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Post by Salem Parris on Sun Jun 08, 2014 8:25 pm


So, things are kind of crazy here, aren't they? I only posted one May journal >< because I am an awful person. I hope you know that xD!!!

This is the start of my June Journal! Wooooo!!!

Mnn, Our weekend has been an insane one! It started off a bit heavy and that seems to have been the theme throughout--besides today. Today's been rather chill and I've really enjoyed it! I think we've both just shed another layer of our relationship. We've sorted through some things, opened up and I think we did a good job. Last night we fell asleep together and it was the best sleep I've had all week.

This week will be your last of your high school career! You'll be starting a new chapter and I can't tell you how proud of you I am. You've worked so hard and you're..just going to blossom. Seriously, this world was made for you. And you're going to take it on without regret and you're going to be exactly who you want to be. You'll get all of your adventures and everything. Just remember to take it all once step at a time XD! And enjoy it! Because you goes by like crazy! This time next year....high school and everything before it will seem like a dream!

Mnn, but anyway...the point is..I love you so much! I am so lucky to have someone as smart..and as funny and driven as you are my darling. And I am completely proud of you in every way.

AND YOU SHOULD BE PROUD TOO!! See it....seeeeee it. You're amazing. nuff said. XD!!!

Maybe your boyfriend can be just as amazing and get his bum moving on his post for you. I hope you know that I am determined to role-play with you now. And just get back into it and find my happy spot. I've placed those sticky notes back up on my wall! It was kinda difficult--typying is kinda difficult, but I managed to do it! I'm going to say those things to myself everyday ..out loud to myself. I'll try to do a lot better than I have been doing, I've fallen back into a rut. But you're helping me so much! And I can feel myself pulling myself back out of that rut!

On a lighter, less emotion-heavy note! The pool today was lovely and I wish you could've been in it! We listened to middle eastern music XD and swam in the sun! We got a mist...er? Yesterday and its the coolest thing ever! Nothing stays dry but fuck it XD! I can actually sunbathe comfortably now because of it! Errrrmmm....but! We swam and relaxed a bit. x3!!! I don't think I told you about yesterday, it was kind of busy! Allie got up at 5 because she had to take the SATs at 7 am. I woke up at around 7:30-8:00 am and decided to stay awake! Mom came home, she and I went out for breakfast! Then we went to a couple of stores. We went to a ton of stores! Then we picked Allie up and came home! Watched one episode of Sherlock and then we went right back out again! XD! It just didn't end! well...at least, not until the end of the day XD!!!

errrrm I think I've rambled enough in this entry! I'm so so sorry for that ><! I truly am! I love yo so incredibly much my darling!

Forever Yours,
Salem Parris
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