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Post by Salem Parris on Thu May 01, 2014 5:18 pm

Entry l


Goodness, I'm so behind on these entries! And it's already a new month so I decided to start my May Journal!

I can't believe it's already May ><!! Time is flying by it seems, and at the same time its moving like a snail XD!! Hmm, Well. I woke up kind of late today..again. ><!! I need to really get my bum out of bed if I expect to get anything done. I keep waking up at 1 pm XD!!! But I got up annnnddd I read a little bit. I watched some tv and now I'm doing some laundry because it needs to be done XD! We're nearly out of towels!

I changed my calender page today! >< And it scares me to death! Its a horoscope calender and what it says for the both of us is kinda ..foreboding. Mnnn but I try to not pay too much attention to those kinds of things. Key word..try.

Errrrm. I started wtching that new TV shoe Salem. XD!! It's kind of interesting~ Ive been recording it and I haven't really been able to sit and watch a full episode yet. I think I told you this..idk. But my ancestors started the whole Salem Witch Trials thing. Betty Parris and the Rev. Samuel Parris; Betty was one of the afflicted. And her cousin, Abigail WIlliams both accused their slave of witchcraft..and all of that jazz. I just find it ironic, I'm sure you understand XD!!

My best friend back in High School, Nicole. We used to make jokes all the time because her family could be traced back to one of the "witches", so we'd always joke about the two of us being such good friends XD!!!

Mmnnnn...I'm obviously just being random here XD!! Well. I have two places where I may have work. One..working at this dance studio over the summer as a summer camp..person. Hosting art projects. Which would be great but it would depend on their age range XD!! because there is only so much I can take and since my mind is not set on children at all at this point....I can only take so much of them. So there is that and the other was a job offer at a dance shop XD!!! The lady who wants me to paint shoes, she asked if I wanted to work at her store over the summer. So we will see! Depending on my class schedule, etc.

Errrm Last tuesday we finished our Tap number for the recital and I'm really excited! It's all 1940s~ The outfits and the dance moves. We do that C jump in the air at one point and the Charleston. Lots of Swing XD!!!

OOH I also checked my grade for the science class! He dropped my worst HW score and my worst exam score (which was only an 85?) and I got a 90 on the final exam. So I have a 92 in the class XD! Which I am pretty fricken proud of myself~

Anyway my darling. I love you so so so so so much and I know tis entry was kind of all over the place. Just like my every other entry that I make XD!!!

I love you so much.
Forever Yours,
Salem Parris
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