Missing You Like Hell {4/30/14}

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Missing You Like Hell {4/30/14}

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:02 pm

Oh man! I logged in today~ And I was like... Who's birthday is in seven days? Oh my god it's mine... You know you've known me since I was 16? And now I'm gonna turn 18... Jesus! Mnn... The weather is so nice today, 80 degrees and beautiful! And everything is making me think of you~ The wishing weeds are out again and I remember blowing on one every single day, my wish was always that you would have a good day <3 Looking back on it actually makes me feel warm and fuzzy ^.^

There is also this confused little bird, that chirps and chirps from 11:30pm-12:30am and it just makes me smile so much because it completely reminds me of you~ When I fist met you I had you pegged as a morning person... That is until I figured out what timezone you were in and started talking to you enough to pin down your sleep schedule XD So I think of this little bird that should be tweeting me awake in the morning... And then there's my sweet bubbly boyfriend, who instead, stays up late with me and makes me smile well into the night.

Oh! And I got my hair into a tiny little ponytail today~ It is freaking beautiful (not really, it looks a little weird). My hair is getting longer again T.T I can't wait for it to grow out more. I miss my beautiful curls Q.Q Oh goodness.

Well I miss you boo... I just wanted to write you a little something before dinner. Because I know I'm not gonna have the attention span for it after dance. I hope that the rest of your day is going well (despite all the rushing about) and that you get home feeling good tonight.

Fuck I love you, your songbird,


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