Late Again!! Dang it :I {4/14-15/14}

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Late Again!! Dang it :I {4/14-15/14}

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 15, 2014 9:29 pm

Well well well XD It has been... Quite the couple days. We sorted through so much of the emotional turmoil together and if I think about it any more I might die. All in all, I'm putting it to rest with an I love you. We will be just fine and it all comes down to the fact that I need you in my life. And I know that when next spring comes you'll come too. I was being absolutely honest when I said I put all my love and trust and hope into you. So I give it too you because that's all I can do. And I'm letting it go. The year will pass and we'll be happier now, it won't be a struggle every single week.

Moving on from that I guess comes the daily stuff~ Yesterday I woke up on time, but my slow computer made me a bit late to my study session with Bailee, which I was bummed about because we had a test today. But she was really cool about it and neither of us really knows what we were supposed to be studying for anyway >.< so we just looked through everything and agreed to look over everything again today, putting off our dialogue a bit. Then Spanish it's self was easy and fun <3 Yoga was beautiful for me. I worked out any worry and frustration I had built up and got myself into some new positions (which I was really excited about, means I'm getting stronger!) I pushed hard. Creative writing was really simple. We just went over the homework that was due and some figures of speech I already knew from English 107...

Today was largely the same >.< I had my test in Spanish which I know I got some stuff wrong but I'm feeling pretty confident about my overall grade~ Then I had a break that was a little over an hour. I nearly fell asleep in the chair I was sitting in XD Then in creative writing we just picked up where we left off. Mnn... Today was really uninteresting but I was so happy to be home when I got here. I ate and then spent a bit of time in my room being quiet and calm before doing my chores... That brings me to now. I'm planning to write our starter and then maybe revamp my resume and fill out some applications. Time to start looking at summer work! I might make that weekly list we were talking about~ Just to keep me on track.

Just know that I love you so so much baby <3 You're wonderful.

Yours forever and always,


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