Tomorrow is Your Day~ {6/19/14}

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Tomorrow is Your Day~ {6/19/14} Empty Tomorrow is Your Day~ {6/19/14}

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 20, 2014 2:22 am

I met you when you were 22! Can you believe that? And now... You're 24!! How? Where did the time go? But this is the year! This is the year where things will change for us~ This is the year we'll meet, the year our lives will improve because we decided to take the time to love ourselves as a way to love one another.

But! Right now we are talking about your day! I'm so sorry I wasn't organized enough to have a gift ready for you T.T But I'll make up for it boo! I promise! You'll be receiving many a small gift very often~ I have that creepy Kyoya one-shot in the works for you ;3 Gift number one!

Hmm~ What to put in this entry... Well... Unfortunately I am SO FUCKING BUSY around your birthday... Trust me I just want to be here and give you everything. You make me so so happy Salem Parris~ And there's so much I want to tell you that I don't get the chance to when we're texting! I have to use our time wisely and all I want to do is just goof off and tell you pointless things for days >.< But then we get all off kilter.

Some random things I haven't told you just yet:
I always write these damn things when you go missing and I'm feeling clingy.
I love that you have and inne belly button, outies are a bit creepy.
On my daily to do list are "Say good morning to Salem" and "Tell Salem you love him aprox. 100 times"
One time I was reading a romance novel and realized I liked you WAAAYYY better than the love interest.
Sometimes when I'm angry I think about killing people that are mean to you and it makes me feel a lot better.
If you got into the hospital for anything serious I would be there in a fucking heartbeat despite anyone's protests.
I cried when I heard you went blond and I didn't get to see it >.<
Whenever I dress up I think of you for lots of reasons~
Sometimes when I'm really happy I listen to break up songs and realize that I can't relate.... But they make fantastic one shot fodder~
I literally have no idea what I'd do with out you. I've plotted my life around you.
I don't know what you're doing right now but I'm doing the lost puppy thing XD
I'm growing out my hair for you, so it'll be long when you get here.... Even though you said you didn't care! XD

Okay!! I dun know what else I can put there for now XD But oh man there is so much more. So! there's a collection of random information for your birthday!

I hope you know I'll be here forever and always~ Being the old lady to your old man ;3 You are so perfect for me in every way, and I am so excited for this next chapter of our lives~

Your Clingy Songbird,


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