’s worth being with... The one that can give you a happy, judgement free life and a family… What will I be left with?” Kyoya wasn’t stupid. He knew they were both men… He knew that was half the reason Tamaki didn’t stay.

“I don’t have a bigger and better life to go back to. Another love. But you always seem to. So please… Don’t tell me you want to stay when you won’t. Because I want you to stay. And I would do anything to be with you.” Kyoya chuckled morbidly, “I don’t even love the person I’m with. He thinks I’m here having an innocent time and I don’t even feel guilty.”

He ran a frantic hand through his hair, "All the love I have is still yours Tamaki. But you aren't mine, you never have been."


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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

Post by Salem Parris on Fri Sep 19, 2014 4:08 am

Tamaki’s gaze continued to search Kyoya’s face as he listened and tried to keep up with what the ravenette was saying. His mind was still clouded from their heated kisses and the air that rushed into his lungs now helped to calm his thoughts so he could think of something useful to say in the moment.

Kyoya seemed to know exactly what was going on and maybe Tamaki did too.  But the Ootori always seemed to be thinking ahead more often than the silly Suou kid.  This was the first time either one of them mentioned that night they had together back in High School.  The memories flooded back into his mind and Tamaki let allowed the moments to replay themselves for him. How confused he felt but he knew he was with Kyoya and that part made it all okay.  He admitted it to himself that he’d messed up all of those years ago. Kyoya and Tamaki were both expected to make something of themselves. Tamaki didn’t want to be forced to not see his only friend in the world. They would be fighting a formidable foe—Kyoya’s father and Tamaki’s grandmother.

“You’re happy now Tamaki.” Kyoya said and broke through Tamaki’s reverie.  
Was he happy? He asked himself that question while Kyoya continued to explain and the blond’s hands slid down in defeat from Kyoya’s hair and right into his lap.

“This isn’t what you want.”

That felt like a punch in the stomach and Tamaki felt like he had to take a couple of breaths just to recover from it. Indigo locked with slate grey and for a moment Tamaki just watched his best friend as the stormy clouds above determinedly kept the late afternoon sun from pouring in.

“I think that’s part of the problem, Kyoya.” Tamaki started out flatly as he tried to sort out his own thoughts in all of this. “You think you staying away from me is what I want?”

He never wanted that and he’d hoped that he never made Kyoya feel like he had to stay away. But they were both two different people and the way they showed affection and interested were in two entirely different ways. Kyoya was quiet and kept to himself about his feelings. Kyoya smoldered and let you know how much he cared in the deepest of ways.  A certain trip to France reminded Tamaki of this and the lengths Kyoya would go.  Tamaki on the other hand was always there and ready and probably clung on a little too hard at times. He’d hoped he hadn’t exhausted his affections and hoped that Kyoya knew how he felt.  

But how could he expect Kyoya to know when he didn’t even understand them himself?
No. That was a lie. Tamaki knew how he felt and he probably always knew.

“I am happy,” He wanted to make this clear. “I love Haruhi, I always have.” And this was true. That tiny brunette made herself a tiny home in Tamaki’s heart, whether she liked it or not. But it still wasn’t the same. The way a father loves a daughter. Maybe that was strange considering their living conditions now.  The way a friend loves another friend. Tamaki probably saw similar struggles in her that he saw in Kyoya and needed to help. But that’s all it was and when he and Kyoya were expected to marry, Tamaki had to think realistically, for once, about their futures.
“But, that night, Kyoya.” Tamaki leaned forward and his hands found Kyoya’s.  He was almost pleading with the ravenette to understand how much he loved his best friend.  That night? What was he supposed to say? It was his first kiss and from a guy no less. The circumstances, their families and their statuses; all of this he had mulled over to death.  

No. Tamaki didn’t want to think about any of that anymore.  He loved Haruhi but he found he was the happiest when he was with Kyoya. He loved Kyoya. He didn’t understand it then but now he knew.   This was what he wanted.

Tamaki’s hands found their place back on Kyoya’s chest and the impetuous Prince tugged on his shirt again. “I want to be here—with you. Kyoya,” The rain poured heavily and Tamaki was grateful for the break in the silence while his blood pounded in his ears. Would Kyoya even still accept what Tamaki had to say after all of these years? How late it must be now.

The blond leaned in closer to the Ootori. That smell of shampoo mixed with Kyoya’s cologne intoxicated Tamaki and made him want to kiss Kyoya again.  His hand reflexively tightened its hold on Kyoya’s shirt.  

“I love you.” Tamaki could hardly hear himself whisper and he’d hoped Kyoya heard him.  

Tamaki’s heart was in his throat and he could hardly swallow passed the lump but he needed to tell Kyoya. He loved and cared for Haruhi but he’d always loved Kyoya. And in this rainy apartment, Tamaki felt worlds away from anything and everything else.  They were protected here.
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Just a Second Chance Empty Re: Just a Second Chance

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