DnD night! {7/26-27/14}

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DnD night! {7/26-27/14} Empty DnD night! {7/26-27/14}

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 27, 2014 7:14 am

Mnn hey baby, it's late but I want to make this for you because of what you said last night. You know, that my family was more entitled to my time than you. Well, in my mind you really are part of my family, so I thought I should tell you how Family Night went while you were working hard on your classwork. You know inevitably you'll end up part of this darn game ;p It like a test of patience and strength.

So! Tonight we started off making characters! Idk how connected you are with the DnD-verse, but they're coming out with a new version and the character builder for it was just released! So we thought we'd put them through an adventure my brother built with the play test! But first we had to make them.

My dad and I got to work first, building completely new characters with completely original backgrounds. He ended up with a dwarven cleric named Fargrimm Frostbeard. A rather timid fellow that worked as a veterinarian in a remote healers temple. He lived a happy and quiet life, where he didn't have to deal with many people. He thought them brash and complex, much preferring the company of the sweet creatures he made a living of healing.

Meanwhile my character was already out and about. She's a human fighter, tall, about 5' 10" muscular, fair skin and pale grey eyes. She has raven black curls, choppily cut to her shoulders. Her name is Kethra HornRaven. She's neutral in alignment and she prefers two-handed weapons. Though she is proficient with all types. When she was young her father was high ranking in the local militia, he taught her to fight from a young age, hoping that some day she'd help him protect their village. However, when she was age, her natural ability for fighting and her previous training allowed her to climb the ranks quickly.

She's not very charismatic, treating her weapons better than people at times. Especially those that didn't respect her. This, paired with her prowess soon got her into trouble. At 18 years old an attempt was made on her life, resulting in a deep scar that reaches from just below her ear to the end of her shoulder. She escaped the town and never looked back. She disappeared.

Soon after however, there was rumors of her in every dark ally. She'd begun work as a trained body guard, and for the right price, a deadly mercenary. She worked mostly for the elves, a pompous people she altogether disliked, despite being a quarter elven on her late mothers side. However she picked up the language quickly. All her mercenary work came from the undercommons, where she mainly hijacked shipments of already-stolen goods.

Soon though she met a rogue name Skylar (Charlotte's character) and was shortly after convinced that there was much more money (and less snobby elves) in the business of adventuring and looting. Skyler needed some muscle and Kethra could use someone with some charisma.

Sure enough the two were out near the time that Fargrimm's temple was being attacked, the mild mannered cleric hardly escaping with his life and his holy texts. Forced to go on the run, the two women were the dwarf's best chance at surviving and preserving his holy texts. So a hodgepodge group of mixed personalities was formed!

The adventure we started tonight forced us into a giant spider infested wood, chasing after a group of cultists that sought to unleash dark forces. Upon our arrival this forest soon barred it's teeth and we underwent a challenge that was very poorly written by the DM (my brother), who had misread the play test and gave us an encounter that was made for a party of 4 at level 6. We, unfortunately, were a party of 3 at level 2.

However!! We arose victorious somehow. And while the rogue and cleric fought valiantly, they fell in battle and Kethra was left to finish off the remaining two spiders on her own. Though heavily injured, she managed to fend them off and save the life of her friends. Once the rest of the party regained consciousness, she healed herself up with he healing surges. The trio made it out of the forest and camped out, needing a nights rest to recoup.

And that's where we ended for the night!!

After that we all sat and laughed and ate nachos... Then we called it a night and I came to write you this! I hope you liked my story XD I think Kethra might just turn into a Skyrim character ;3 I'm really loving her.

And on that note!! I really love you! I'm tired as hell~

I hope you're sleeping well,
Your sleepy adventurer <3


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