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Discouraged T.T {7/28/2014} Empty Discouraged T.T {7/28/2014}

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 29, 2014 4:13 am

Hey baby! So you just just just fell asleep! And I don't want to bother you with this, especially not right now... In fact I might wait until your final is over and done with to tell you about it O.o because right now it may just be a little much to take in on top of everything else... I was just looking at our academic calendars to see where our spring breaks fell...

Its not awesome at all. Your spring break is the week before my fucking finals week :/ not exactly a week I can skimp on my studying and such. And then of course my spring break lands right in the middle of your quarter and I'm not gonna suggest you ditch class for a week. That's irresponsible for the most part, depending on the class! So of course I was a little deflated when I found that out.

The end of your spring term is May 7th, a little later in spring than I wanted... I kind of wanted to see you before I turn 19... However, it is right in the middle of my spring quarter, so it could be a less busy time... since really neither of our spring breaks work out... unless your class is online or something.

Our winter breaks line up beautifully, of course XD Which frustrated me. Mnnn As for me visiting you... That's a little further down the road.... but it looks like late August would do the trick XD Talk about hating myself! Who goes to Florida in August?!

Anywho baby, I just want to get the dates outlined sooner rather than later because hey!! Accurate countdown and potentially cheaper airline tickets~ When your final is done I'll present you with this and get your opinion on it <3 and then we'll go from there. Maybe we'll at least settle on some good options. I dun wanna rush it or plan to far ahead... But I know we're both gonna get busy and the time will fly! It's better to have some general ideas in place so when things are busy we don't have to go crazy trying to throw something together.

We can just decide on an option and go~ I'm excited to talk with you about it!

Your thorough songbird,


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