Oh My Sweet Love {4/28/14}

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Oh My Sweet Love {4/28/14}

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 29, 2014 1:44 am

I'm not sure I want to talk about my day or what I've been up to. Everything has been so boring.

Oh! But I did get my prom stuff today! It all looks so so good! My darling love I'm so excited~

Mn but I kind of just want to write about you~ You've infected my mind and you won't get out >.< But for me that's such a good good thing. I do love day dreaming about you. I just want to tell you how proud of you I am! Goodness! You did your final and you're confident~ You got an excellent grade in the class and you have had an emotionally uphill battle all this week and weekend... But still look how beautifully you're doing! Goodness, I can't tell you how happy and proud I am to be yours.

You're strong and talented and handsome... You're intelligent and hard working. You love me and take care of me, you have the most beautiful soul and despite anything and everything. I can see the happiness in you. You stay up late with me, even when you're tired. You tuck me in when I'm not feeling good and you hold my hand through panic attacks better than anyone else ever has. I could never write down all of the things about you that I just absolutely adore.

I love that you're scatter brained sometimes, I love that you can paint. I love that sometimes, you just want to feel beautiful and I love that you let me help. I can't get enough of the way you hold me, or how you give me small little kisses when you're feeling lovey. It makes me smile when you come home and kiss me first thing, I love that when I get home you welcome me... I love that every good thing I see in myself I can see in you. I love that we are so different yet so alike.

Mnn.... I even love the way my heart feels like it could tear in two when we fight and you ask what I want you to say. Because I know that you wont have to say anything to have me back in your arms sobbing apologies. I love that you met me and knew... Because usually it's me that knows right away, it's usually me that desires something I shouldn't. I love that we've made it through these last couple months and I love the pain that reminds me how human I am when I'm with you. I also love the sheer happiness that washes over me when you do something that makes me giggly.

I could honestly go on forever and ever XD I love you so much. We've been through so much lately and we've been on a fucking roller coaster, I know we have. But I have loved you all the way through. I know there's been bits where I've been immature. Places where I could have done better, but we've both been trying our best in this... And I've never had someone like you. Who was actually willing to work hard and make it work... Willing to try to grow... And god how much I've watched you grow Salem Parris. You can't imagine how proud I am. How wonderful it is to know that you care for me. How good it is to know that you will always love me. That you won't grow out of me.

You've brought so much out in me, you've brought me back to myself Salem. You've helped me embrace things I never thought I would. I was just such a shell without you. I was so emotionless and broken. I was so numb and I never want to go back to that. Thanks to you baby I really don't think I ever will.

Now darling, I'm going to come hide with you. Because we're doing really well tonight and I'm really not going to let the apathy of the day persist. I just wont~

I love you and everything that you are, be nice to my lover,


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