The Terrible Nap Day {4/16-17/14}

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The Terrible Nap Day {4/16-17/14}

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 18, 2014 1:35 am

My sweet love!! I dun know what you’re up to but I hope your night is going well~ Look who is late as well XD I journal and I’m still late! Goodness. But yesterday was a busy day and my computer was acting up pretty badly… But I’m just making up excuses now! Pff… Lets see! Where to start… Holy cow your entries last night made me way too happy :3 You’re way too sweet. You know that? You make me so giddy. Your reply was perfect, and then mine was sooo… yeah. And then I told you how proud of you I am!

Yesterday was way too busy and man I was soooo tired by the end XD I passed right out on you and I felt pretty bad but I slept so well… I dun remember any dreams. I fixed my appetite problem :DSo thats nice~ I even had a banana this morning. I’ve been eating and sleeping enough, though I’m constantly hungry and tired >.< Probably because I’m working out so much more. I’ve been sore every day for so long I dun even remember not being sore! Yoga killed my whole body and then dance kicked my ass… But we’re almost done with our routine and that makes me happy~

I feel like I really haven’t had enough to say lately. I’ve been really relaxed about school as of late, it’s all the external stuff that I’m stressing about! Pff… But I’m working on it. Time is moving so fast yet not fast enough. I picked up my graduation stuff today, I have a maroon cap and gown :} Graduation is in 55 days! It’s coming up…I made a paper chain :3 I want my prom stuff but it hasn’t arrived yet :/ I was hoping I’d get it this week. But I should get it soon~ I know it’ll look great. Someone said hello and held a small conversation with me in the hall today and it made me so happy XD No one ever does that. I didn’t even know them.

Man this was all over the place. I was feeling really rushed because I think my dad wants to get on and it’s irritating me. But I love you so much! I think I’ll end this here baby. I got all the highlights though :3 I’m so much happier with you these last few days! I think that’s why I’m having scary dreams about you. I’m nervous now that everything is going well something will go wrong. So I’m gonna come to bed and hold you as close as I can now.

I love you so much.
Forever yours,


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