This One Is Random {7/22/14}

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This One Is Random {7/22/14} Empty This One Is Random {7/22/14}

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 23, 2014 3:43 am

I've been thinking a whole lot today and I can't really put my finger on my emotions XD HEEEYYYY what else is new >.< I promise I'll adjust to the hormones soon, I won't be a crazy bitch forever. I really love that you're getting some good sleep! And I promise that once I'm done with this and the girls are asleep, I'll be joining you in dream land. This morning wasn't pleasant at all and I am not looking to have a repeat OTL We didn't get to talk much today, so maybe thats why I feel the need to write this and have it waiting for you whenever you get the chance to take a peak at it.

Sometimes when I write these I like to tell you things that have been going on or things that have been on my mind that I haven't had the time or desire to tell you when we're texting. Sometimes we have to be choosy with our topics XD We only have so much time to unwind and talk. But everything has been fairly uneventful here in Washington. The weather has been fairly cloudy, with a few days of bright sunlight here and there. Though they are forecasting some thunderstorms :3 I can only hope!!

Halloween is in exactly 100 days and I can't tell you how excited I am for the holidays to start up again. You've totally infected me with your love for the whole season!! The cold and the cocoa and the eggnog. Pumpkin pie and family get togethers (as draining as they may be ;). I can't wait to share a Christmas with you~ To show you how my family does things and such. You turned my focus from the stress of the season to the good things, even if I have to observe them from afar every once in a while.

On a different note! School starts in 64 days :I And I'm actually a tad bit nervous. I know I shouldn't be... But I am. After I retake my math placement test and everything, I may have to switch my schedule around. Fun times! I know we both know the joys of that. I'll also be getting a chunk of grant money and a new job O.o A tad intimidating. But I know from there time will start flying. In ten short weeks Christmas will be approaching and I'll be apartment hunting with a roommate. -breathes heavily- So much to do!!

But with you baby, I know I'll be able to take it one step at a time. Goodness. Without you I'd just be a ball of panic, you know that? Sheer panic. My beautiful sweet Salem. You mean so much to me. And last nights talk helped me so much. I know I've really been a jumbled ball of emotion, but you help me with it all so much. I really hope you never get sick of my antics boo~ I'll do my best to make it up to you. Or at least make it worth your while. I promise.

This was a very random bit of writing, but I felt the urge to get something up to night. I've been wanting to write all day! So it's nice to have an outlet. You're beautiful my darling Salem. Absolutely beautiful inside and out. I love every bit of you.

You're jumbled Songbird


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