Journal Entry: The Shower {4/6/14}

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Journal Entry: The Shower {4/6/14}

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 07, 2014 12:41 am

Okay!! This was about 8 paragraphs long when I deleted it all OTL So I'm gonna start over!

I am exhausted XD Your introverted girlfriend is so burnt out from today! And on top of that she’s rewriting this damn journal entry >.< I’m gonna go from Word to my journal from now on! Lesson learned T.T

Anywho! There were tons of people at the shower today and everyone was eager to congratulate me on my getting into UWT >.< There were all the usual questions to answer, “Are you nervous?” “What are you planning on majoring in?” “Where are you gonna live” and so on… I get so sick of answering those questions over and over but it’s really the only attention I get as the oldest of soon to be 7~ I’m not an attention whore but it’s nice for people to notice me every once in a while outside of my family rank. And I did get some really original questions and conversation out of the day! It was super nice to see the family on my step mom’s side that I hadn’t seen in a while. That’s the thing about a big family, you for sure can’t see everyone every day and they live all over XD

You were right in assuming the shower was for my stepmom and her little boy~ Did I tell you what they were planning on naming him? Isaac Christopher Woods. He’ll be as handsome as my little sisters are beautiful <3 Its odd to think I’ll have a little brother 18 years younger than me! There’s a bigger age gap between me and these kids than there is between me and my step mom! I wonder how they’ll feel about me sometimes, if we’ll really know each other or if they’ll see me as a sister… I hope they do, I’m gonna be there as much as I can for all of my littles… Until they’re not littles anymore and then we’ll see how they feel about me. But! That’s just me ranting about and rehashing old concerns.

The party itself was beautiful. My stepmom made the decorations and I made the punch <3 I’ll post the recipe and pictures of the decorations in our Crafts and Cookbook sections :3 She also made a beautiful diaper cake. The party was football themed and the whole color scheme was of the Dallas Cowboys, my dad’s favorite team. Someone brought cupcakes and I ate way too many XD I sure have a weakness for those lately! There was these little wraps and candy, tons of fruit and veggies too so I’ve been eating well throughout the day, and drinking water too~
For dinner I’m gonna have one of those TV dinner things, because, ya know, that’s how Sunday nights roll~ Though your dinner sound absolutely wonderful darling! And I am relieved that you are eating again T.T Filling your tummy up and able to keep it down. That makes me happy. Mnn… Let’s see… What else is there…

Oh! I’m starting my birth control today and there’s lots of crazy side effects that I’m not looking forward to OTL But my body will have to acclimate to it and we’ll see how everything goes. It’s supposed to have lots of benefits as well once I get all used to it. I’m on a low dosage because I’m not… ya know… at risk for making babies XD Unless I truly am DUN DUN DUN “Virgin Mary”. Hmhm.

Well baby, I think that’s all for now! I dun think I missed anything… But if I did I can just post more later~

I’m really happy you did this for us, I hope you know how much it means to me darling. You’re my everything.

Your Songbird,


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