The Two Day Journal {4/11-12/14}

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The Two Day Journal {4/11-12/14}

Post by Guest on Sun Apr 13, 2014 5:41 am

I can't believe it's so fucking late! Goodness I feel bad that I'm keeping you up. Right after this I’m coming to get into bed with you and I’ll take my bath tomorrow XD So let’s see… Yesterday. I did school, it was so sunny it was making me jittery >.< But it was Friday so it could have been that too. Anywho, Spanish was nice, easy and I didn’t get called on XD which always makes me feel better. Mnn… Then I had an hour break and Trevor found me in the halls OTL he thinks it’s so sad that I just sit alone, so we went for a walk around the campus and just talked about random stuff. He eventually left me by my lonesome again… only to find me 20 minutes later in the same exact spot with my iced tea >.> I’m just an introvert! I swear I’m not asocial V.V Finally we both had to head to our respective classes.

We had another Friday write day in Creative Writing :D It was a group activity and I ended up in the ONLY group that wanted to write a racy poem about a personified glove OTL I just cannot win in that class, everyone in that class is gonna think I’m a fuckin’ creeper. Sex is awesome, but I tend to not like mixing it with school. I write enough erotica to give a couple nosebleeds… but I don’t know how I feel about reading it in front of a class! Sigh… I can’t escape it >.< But on plus side we got muffins!

So I came home… and shortly after I was feeling sick. Like I drank 4 cups of coffee, that kind of sick. THEN! Trevor showed up >.< he hung out for a bit and then when he went home I went up to my room and laid there half dead XD Listening to music and staring at the ceiling until my dad dragged me out of the house to Staples and Party City to return shit and make copies >.> But! He took me out for froyo :3 and we had a good talk about school n’ such. From there the night was fairly boring until we got into bed ;p

TODAY! Good lord. I slept well… But I slept FOREVER. I woke up at fucking 2:15, which pissed me off a bit… But my body must have needed it. But now I feel like it’s... 10? 11? My day consisted of eating as much as I could stomach, watching Lie to Me, doing dishes and sitting around in my PJs. I ate a wrap, apples and peanut butter, and 3 slices of pizza… Not a ton, but more than yesterday. I also drank a ton of water. My body was just on catch up mode. I need a shower and a bath but I’m tired tonight. I need to shave everything but I’m not gonna do it while I’m craving my soft bed and a lit candle…

Oh man baby, I’m so boring… I don’t know what else to say XD I love you so fucking much. I really do. I don’t know where I’d be without you. No where good.

You make me happier than the sun,
Forever yours,


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